GOSKATE Talent Team

Please welcome GOSKATE Talent Team!

These kids are awesome, they are already superheroes. We are proud that we have them on GOSKATE Team.

Timmy Constant, 8 years old

8 years old
London, United Kingdom
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I am an 8 year old skateboarder from London, UK.

Skateboarding is my passion and I have been thinking about it since I woke up. I started skateboarding in April 2020 as an “outdoor activity” during the first UK lockdown due to COVID. I tried when I was 2, but I fell all the time, so I gave up. I try to skateboard every day. I write down all my tricks. Look at my instagram feed @timmy_skateboarder to see my first kick flip and also my latest trick which is a fakie backside bigspin flip! There are so many tricks and lines to do!

My dream is to compete in the Olympics and the street league on a skateboard. I try my best to be the best skateboarder I can.

Most of the time I skate in and around London. My favorite skateboarding spots are Bay Sixty6, Mile End and Camden.

I love to watch my favorite skaters, ride a bike, play soccer and read Thrasher and other skateboard magazines!

Zarah, 6 years old

6 years old
Dubai, UAE
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Hey, I am Zarah, 6 year old skateboarder from Dubai, UAE.
I am originally from Cochin, Kerala – Southern part of India.
I study in kindergarten grade 2, GEMS.
After seeing my friends skateboarding I started doing skating and tricks by myself.
Skateboarding is my true passion, but besides that I do painting art and craft very well.
Follow me at my IG – https://www.instagram.com/zarah_skater/

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