As skateboarders, we have all had that Uncle, Neighbor, or onlooker at the skate park tell us “when I was your age I had a Natas board” or something of that nature applied to their favorite skateboarder of the time. Being a young skateboarder I couldn’t imagine saving a skateboard and NOT skating it! Collecting comics, stamps, action figures, or vinyl records seem like a simple enough thing to do based on the entry level of the pricing but collecting a skateboard deck, not skateboarding it at all and keeping it mint? Now that is a difficult thing to do and it’s no wonder some of the boards on this list go for such big bucks. The mere fact that they still exist in their original shrink wrapped fresh form is a miracle in itself. Now there are tons of collectible vintage skateboards that could be on this list but I am just going to go based on the latest 3 highest eBay sales. Prepare to have your jaw drop on what these pieces of wood are selling for.


Of all the boards on this list this one is my favorite! The colors, the shape, the wolverine cat like character and that grin plus its a Natas board. A win win in every category now as for trying to score one of these mint at the priec of $1,400 dollars my wallet would take a beating. Well lets just hope the stars align and I find one in a storage locker somewhere. Fingers crossed. Essentially every Natas Kaupas board was golden! Fun fact Natas created the Quicksilver clothing font and logo! He is a designer extraordinaire.


Yup, you can add almost a whopping extra $1000.00 to our number 2 highest seller. Jeff Phillips is an absolute legend and almost every oroginal graphic he did in the 80s demands high value. Keep in mind this is before the heat transfers so thats alot of silkscreen work. Every board is indiviudally hit with numerous screens one for every color so theres actually a ton of work that went into making this board to begin with. Curious of the print run on these, at the current price its at im guessing this is as rare as the listing states.


Ah, yes the famous Santa Cruz  Rob Roskopp boards! How could you not love them, I actually have memories of seeing Madballs and tons of other 80s and 90s toys and being reminded of Roskopp graphics or Jeff Phillips work. Skateboarding has influenced pop culture in so many ways. What we have here is the real deal original stock of a Roskopp deck from 1986 that sold for a whopping $3000.00

After reading this article you could see the value in these vintage decks. Keep in mind these aren’t even high selling records this is all just recent sales you could only imagine what the records sales on vintage decks have previously been! If you think you know someone who might have one of these stashed away somewhereit’ss time to start digging them out! On an interesting note theres someone online asking $9,850.00 yes close to ten thousand dollars for this Supreme X Louis Vuitton skateboard deck. Now thats just insane! Its not even vintage. You would literally be scraping off a thousand dollars with every board slide you would do! Ouch.