The Top 15 Skateboards for Beginners (UPDATED 2020)

Okay, fine. There might be some serious skill (and colorful powder?) needed to catch air like the guy above, but everyone starts somewhere, right?

So whether you’re itching to grind the city or realizing that the fence plank with wheels glued to its bottom isn’t going to last, here are fifteen of the best skateboards for beginning street shredders.

Note: Confused about the board sizes? First, use our skateboard size calculator here.

Dimensions: 7.75” X 31.75”

Bearing Type: Amphetamine Abec 5

Cost: $64.95

Sometimes simpler is better, and the Mini-Logo Chevron 12 provides just that – simplistic quality. Made from solid maple and featuring an elevated “stiffness” that allows for better launch, this board is perfect for the work-in-progress skater. Whether you’re skitching along the street (okay, seriously, don’t try this – it’s only cool in Tony Hawk’s Underground) or hitting the park o’ ramps with some fellow riders, this board has the wheels, bearings, and overall durability to serve you well.

Dimensions: 7.625” X 31.3”

Bearing Type: Carbon steel

Cost: $69.99

How many people can say they skate each day with a handful (well, actually, maybe arm full!) of pandas? Purchase the Enjoi Panda Pile board and the answer to that question will be at least one…


Here’s the thing – you, as an uber-intelligent consumer, know that there’s plenty of products out in the vast, somewhat cutthroat world of capitalism that look totally awesome and, then, that’s about it. Rest assured that the Enjoi isn’t just about sleek visual appeal. It’s specifically shaped for young riders with custom concave for more control, pliable bearings for enhanced turn radius, and wheels that want to earn their worth both in the park and on the street.

Dimensions: 8” X 32”

Bearing Type: Amphetamine Abec 5

Cost: $84.95

Man, this board looks that good kind of bad, does it not? Like the Chevron 12, its deck was born from maple, and its Abec 5 bearings are what the skateboard market might call “hot.” The trucks are also lightweight but stable, making for good speed, easy turning, and solid trickability. Give it your consideration, Otto Rocket.

Dimensions: 8” X 32”

Bearing Type: SCSK8 Abec 9

Cost: $59.66

From a stylistic standpoint, SCSK8’s Pro skateboard has it going on. The deck comes in four different styles – Thunderbird (pictured), The Mummy, Frank’s Finger, and Calavera. If you reviewed the Abec bearings guide at the beginning of this article you may also be experiencing incredulity…

…Yep, embrace it. Abec 9 – this baby’s gonna FLY. Maybe avoid the streets of San Francisco when you’re first starting off.

At just under $60, this is a solid choice for someone itching to get their feet wet with street skating while also being able to practice tricks. With high-bounce wheels and grip that doesn’t fail, you’ll find yourself kickflipping in no time.

Dimensions: 7.5” X 31.5”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $33.99

Krown’s “Animal” series is the perfect pick for someone with an itch to ride and an even bigger itch to not ride a board made by ye olde Walmart. With Abec 7 bearings, it’ll provide more than enough of that adrenaline rush you’re looking for while rolling downhill, and at 7.5” X 31.5” in dimension, it’s a great board for the quintessential rookie.

The board comes in four different designs – Bear, Bengal, Cobra, and Wolf. What’s that, you say? The Bear’s been your spirit animal since age seven? You’ve always secretly rooted for the antagonists of The Karate Kid? Looks like Krown has what you need.

Dimensions: 6” X 22.5”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $29.99

Ah, our first cruiser on the list! Careful with this one, dear reader and future street shredder, as you can see by the Dimensions (and, perhaps, the picture itself), this is not your typical board. Cruisers are meant for smooth riding. They have bigger wheels meant for sailing the wide streets of [insert your city name here].

Note, if you attempt tricks on this guy, bad things are probably going to happen. Cal 7’s cruiser is for just that – cruisin’. Its Abec 7 bearings will give you an expedited ride when desired and, if blue isn’t your color, do not dismay! This puppy is available in twenty-five different colors, with some even going so far as to include a nifty design.

Dimensions: 7.625” X 31.625”

Bearing Type: Not listed (but wheels are marketed as providing high rebound and grip)

Cost: Typically between $80 – 100

It’s common knowledge that having a fire-breathing dragon on the bottom of your board automatically makes you a better skater, right?

If not (and if that logic is, shall we say, “flawed”), fear not! The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon features a strong design and is a great entry-level board on sale for an entry-level price. It’s deck allows for the pop you want when starting to master that ollie or kickflip, while its wheels lend themselves well to performing tricks (the harder the wheel, the more trick-friendly it is).

Also worth noting is the wide polymeric strap worked into the board’s deck. An internal fixture, of course, but essentially put in place to hold the board together even if it breaks. This way, if you grind too hard, you also don’t end up staying too hard in the ER when the board pieces go opposite ways…along with your legs.

It’s a great safety feature built-in to ensure that riding stays the way it’s supposed to be: Fun!

Dimensions: 8” X 31”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $39.99

Hikole has reached “Amazon’s Choice” level for skateboards best suited for kids ages 6-12. Featuring neat board designs (Red Pose, Black Pose, Human Head, Skull, and Letter), Abec 7 precision bearings, and an authentic Canadian maple deck, this board is terrific bang for your buck.

What’s more, this board is great for learning the basic ensemble of tricks so, paired with a novice who’s just trying to get his or her feet wet, it’s a match made in heaven.

Order off Amazon today and you’re guaranteed a one year warranty!

Dimensions: 8” X 36”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $69.99

This beast of a board can be considered the daddy of cruisers. Check out its Dimensions – 8” X 36”! You won’t find yourself keeping those toes close together on this bad boy. Rather, the Yocaher Spirit Wolf gives you the “longboard” experience you deserve, and certainly carries a different vibe than the Cal 7.

An extended deck firmly rooted upon fat tires, the Yocaher Spirit Wolf is all the fun of surfing with none of the water (well, unless it’s raining). Much like the Cal 7, this isn’t a board you buy to do tricks; so, if cruising the high streets is more your style, then give it a look.

Dimensions: 8” X 31”

Bearing Type: Abec 11

Cost: $34.99

Retrospec’s Alameda skateboard is marketed as being a one stop shop for sauntering through the neighborhood in style or filming your next Youtube trick montage at the skatepark. Suitable for novices and aspiring shredders alike, its Abec 11 bearings are sure to make you fly, while also coming equipped with rubber dust covers to prevent dirt buildup. Super helpful if you find yourself coursing through a neighborhood with the middle name “Construction Zone.”

Much like some of our other listed rides, the Alameda comes in a variety of designs, a few of which feature some pretty far out three-dimensional flavor. Check’em out!

Dimensions: 6” X 22.5”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $34.99

MEKETEC’s Mini Cruiser is made especially for kids to cruise back and forth from school, a friend’s house, part-time job and/or everything in between. The Abec 7 bearings allow for fast passage to and from points A and B, and the heavy duty trucks ensure a stable ride.

Check out the nine different color designs that MEKETEC has to offer (“The Joker” is my personal favorite). Another thing? This baby weighs less than four pounds and, at 6” X 22.5”, can easily plop into your backpack!

Again, note that this is a cruiser. If you manage to pull out a host of tricks on this one, consider going pro immediately. More likely, though, you’ll want to stick to cruisin’ and perusin’ your territory and save the trick sesh for a standard skateboard.

Dimensions: 6” X 22.5”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $23.07

This cruiser is all about time traveling you back to the ‘70s with its retro, plastic design. Don’t let that ‘p’ word put you down, though; its quality is first-class. This plastic isn’t born from your latest tupperware set – it’s high-strength, injection-molded, tailored to fit your riding style instead of you having to adjust to its demands.

Featuring eleven different styles, 5” trucks for mega control, balance, and stability, and a total weight of three pounds (throw that thing in your bag!), the Quip is equipped to be your go-to ride. (See what I did there?…I’ll show myself out…)

Dimensions: Length of 32”, you choose the width!

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $74.99

This board is dope and made with care and concern for riders of all levels and all ages. See, the width of the board is chosen by you, and you alone. That’s right Harry Potter, you’re a skateboarder and you get to make the call. Use the drop down box on CCS’s Amazon listing to select from a 7” width (kids’ size) or higher. Then choose a style (they have six listed). And finally, enjoy the fact that, for under $100, you can be bequeathed with a board made from a company that’s held strong since the mid-80s and is looking out for riders of all skill levels. Enjoy!

Dimensions: ~7” X 28”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $123.95

We’re down to the final two and, as you can probably tell from both listings (and specs), they are related! SkateXS is definitely making the most expensive boards on this list, but they also deliver solid quality and a personalization feature that simply can’t be topped.

This board, made specifically for kids ages 5-12, can be personalized with their names across its grip tape. What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t want that!? Talk about an easy Christmas present or the quickest way to win the “Best Uncle” award.

There are twenty-one different stylistic choices for this board, all ranging in both deck and wheel color. The deck sizes are made specifically to give kids the balance and support they need while learning to become ride-or-die skateboard Jedis.

And……(drum roll please as we move our eyes downwards)…

Dimensions: ~7” X 28”

Bearing Type: Abec 7

Cost: $123.95

…..If the SkateXS Starboard isn’t doing it for you, there’s always pirates! Arr you ready?

Again, I’ll show myself out.

This board has a few extra design options (twenty-four instead of twenty-one) and is great for the kiddos dying to become skating savants. In addition to the Starboard above and this colorful ode to 17th century rapscallions, the SkateXS board can come with a Panda or Unicorn design.

Need more be said? A solid board with strong Abec 7 bearings, creative design, and personalization, this is sure to start skateboarding youth off right!

Final Considerations:

Ready to get out there and let the Rocket Power theme song rip as you literally rip across the streets? Hopefully this list has pushed you towards that awesome, free-flying moment. As you embark on your journey to become the world’s next best trick magician (or live vicariously through the person you’re buying this board for) remember: This is a personal experience.

Looking to catch air and make that board flip in the process? A skateboard awaits you. Want something to move you faster across pedestrian-laden beach streets? A longboard lurks. Is the small game cruise style your end game? A mini cruiser is calling your name.

Whatever you decide, revel in the fact that your skateboarding lifestyle has just begun!