How to Skateboard with your Dog [Best Breeds]

Photo: Courtesy of Sir Bunny Bottom / @sirbunnybottom
Photo: Courtesy of Sir Bunny Bottom / @sirbunnybottom

They say a dog is man’s best friend, so naturally we want our favorite companions to enjoy our favorite activity. However, learning how to skateboard with your dog does come with a unique set of challenges.

Learning how to ride a skateboard can be hard enough and luckily we have tons of articles to get you rolling.

But if you already have a solid foundation of riding a skateboard, this article will teach you the proper dog training and necessary skills.

In this article you’ll be learning:

  • Best Dog Breeds for Skateboarding
  • Common Mistakes for Skateboarding with your Dog
  • How To Skateboard with Your Dog

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to learning how to skateboard with your dog!

Best Dog Breeds for Skateboarding

Only Bulldogs Can Skate – True or False?

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the famous bulldog skater dogs, but what about other breeds like the german shepherd, pitbull, chihuahua, or jack russells?

The truth is, not only bulldogs can skate. How you’re skateboarding with your dog will largely determine what’s safe and what’s possible.

If you’re a grown adult, it’s not fsafe for your yorkie to be pulling you on your skateboard – even if wearing a dog harness. They might enjoy running alongside you while you skate.

Even better, your dog might be like the skateboarding bulldogs and push one of their own!

However, every dog is different. You should consult with a dog trainer if you notice anything concerning.

Reaction to Skateboard Noises

Many dogs find skateboard noises extremely provoking. Dogs will bark and nip at the skateboard and your feet.

Best Dog Breeds for Skateboarding

  • Husky Breeds
  • Pitbulls
  • Retriever Breeds
  • Cattle Dogs
  • Terriers
  • Medium to large size dogs

Younger dogs versus an older dog are more adept for skateboarding. It’s important to service the dogs needs with healthy exercise. They will enjoy exercise alongside your favorite activity.

Breeds and Their Common Reactions to Skateboarding

High energy dogs like the Siberian Husky were actually bread for mushing and love charioting their owners around the block.

Pitbulls and retriever breeds are also known to love to skateboard alongside their dog owners either like a chariot or off leash like a noble steed.

Cattle dogs, terriers and medium to large sized dogs from durable breeds are some of the most ideal dog breeds for skateboarding as well.

Common Mistakes for Skateboarding with your Dog

The most common mistake dog owners might make is taking their dog to the skatepark.

This is especially problematic when it’s the dog’s first time.

The obstacles at a skatepark are generally made of different cement which can cause your dog to slip and get injured.

The amount of people, noises, and other dogs, can also distract your dog and make you lose control. There are also a ton of unpredictable factors, like kids and boards shooting out in all directions.

Possible Dangers with Longboards

While you can eventually skateboard with your dog on a longboard, if you are not an expert on skateboarding or longboarding, skateboarding with your dog on a longboard can be very dangerous.

You reach speeds much faster on a longboard with your dog pulling you than if you were pedaling yourself. Before you know it you’re headed quickly into an intersection with no way of stopping.

Paw Damage

Dogs, regardless of the breed, must be able to take the wear and tear on their front paws and back paws. This requires a smooth surface and for you as the skateboarder to avoid areas that have increased debris or gravel. Your dog’s paws should be your main concern when learning how to skateboard with your dog.

Dog Owner Mistakes

Ultimately, improper skateboarding maneuvers on the dog owners part is the number one cause of dog injury.

This often happens when the dog is on a leash and crosses over in front of you forcing you to stop. Be sure to maintain a safe distance when your dog fluctuates their speed.

Having a long leash or a proper dog harness goes a long way. Being a skateboarding expert is first and foremost the best prevention to any injury.

Common Mistakes for Skateboarding with your Dog

  • Bringing your dog to the skatepark
  • Skating with your dog on a longboard
  • Improper Leashes & Poor Maneuvering

Want to master your skateboarding skills? Check out our How To Articles for every skill level or call today and see what skateboarding instructors are available in your area!

How To Skateboard with Your Dog

Skateboarding dogs are some of the coolest videos on the internet.

The bond created between skateboarding and your dog is just like skateboarding with your best friend.

However, maneuvering on a skateboard is hard enough without having a dog attached to you on a leash.

Tips to Skateboard with a Dog

Lower Your Center of Gravity: Lowering your center of gravity will bring you down to the level of your dog. Crouch down as low as you can. Think of sidewalk surfing photos where you’re crouched down like a frog on a lily pad.

If you’re a skilled skater, skate next to your dog and crouch down to grab your dog’s collar or dog harness. You’ll be neck and neck with your dog going full speed. This is one of the most fun feelings of all time.

Be Comfortable Skating Fast: Some dog breeds can run well over 25 mph! That’s much faster than a normal skateboard speed.

You must be prepared, able and willing to skate fast. Unless you’re skating with your dog off leash, please know that you’re going to be going very, very, fast!

It helps to take your back foot off the board and let it drag if you need to slow down or tighten your trucks and reduce turns on your path.

Master Your Leash: Your leash is going to be either the reason you skateboard with your dog safely or possibly get hurt. Your leash should be long enough for you to maneuver with your dog. The leash must not long enough to where there’s a danger of it going under your wheels.

Understanding when to choke up, let loose, swing around from left to right. Holding your leash properly is a necessary skill to master.

Different Types of Breeds Skateboarding

Retriever Breed / Mixed.

Siberian Husky

Video of Huskies

Cattle Dog


Boston Terrier

Some of these dogs skateboard better than people!

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Sir Ernest Bunnybottom

Photo: Courtesy of Sir Ernest Bunnybottom / @sirbunnybottom





Photo: Courtesy of Schnitzel von Krumm / @schnitzel_von_krumm

Pit bull–red heeler mix



Photo: Courtesy of Odin Shreds / @odinshreds

Miniature dachshund

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Footwear Skateboard Sport Sports and Shoe
Photo: Courtesy of Schnitzel von Krumm / @schnitzel_von_krumm


French Bulldog

Eric Spock Maclean

Eric Spock Maclean

Photo: Courtesy of Eric Spock Maclean / @erocdog
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