Skateboard Lessons

You Can Learn to Skate in 4 Lessons, or It's FREE.

We’re confident you’ll learn skateboarding with us. GOSKATE has a promise for you:

You will learn skateboarding in four lessons, or you’ll skate with us for free.

There are over 5,231 certified instructors in GOSKATE’s program. You can choose your favorite pro!

Beginner Skate Training at Your Home!

Yes, we come to you! It’s hard to believe, but YES, we will teach you anywhere.

We Come To You!

We specialize in 1-on-1 instruction. First-time students learn in their driveways. Other students learn in skate parks. Get the attention and safety that your child needs!




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taught since 2009 in 3 countries, with over 8,000 students.


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"Your Child Could be our NEXT Student"

"Your Child Could be our NEXT Student"

"Your Child Could be our NEXT Student"

GOSKATE system of teaching is one of the most trusted skateboarding learning methods.

GOSKATE teaches 1-on-1 lessons in 2600+ PRE-APPROVED SKATE PARKS all over the country.

You can learn in your driveway at your home.

You can choose your city from a few of the major cities are listed below. Otherwise, use our Post Code Locator at the top of the page

GOSKATE' Learning System Has Been Trusted 20,000 + Times

The Leading Certified Instructor Program Since 2009

We have been regarded as one of the premiere skate schools in America. Our credibility has earned us the privilege to work with many celebrities and governments throughout the world such as the City of Chicago, the Government of Ireland, the city of Lexington, KY, and many more.

GOSKATE is the leading provider of skateboarding lessons in the world. With more skateboard classes completed than any other school, the school knows the best ways to teach.


What client’s say?

“ My daughter had a great experience with learning to skateboard from her instructor, Dakota! He was very good at pacing the skills, giving her lots of moral support but still challenging her. She built a lot of self confidence from the experience! “
Resa C.
Lewisville, TX

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Did You See This Interview on FOX NEWS ?

Our instructors have been in the X-Games, Gravity Games, and all over TV. We are renowned for having some of the best in the industry.


Our World-Famous System is on Video Too!

GOSKATE has filmed an online learning program which gives you everything you need to know about skateboarding. GOSKATE videos have been seen over 7 million times attesting to the accuracy and quality. The course is only $97.