The “Who’s Who of Skateboard Instructors”

Our founder has an admirable history as a pro skater and therefore has many connections with the “Who’s Who” of skateboarders working as instructors.

Get Connected to The Highest Rated Near You!

Joining GOSKATE instructional team is one of the most coveted and difficult tasks for seasoned instructors. Our hiring department get hundreds of applications each week, keeping only the top 2% of instructors. All instructors have earned a national certification in safety by passing a rigorous training, background checks, and exam.

The 5 Step Screening process is is an ASA and Internationally Approved School

GOSKATE, and it’s instructors, are fully certified by the ASA and International Skate Association. It maintains a platinum membership which is only held by a few skate schools in the world.

The World-Famous GOSKATE System!

GOSKATE has created one of the first international safety certification systems. In fact, GOSKATE certification is so good city’s and town’s outsource their public positions to GOSKATE. (Northern Ireland, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Pearland TX, Lexington KY, Hernando FL, Marysville WA, Weston CT, and More.)

Current Instructors Include

  • Chad Fernandez
  • Karl Watson
  • Ronson Lambert
  • Jason Wussler
  • And Many More..

GOSKATE Instructor Testimony

Thomas M. from Farmingdale , NY


Become an instructor for GOSKATE Skateboard School. We are a nation-wide referral network of skateboarders so we are always looking for instructors in all parts of the world.