• Over 973 students taught in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Auburn Hills, Utica, Shelby Township since 2009
  • Teaching at Homes and Skateboard Parks in the Detroit Metro

Some of Our Locations

  • Riverside Skatepark, 3511 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48216,
  • Chandler Park Skatepark, Detroit, MI 48213
  • Troy Skateboard Park, 3179 Livernois Rd, Troy, MI 48084
  • Garden City Skatepark, Garden City, MI 48135
  • See Map Below for more..


Chandler F. from Harper Woods, Michigan!

Hello, my name is Chandler, I’ve been skateboarding for almost 16 years. My passion for skateboarding began when I was 3 with my first board; ever since that day, I haven’t put my board down once. I also currently collect skateboards of all kinds from old to modern. (Weirdest one is a skateboard with 14 wheels!) My passion and love for skateboarding are still growing every individual day. I spent a few summers at my local skate park during their summer camps, and they would have me help teach because I was there every day. I also did one on one classes with kids I met there as volunteer work because I enjoy skating and helping others learn to love it as well. Willing to work with and tutor all ages! I can teach at Landslide Skatepark, Modern, Oakland Vert, and Ride It Sculpture Park.

Andrew J. from Royal Oak, Michigan!

Andrew has a good attitude and loves to work with kids and skate. Training is a broken-down-into-pieces process for him. Starting with the movement, the mechanics, and then the full action. Skating for 10+ years gives Andrew a perspective into your kid’s mentality and thought process when it comes to tackling difficult movements. It can be frustrating but they are sure to have fun and have persistence when they see their rapid process.

Do you want to learn skateboarding?

Discover all of the fundamentals of skateboarding fast in a one-week camp. We will teach you the basics of skateboarding like how to balance, push, turn, proper foot placement, and how to stop. Irrespective, of where you are at.. you can benefit from personalized instruction to meet your skill level.

How you can start skateboard lessons?

  • Equipment: We recommend a board and a full set of safety gear. This includes: a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Rental equipment is available.
  • Location: We can do lessons in your driveway, in your garage, or at the Detroit skate park.

Who we Serve:

  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner through Competition-Style Advanced

What will you learn?

  • Safety Techniques
  • Proper Stance
  • How to Ride and Push
  • How to Turn
  • How to Stay Steady Going Down Sloped Streets and Hills
  • How to Ride Ramps
  • How to do Tricks
  • GOSKATE Guarantee: Learn to Skate in 4 Lessons, or it’s free!


We can teach you at your home anywhere inside Detroit city limits.  Also, serving, Novi, Bloomfield Hills, and more.  (inquire below)


GOSKATE student Leela with instructor Maxwell C at Riley Skate Park at 35520 Eight Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48335 during 1-one-1 private skateboard lessons from beginners program approved by International Skateboard Association

Skateboarding-Lessons of Detroit was developed to help motivated youth demographic that wants to participate in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of skateboarding. We take great pride in helping people of all ages learn how to skateboard. is passionate in it’s desire to provide the means through it’s Skate School lessons to being a confident skateboarder, by providing the premiere school for all ages and abilities throughout Michigan.

Meet Allan & Regine — Your Personal Helpers for Skateboard Lessons

Skateboarding is our life. We want to make it your passion as well. Join us in a skateboard lesson so we can teach you the benefits of the lifestyle!



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