How To Build Your Skatepark Family

How To Build Your Skatepark Family

As lifelong skaters with a passion for teaching, GOSKATE was founded to help new skaters foster their love for skateboarding. Over the years, we’ve taught thousands of young kids and adults how to skateboard. We’ve done our best to inform, entertain and continue to teach them as they go on to become valuable members of the skate community.

That being said, there are so many skateparks and skate park owners who’ve played a vital role in what GOSKATE has done over the years. Just like all these skaters we know the importance of a local skatepark.

With that being said, the importance of a local skatepark can’t be summed up in a single sentence. But perhaps it can be summed up in a single word – family.

Skateboarders always strive to help skateboarders and we do their best to welcome new skaters into the family. That’s why we’re here today to ask those skatepark owners and skatepark associates to contact GOSKATE.

We want to help grow your skatepark family through your events – whether it’s a grand opening or a skate contest.

Contact to find out how GOSKATE can help grow your local skate park community!

GOSKATE Knows the Importance of a Local Skatepark


For many skaters, a local skatepark is a second home. It’s where we make lifelong friends, develop interpersonal and social skills, discover new passions for art, videography, photography, and of course, develop our skateboarding skills.

Every local skatepark has its own family of skaters who make up the very fabric of the local skate community. So while a skatepark is literally where many future skaters will skate for the first time, taking their first push into a larger world, the skatepark will always play a central role in their lives from beginner to intermediate skaters, to sponsored and even pro skaters.

Beginner Skaters Need a Local Skatepark – It’s no secret a skatepark is vital to a beginner skater. While they might only be able to skate the ramps at first, one day they will finally hit that ledge or stair set, posting on social media for all their friends to see. A great skatepark helps a beginner skater become an actual skater. We want to support that process as much as possible.

Skate CompetitionsA skate contest is a great way for a local skater to get recognized. In fact, nearly every pro skater has won a local skatepark contest in their life. We want to help you spread the word about your skate competitions, to help you and your local skaters make a name for themselves.

A place to connect with Local Skateshop – A local skatepark can sometimes even operate as the local skateshop. These two pillars of the skateboarding community are what hold everything together and we want to be a central part in that support. After all, as lifelong skaters, we know exactly what the skatepark and the skateshop mean to our communities.

Go Skateboarding Day GO Skate Day is our favorite day of the year and guarantees a host of amazing activities for skaters to partake in. But it’s not always so easy to find out what events are going on. This is precisely one of the reasons we came up with the service, so more people can find out what you’re offering for Go Skateboarding Day.


GOSKATE Local Skatepark Support Program Service Offers

The GOSKATE Local Skatepark Support Program offers services designed to get more skateboarders into your skatepark. Simply put, we let more people know about your skatepark and offer services once they are there to want to come back for more.

We do so as the largest network of trained professional skateboarding instructors, with decades of skate heritage and thousands of students. Whether you’re a decades old skateboard park, an indoor skate park or a new skatepark, we’ve got the tools you need to make every day at the skatepark feel like Go Skateboarding Day.

List Your Skatepark on our GOSKATE Skatepark Directory

When GOSKATE started reaching out to skateboarders to become skate instructors, we quickly discovered how the skatepark was going to be vital to their success. In return, these instructors gave us their insight into what makes a skatepark great. Fast forward to today, we’ve compiled the most complete list of skateparks in the world. We’ve also highlighted through our blog some of the best skateparks in California, Texas, and Florida. If your skatepark is not listed already, we’ll list it for you and describe in detail everything your skatepark has to offer. You can send us edits to post as well.


Feature Your Skate Contests and Events on our Competitions Directory

Have a big skate contest coming up that you’d love as many people as possible to be informed on? We’d love to share your annual contest on our competitions directory page, so thousands of people can learn first hand where the best skating is going down in their area. It’s also a great place to connect with other potential brands for product and fundraising.

Provide Skateboarding Lessons by a GOSKATE Instructor

Let us do what we do best and come out to your local skatepark and teach a group skate lesson. GOSKATE instructors can help bring more to your event by hiring our instructors to give lessons during your opening. We can’t think of a better way to get new skaters into your skatepark and have them stick around as they progress as skaters. In fact, we’ve witnessed it happen first hand with hundreds, even thousands of our students.

  • Do you have a local skatepark launch or grand opening?
  • Have a big ceremony or event coming up?
  • Hosting a skate workshop?
  • Hosting an all girls skate night?

We’ve learned first hand that when a beginner skater starts off with an expert instructor teaching them the fundamentals of skateboarding, they are ten times more likely to stick with it. It’s also a great way to install a love of the local skatepark in a beginner skater no matter their skill level. We’ve seen many skateparks go on to hire GOSKATE instructors to have regular skateboard classes, where the local community of parents and kids can get together and support your local skatepark.

Contact us today at to find out how GOSKATE can help grow your local skatepark community!

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