Gillette WY Skateboard Lessons


  • Cost Our lessons is priced right. 1 on 1 lessons go for $47.50 per hour per person.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Lessons are done 24/7. Since we have a large amount of skate instructors, Go Skate is can schedule skate lessons close to your home.
  • Where?: Go Skate is able to teach lessons in your driveway in Gillette .


    Our Gillette guys have over 10 years of skateboarding experience . They are certified by ASA (The American Skate Association) for safety and skills. Get taught by a pro skateboarder! The instructors can help you learn almost any trick. These are some of the best skateboarders in Wyoming.

    Skateboarding in Gillette

    Skateboarding is a very fun activity for people of all ages. We teach all ages (starting at age 3.) It is actually a very safe sport to learn. Our lessons help you learn without having to worry about injury. All of our students wear full pads in the lessons-helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.
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    Skateboarding 101 Includes:

    An online video course with step-by-step instructions (to accompany your in-person lessons), a free rental board and /or discounted skateboard gear, a year membership to, , and more!



    – Go Skate publishes one the most popular video channel with over 3,000,000 views and 17,000 subscribers.

    – Go Skate is an ASA (The American Skate Association) Accredited School for safety and skills.

    – Go Skate has been featured on ESPN,,, and Yahoo Sports!

    – Go Skate was selected as the first school to teach kids for the government of Ireland.

    Skateboarding 101

  • Learn how to turn your board
  • Discover how to skate at the park
  • Basic transportation like proper pushing
  • Learn proper foot placement for balance

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