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GOSKATE System of Teaching

Lesson 1 - Safety skills first

Check out their board and equipment. Make adjustments to trucks/ wheels if necessary.

If a student has skateboarded before, nothing can be assumed. Start from scratch and make sure they are doing their moves correctly and safely. 

Parts of a Skateboard

Be sure they understand what each part of the board does.

Start with the transportation basics

A skateboard lesson is not a free skate. You should be in direct control of what your student is doing at all times. You should be authoritative.

Start by determining which stance they are. Then teach them how to push on the skateboard. The best way to learn how to push is to keep the front shoulder of the front foot. Make sure they push with their back foot and NOT mongo style.

Teach them how to lift up the front two wheels.

Have them do this 10-30 times.

Teach them how to turn while lifting the two front wheels.

Do this stationary first. Have them do it in circles. Then do it moving.

Teach them how to stop

1. The backwards push

2. Drag the tose of the board

3. Jump off of the board (for slow speeds only)