How to Ollie Higher on a Skateboard


Okay, I got some questions on my blog about how to ollie higher:

Hey Rob,
I’m having trouble with getting my ollies up. I have follow the two steps you said to do. I am popping the board and I am also sliding the front foot up to the nose with power. Unfortunately, my ollies are only going about 1-2 inches off of the ground each time. I’m still studying your videos, but I wanted ot get the best #1 advice for getting these ollies higher.

Thanks, Carlo.

I Responded:

Hi Carlo,

The biggest factor in higher ollies is the amount of delay you put between your pop and the slide of your front foot forward. The more delay, the higher your ollie will be. The ollie takes a lot of practice. To get comfortable with putting more delay, the best way is going to be practicing everyday. Practice your ollies rolling to get your confidence up higher also.


I also created the video below which goes over the two steps of the ollie: pop and slide. I talk about how and why foot positioning and timing is important.

This video was also featured on the homepage of another well-known skate site. It has no thumbs down so far so I must be doing something right!

Also check out this more basic video:

This video and article was written by Rob Dunfey. Rob has taught over 8,000 people how to skate, has made skate trick tip videos that have been seen nearly 3 million times online, and has built the largest skateboarding school in America, Go Skate.

10500347_912187875464888_5782917500317265722_nRob has been featured on, eHow, The Boston Globe, Yahoo Sports, and Skateboarder Magazine. He has skateboarded for over 14 years, and competed in the BOE National Finals. Rob is an avid street, ramp, and flat ground skater.

–Oh yeah, that’s Rob to the right ollie-ing over 5 skateboards at a skate camp earlier this year!

Make sure you have first seen our page on how to ollie and you watch the videos on that page. Those are more in-depth on the basics of the ollie. This video above is mainly for people looking to learn how to increase the height of their ollie. This page is mainly for those who can already ollie


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