Skateboarding Birthday Parties


Birthday is the day when you start to get addicted to oxygen and after a few days to food and then to all the things you find interesting, it never ends. NEVER!

If your kid is interested in skateboarding make his birthday special for him/her.

Skateboarding for real skateboarders is like oxygen. You just need it. The same way the birthday hero needs a birthday cake.

Our birthday party packages can include rental boards so that all of the kids at your party can have an opportunity to ride. Have our Pros play a Game of “SKATE” with your kids and watch them have a blast.

Our Pros will help you cut the cake, serve, and instruct. All of the kids at the party will wonder how you thought of such a great party.

Demo and Instruction

Fun, exciting birthday parties are offered by GOSKATE!  Learn how to ride, watch pros, and have a great time! Our skateboarding birthday parties are the perfect match for the skateboarding enthusiast!

GOSKATE provides over 50 parties per year and has been well-trained in the act of successful parties.


🛹 Sven’s 5th Birthday Bash: Where Skateboard Dreams Take Flight! 🎉🎂 Our pint-sized shredders hit the pavement at Riverside Park (W 79th St, New York, NY 10024) with certified skateboard gurus, Jared and Erica, at the helm. 🤙

From mastering the basics to jaw-dropping Ollies and skateboard wizardry, these kids had a blast on wheels! 🎈 Sven’s party rolled into action, leaving smiles, tricks, and memories that’ll last a lifetime. 🚀

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Party At Your House!

For 2 fun-packed hours, two professional skateboarders will demo/ teach.

Located either in your driveway or a local skatepark. The birthday party will be half demo and half instruction. This will give kids a chance to be amazed by the possibilities of skateboards and also be able to try it themselves.

Your Friends Will Love It.

Forget boring parties that all of the other kids are doing. Set yourself apart! Show the other kids what a great idea you had and they will all thank you!

2 Professional Instructors – from $499.