21 Best Skateparks in Florida


While it is generally believed the first skatepark ever was built in 1965 in Arizona, Florida became the undisputed champion of public skatepark building by the 1970s.

As it stands today, Florida has some of the oldest remaining skateboard parks built in the 1970s, like the iconic Kona Skate Park.

Perhaps most notably, Florida gifted skateboarding arguably its most notorious skatepark of all time, holding some of the most legendary contests at the skatepark of Tampa Florida.

If you’re a skateboarder in Florida, you join a long list of skaters who’ve become some of the best in the world by skating these skateparks. We want to help you become the next Pro Skater out of Florida with our mission to help skaters become the best they can be.

At GOSKATE, we’re on a mission to create the most comprehensive directory of skateparks in skateboarding to continue empowering our GOSKATE family to become the best skater possible.

In addition, we’ve also created a complete beginners guide to skatepark etiquette and a GOSKATe guide on how to make friends at the skatepark.

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What better way to kick off this list than with the first public skatepark built in Florida. The “Bro Bowl” opened in 1979 at Perry Harvey Sr. Park in Tampa, Florida, and is known as one of the few remaining skateboard parks built in the 1970s. Known for its bank style, the skatepark is a reflection of the earlier styles of skateboarding. The bank style has also made it pretty beginner friendly when compared to more contemporary skateparks. It was also a public skatepark during a time when most skateparks were private profit-driven ventures.

This skatepark is so legendary, a documentary was released in 2010, titled – “The Bro Bowl: 30 Years of Tampa Concrete,” and has been featured in such skate videos as Birdhouse Skateboard’s “The End.” While it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013 as the Perry Harvey Sr. Park Skateboard Bowl, locals have been calling it The Bro Bowl because that is where their brothers are – once again speaking of the family that is a skatepark.

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While the Bro Bowl might have been the first public skatepark, Kona Skatepark is the world’s oldest skatepark. Since 1977, Kona skatepark has celebrated over 45 years of memories – featuring everything from some of skate history’s most illustrious skate contests, to skate camps, lessons, and skate shows. Kona skatepark is a maze of bows, snake runs, vert ramps, ledges, ramps, and eventually the park installed today’s more contemporary skate structures. But Kona began as a construct of colorful bowls, pools, pump tracks, quarter pipes, and snake runs that you have seen in vintage Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk footage. In fact, speaking on Tony Hawk, Kona skatepark is often credited as inventing the modern Vert Ramp – so without Kona, there would be no Tony Hawk 900.

Till this day, Kona holds the title of largest private skatepark by Guinness Book of World Records. That being said, this skatepark is not a public skatepark, and you will have to pay to skate it. $10 for two admissions is a small price to pay to literally drop in and skate history.

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While Kona skatepark holds the title as the oldest private skatepark, the most iconic skatepark of all time is arguably Tampa Skatepark, otherwise known as Spot Tampa on Columbus Drive. Opening on January 2nd, 1993, it took only 3 years for the skatepark to host its first Pro Contest – held on April 1st and 2nd and won by legend Mike Vallely. The skatepark’s famous street course has been in several of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video games and while today it has been extended with a concrete skatepark just outside its famous street course, what makes this skatepark so legendary is how winning the contest at Tampa solidified and propelled your skate career. If you won Tampa Am, you were almost certain to go Pro within the year. Take a look at some of these names of who won the Tampa Pro contest and see for yourself:

  • Mike Vallely
  • Eric Koston (3)
  • Andrew Reynolds (2)
  • Danny Way
  • Steve Berra
  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Nyah Huston
  • and most recently,
  • Jamie Foy

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The Orlando Metro Skatepark is the only indoor skatepark in Orlando, making them the host of a ton of awesome events. The skatepark is also known to be beginner and kid friendly, making it a great place to book a GOSKATE Lesson. Metro also has a pro shop, with skateboards for all different types of skill levels and style. Orlando can have some fickle weather, making the Orlando Metro Skatepark a great skatepark to hit when it’s raining outside or too humid. The skatepark is known for having a launch into a foam pit and for its monthly membership of $39 per month. While pay to skate skateparks can sometimes promote financial barriers for marginalized skaters this skatepark is worth the cost.

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Miami is famous for many things but it wasn’t always famous for its skate scene. Lot 11 changed that after its overall a few years ago. Hidden away under a plot of freeway interchanges, the Lot 11 skatepark used to be a collection of mini ramps, diy style ledges and ramps but not Lot 11 is one of the best skateparks in the entire world. Yes, world. Featuring some of the best contemporary skate obstacles, quarter pipes, pump tracks, ledges, ramps, stair sets, and even obstacles akin to the famous street spots found in Miami, Lot 11 skatepark is a must skate for anyone traveling in south Florida. The best thing about this skatepark is it is free and public, and made by some of the best concrete park minds. Highly, highly, recommend, especially for the experienced skateboarder.

Lot 11 Miami Profile


Who doesn’t like skating near the water? Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark is a waterfront skatepark known for its smooth transitions and flow friendly layout. With bowls and pools on the ends of the skatepark, the middle of the concrete park has both beginner and advanced obstacles, including a street course and series of quarter pipes. The skatepark is also located partially under a bridge and is known as one of the outstanding features in downtown Bradenton. The community has a deep sense of ownership here, with local residents breaking the stigma that a skatepark should be hidden from view. Many families and tourists come to the skatepark to watch the local skaters shred.

Link to Bradenton Skate Park


Providence East Skatepark is located in Brandon Florida, and was built in 2012. While the skatepark has a modest street course, the transition at Providence Skatepark really shines. With some of its pools built resembling the DogTown era, the vert pools are some of the best in the state. The park is free and open 7 days a week but is also staffed with responsible skaters who’ve become friends with our GOSKATE instructors of the years. This skatepark is a great place to host a skate lesson or take a beginner. Just follow the advice from our article and hit the skatepark on the early side for smaller and beginner friendly crowds.

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Located in the South Jupiter Community Park, the Jupiter skatepark is nestled in this massive 12-acre facility. officially opened in November 2003, the skatepark is known for its beginner friendly areas, tucked between intermediate and advanced skate obstacles. What is super rad about this skatepark is its origin story. How the local community understood the need to have a skatepark that promoted accessibility to this healthy sport – and this was back in 2003 before skateboarding really became mainstream.

While it started with wooden boxes, DIY ramps and a constructed area of other obstacles, the skatepark has since been reconstructed for a greater flow with safer concrete skatepark obstacles. The town celebrates the skatepark as a great addition to the community.

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It might be impossible to find a more beautiful outdoor concrete skatepark than St. Pete Skatepark. With large trees and grassy knolls surrounding the skatepark, this concrete jungle of snake runs, quarter pipes, manual pads and ledges of all sizes and angles. The skatepark is also known for its illustrious skate events, hosting skate lessons, some of the largest skate contests, and meet and greets with Pro skaters from Florida. St. Pete continues the long lasting legacy of skateparks that not only improve the local community but are embraced and celebrated.

St. Pete Skatepark


You don’t exactly think of concrete when you hear the words, “south beach” but this beach skatepark is exactly that – a concrete paradise. The thing is, this isn’t south beach Miami but South Beach in Jacksonville Beach, making this skatepark far less crowded than its south Florida counterpart. This skatepark has a sprawled out flow of quarter pipes, transition, bowls, pools, with bank to ledges surrounding the park. It’s a perfect park for someone looking to learn how to drop in but also very good skaters will be launching through and shredding the gnar. It’s open area feeling and surrounding amenities make the Soup beach Jacksonville Skatepark a musk skate when in Florida.


Jackson Springs might be a lesser known skatepark for some of the other skateparks in the Tampa area, but locals are not complaining. This park opened just in 2014 and features robust granite ledges, rails, a key hole and a snake run perfect for skaters looking to hone in on the surf style of transition skating. The skatepark is built with modern skate design, including elements of street skating and run style. At a whopping 13,000 square feet, this Hillsborough County skatepark has one of the best local skate communities in Florida and is open from 10am to 9pm Monday – Saturday.

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Welcome to the only indoor skatepark in Southeast Florida! That’s what the Ramp 48 motto has been since opening in Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. As if the name wasn’t enough of a give away, Ramp 48 is an indoor wooden skatepark consisting of funboxes, quarter pipes, boxes, ledges, and its famous half pipe. The skatepark offers challenges for all ages and skill levels, and is known for hosting skate industry contests and events. The local owners strive to reach out to the local skate community, stocking their skatepark with a fully functional pro skate shop.

There is truly something for everyone at this skatepark regardless of age, skill or style. While Ramp 48 is closed for private events on Sundays, you can enjoy a late night skate all the way until 10pm on Fridays.

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Apollo Beach skatepark is a 11,000 square foot skatepark that opened back in 2012. Known for its unique park shape of a three-pointed star with an elevated center, the points allow for a constant flow for skaters to not have to jump off their boards. The elevated center has an amazing street course, built with some of the best skateboarding design strategies you typically only find in the streets. With great cement, different color granite, and both square and circle rails, this skatepark is truly one of the most unique in the entire state. This Hillsborough County skatepark is also known as a great skatepark for GOSKATE skateboarding lessons. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s entirely free to skate and open until 9pm?

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The Edge Johnny Nocera Skate Park continues the tradition of skateparks being constructed near the local community center, making sure the park is not only looked after but that there’s a thriving local skate community. This massive skatepark is over 40,000 square feet with a combination of wood and concrete ramp structures. Everything from flow, street, flat ground, transition, snake runs, bowls, pools, for everyone from beginner to pro level can enjoy this amazing skatepark.

An annual pass is $60 for residents of Collier County and is open til midnight on Saturday Nights. This skatepark is truly one of the best skateparks in the United States, not just Florida.

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Another amazing indoor skatepark that helps Floridians escape the rain is Waterboyz skatepark. Located in the Pensacola area, the Waterboyz Skatepark is over 10,000 square feet with a host of illustrious wooden ramps, stair sets, ledges, rails, and everything you would want to skate at an indoor skatepark. This skatepark prides itself on helping new skaters hone their skate skills and even has their own Waterboyz skate team, who they say represent the best skaters in the Pensacola area. What started as a surf shop has since become a skatepark and community staple. We encourage you to check out their website to find out when you can skate this awesome indoor Waterboyz skatepark.


Cocoa beach Skatepark will have you feeling like you’re skating one of those famous California skateparks with its innovative design and emphasis on open flow skating. This outdoor skatepark was made with some of the best cement, staying strong even through the weathering of Florida.

The community is just as strong as the build itself, hosting best trick contests and their Grind For Life event fundraising for people with Cancer. Cocoa Beach Skatepark also has ties to its local music community and Is totally free to skate (that is on Weds Nights). We had to include this skatepark on our best skateparks in Florida list and when you go there, you‘ll see exactly why first hand.

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One of the raddest aspects of the Wadsworth Skatepark in Flagler Beach, FLorida, is that it has lights for their locals to enjoy skating at night. THis might not seem like a big deal unless you’ve skated a lot of skateparks because you would be surprised at the number of skateparks (even in California) that do not have lights. This park is prefabricated with a layout design that keeps skaters engaged in their obstacles without worrying about colliding with other skaters. The park is also known for being perfect for all skill levels, with smaller and larger versions of their ramps, spines, ledges, and quarter pipes, sprinkled throughout the park.

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Another beautiful outdoor skatepark in Florida, the Kissimmee skatepark might not be the biggest skatepark on this list but is surely one of the most unique. A 3 pointed star with its highest point has some radical quarter pipes and banks, skaters enjoy a challenging flow of ramps, gaps, rails, ledges, and pyramids, all surrounded by grass for an open feel. Local amenities for the whole family surround the park and even has ample parking day and night. We highly recommend checking out this lesser known but still incredible Florida skatepark in Kissimmee Lakeside skatepark.

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This massive 30,000 square foot skatepark is known for its lighted night course, full of amazing street course elements like ledges, boxes, manny pads and more. The skatepark is made of some great cement making for smooth transition skating for people who love to skate ramps, quarter pipes, and banks. There is only one knock on this park and it’s that you have to pay to skate it. While it’s only $20-$25 per person to have a “Rippin Riverside” annual pass, it’s still $3-$5 for each session depending on which day you go. However, a few bucks is a small price to pay to skate at an amazing skatepark during the day, or as for how some of us might not have access to a night park, can enjoy the park at night.

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We often found while researching for this list or asking our skate instructors about their favorite skateparks in Florida, many are named adjacent to family members of the skate community who passed away. This amazing skatepark community of Tallahsse is made up of some amazing people and there’s no doubt about it that that is because of the skatepark itself. Featuring an open skatepark with decent shade (you would be surprised how many skate designs do not account for shade) with a mix of old surf style banks and contemporary street course features. Tallahassee can seem like a big city but this skatepark reminds us we’re all members of the skate family.

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The Indian Hammocks Action Sports Plaza makes up for one of the best skateparks in Florida, even at 14,000 square feet. What makes this park so special? The concrete skatepark is designed from inspiration from some of skateboarding’s most iconic skate plazas, including the no-longer-with-us LOVE Park in Philadelphia and the famous Embarcadero of San Francisco. While this park draws inspiration from other famous skate spots, when you’re here there’s no doubt you’re a member of the Florida skate family. Our GOSKATE instructors highly recommend booking classes at the Kendall Skatepark, with plenty of local amenities for the whole family to enjoy alongside easy parking and hassle free mobility. The park also has a fence and is closely monitored by park employees making for a fun, clean and safe skate adventure for all.

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