The Top 4 Skateboarding Entrepreneurs

Skateboarders are artists, crafters, entrepreneurs, musicians and more. We all have a set skill of never giving up and pursuing something till we “land it” or accomplish it. We have this drive within us to make things happen. A lot of skateboarders run their own businesses and sometimes its not always in skateboarding. Here is a cool list of 4 Entrepreneur skateboarders you may or may not have known have their own cool business going in no particular order.


Of course this list wouldn’t go down without Rob being on it. Perhaps the greatest business man skateboarding has ever known or had. Some would argue and say Tony Hawk has just as big an empire and although Tony Hawk totally has his long list of business ventures Rob comes off as a businessman more. To the point where it essentially took over his life. We would be lucky if we could get a new Rob Dyrdek video part. Rob probably still skateboards for sure but their doesn’t seem to be any new Rob Dyrdek street video parts on the horizon. Lets hope he hasn’t thrown in the towel because although he doesn’t need to huck himself off anything anymore because he’s a millionaire I still miss seeing seeing Rob shred. Always been a fan of his skateboarding and ledge grinds. Once a skateboarder always a skateboarder I know he has the fire still in him. Despite the lack of pushing the skate career like before he’s obviously doing a lot for skateboarding in general still with Street League. And for the jillion brands and television shows he owns and runs I have pure respect for him. His hustle and ambition is definitely admirable without question.

Rob Dyrdek talks about entrepreneurship:


Tony Hawk made the skateboard video game a “thing”. Tony Hawk Pro Skater is an absolute classic and Tony is the most well known skateboarder in all history. From appearing on the Simpsons, to his cameos in films, numerous video games, his brands, all while still skateboarding. In fact the greatest part about Tony Hawk to me is the fact that he is still shredding to this day. Despite his absolutely hectic schedule it amazes me and truly earns all our respect when we see him coming out with video parts and still innovating and contributing to skateboarding. I really don’t have to say much here we all know Tonys contributions to our culture he is a legend.

Tony Hawk talks about building a brand:


Etnies, Es, Emerica do any of those three shoe brands ring a bell? Of course they are skateboard brand royalty. They have all been around respectfully for many years and left their imprint stamp on skateboarding. Pierre Andre started all of them and Sole Technology and he is also a former professional freestyle skateboarder which is unique in a world where the majority of shoe brands are owned by corporate brands that are taking over skateboarding but never started with skateboarding to begin with. Here is video of Pierre shredding on his skateboard in 1987 in Carson, Ca!

Pierre Andre started off living in his car and now owns one of the largest skateboarding companies.  Listen to his story:


The master of Switch stance skateboarding and the reason we pretty much all skate switch today. Salman Agah is the man! His restaurant called PIZZANISTA is amazing! Salman has always been an entrepreneur in fact if you remember the energy drink Skaterade he was the one behind it and this was way before all those big name energy drink companies came around. Salman was always one step ahead and with Pizzanista he has himself a legendary gem of a business. Theres even a ledge on the side of his restaurant and guess what no one kicks you out! So you can get your shred and your grub on! How perfect is that! And trust me this is the best pizza you have ever had in your life! Highly recommended! Absolutely delicious!

Salman Agah’s new business, Pizzanista!