LA’s Top Skateboarding School.


-Over 7,756 Students Taught in Private Lessons Since 2009
-Teaching on the Westside, Downtown, The Valley, Inland Empire and OC.
-Customised private lessons at Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and West Hollywood
-Special program for residents of Marina Del Rey, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Culver City, Bel Air, and Hollywood Hills
-Learn in the comfort of your driveway or in one of 26 of our skateboard park locations.

How to Start:

  • Equipment: We recommend a board and a full set of safety gear. This includes: a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Rental equipment is available.
  • Location: We can do lessons in your driveway, in your garage, or Skateparks

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Our Skate Park Locations

  • Torrance Skate Park, 22505 S Normandie Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
  • Stoner Skate Park (in West LA), 1835 Stoner Ave #1801, Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • The Cove Skate Park (in Santa Monica), 1401 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Pedlow Skatepark (in Encino),17334 Victory Blvd, Encino, CA 91316
  • El Segundo Skatepark, 405 E Grand Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245
  • Hermosa Beach Skateboard Park, Carls Jr. Skate Park , 710 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  • North Hollywood Skate Park,
  • and others. Find more LA Skateparks

Student Testimonial


Who we Serve:

  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner through Competition-Style Advanced

What will you learn?

  • Safety Techniques
  • Proper Stance
  • How to Ride and Push
  • How to Turn
  • How to Stay Steady Going Down Hills
  • How to Ride Ramps
  • How to do Tricks

Free Skateboard Lessons in Los Angeles during Go Skate Day

Discover the magic of skateboarding in Los Angeles, a city renowned for its vibrant skateboarding culture. Join us for an unforgettable Go Skate Day event on June 21st and throughout the weekends to follow.

With three incredible locations to choose from, including El Sereno Recreation Center (4721 Klamath St), Spohn Ranch Skateparks (6824 S Centinela Ave), and Chevy Chase Park (3002 1/4 Acresite St), you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our skilled GOSKATE Instructors, easily recognizable in their branded GOSKATE Tees.

Don’t miss out on this special occasion to kickstart your skateboarding journey and be part of the dynamic LA skateboarding scene.

Do you want to learn skateboarding?

Is the fear of falling keeping you from progressing? Be taught all of the fundamentals of skateboarding fast in a one-week camp. We will show you the principles of skateboarding like how to balance, push, turn, proper foot placement, and how to stop. Regardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from individualized instruction to meet your current skill level.


Norman Woods is a pro skateboarder who rides for Monster Energy Drinks, War Co, Autobahn, Venture, ERGO, Active, and Supra. He has placed in popular contests like Phoenix Am, Tampa Am, and DC King of Chicago. Norman lives in Hollywood and teaches lessons through out the LA area. He has been teaching for GoSkate.com for nearly four years.

Chad Fernandez

A-list, celebrity instructor Chad Fernandez needs little introduction from appearing at the X-Games to in the most popular skate videos of all time, Chad is one of the most-popular skateboarders in the country. He is also a great teacher and has one of the highest bookings of any of our skate instructors.

Why Skateboarding

Maybe a silly question! But, Skateboarding is a recreational activity, an art form, or a method of transportation. Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years.
A crucial part of Los Angeles history. Skateboarding will always have a place in California.
The largest change has been the developed generation bubble that skateboarded in their youth and have grown up with the “X” Games explosion into the world wide mainstream of competitive sports and now sees it as a natural participation sport for their children led by X-Games Athletes who are affiliated and instruct for our brand and web site.

Los Angeles Skateboard Camp

– Ages 7- 15
– Venice Beach Skateboard Park
– Multiple Dates (Open-enrollment, Inquire below for details)



Skating into the future with style and confidence! Meet our young star, 5-year-old Hudson, on his exciting journey through kids' beginner skateboard lessons with our talented female skate instructor, Mariah D., at Stoner Skatepark in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

Our 1-on-1 sessions are all about building SAFETY & CONFIDENCE, making every ride a memorable adventure! Approved by the California Skateboard Association, we're setting the gold standard for young skaters.

Los Angeles, the epicenter of skate culture, breathes life into every kickflip and ollie. 🌴🌞

Skateboarding is more than just a sport here; it's a way of life.

Did you know? 📈

California is home to legendary pro skateboarders like Tony Hawk, who helped revolutionize the sport worldwide! Los Angeles boasts iconic skate spots like Venice Beach Skatepark and The Berrics, where dreams are made and tricks are perfected.

California has the highest number of skate parks per capita in the entire nation!

Thriving on Wheels 🛹🌟

Meet Emma, our talented student from Santa Fe Springs, CA, as she takes her skateboard skills to new heights! Guided by the legendary GOSKATE Instructor, Killian Martin, a world-renowned Pro Skater, Emma is mastering impressive tricks and savoring every moment of her exclusive private skateboard lessons. Watch her journey unfold and witness the joy of progress and passion in action!

51 yo student William with Certified Instructor Richard J from LA metro (Huntington Beach, CA) loves his private lessons

Skateboarding Lessons in Los Angeles is a hard thing to find. It is great to get the LA metro area involved in skateboarding.  Los Angeles is considered the crown-jewel of all cities for skateboarding.  There are skate parks all over the city and the perfect year-round weather leaves no excuse not to learn!

Whether you want to skate to escape the LA traffic, or just want to learn a few trick, GOSKATE can help you learn to skate.  We have taught several Hollywood movie stars how to skate.  We are the “go-to school” for some of Hollywood’s top producers.  There are great skateboarders here in town like, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, and Steve Berra.

GOSKATE is passionate in it’s desire to provide the means through it’s Skate School lessons to being a confident skateboarder, by providing the premiere school for all ages and abilities throughout California. Including private skateboard lessons in Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Temecula and Thousand Oaks.

Find out about most popular skate spots in Los Angeles in dedicated article “How to Skateboard in LA – Best Skate Spots”

Meet Allan & Regine — Your Personal Helpers for Skateboard Lessons

Skateboarding is our life. We want to make it your passion as well. Join us in a skateboard lesson so we can teach you the benefits of the lifestyle!



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