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Logan W. from Little Elm, Texas!

I’ve been skateboarding since middle school, with that comes a strong understanding of balance, basic tricks, all components of a skateboard and the mindset needed to be able to push your abilities beyond what you think is possible.

Marshall D. from Rowlett, Texas!

I’ve been skating for a few years I think it would be fun to teach others how to skate and how rewarding it is when you learn a trick.


With years in business, we are the premiere school for all ages and abilities. We offer lessons all over the country through over 5,000 instructors. Skateboarding in Texas is a good idea because the state is home to many skateparks (check the list of best Texas skateparks here) and skateboarding-friendly cities, and the warm climate allows for year-round skating. Additionally, Texas has a vibrant skateboarding culture and community, with many opportunities to connect with other skaters and attend events.

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Dive into the world of skateboarding with our personalized 1-on-1 beginner lessons! Meet Ben, a 7-year-old enthusiast from Houston, who enjoyed every moment of his skateboarding journey. Guiding him through the fundamentals is our experienced instructor, Charles H., boasting 11 years of teaching expertise. With an impressive 79 5-star reviews, Charles is particularly skilled in making skateboarding fun and accessible for kids.

Our lessons unfold at the vibrant Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark, located at 103 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007. This dynamic skatepark serves as the perfect backdrop for beginners, offering a safe and exciting environment to master the basics and progress to more advanced tricks.

Charles’ engaging “Introduction to Skatepark, Basic Tricks, and More” program transforms each session into an adventure, fostering Ben’s newfound love for skateboarding. We believe in the power of in-person lessons, as they accelerate the learning process and ensure a comfortable and supportive experience for every student.


Skateboard Superstar in the Making! 🛹🌟 Cash H. from Houston, TX, unleashed his skateboarding prowess with private lessons from the incredible Charles H.
This birthday gift from Auntie turned into a full-blown passion for Cash, who’s now pleading for more sessions with Charles. As he gears up for ‘Skatepark Tricks 2.5,’ we’re placing our bets on Cash nailing the Ollie and KickFlip like a true pro. Watch out, skate world, Cash is on the rise!


Y’all ready to roll? Meet Luke, the star of our ‘Skate for Beginners 2.0’ program, proudly hailing from Richardson, TX.

With the guidance of certified skateboarding guru Jonathan G., Luke’s mastering the fundamentals, safety, and gaining heaps of confidence.

Did you know? Texas is turning into a skateboarding hotspot, boasting numerous rad skateparks popping up left and right! Check out the top 25 skateparks in the Lone Star State.

Don’t wait, Texas parents – let your kids shred with us!



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