York’s Top Skateboarding School Since 2009.

Toronto Skateboard School (GOSKATE) has been teaching beginners in York.

Lessons are provided for children and adults, alike.

All levels are taught, with an emphasis on beginners.



York Skateboard Parks For Lessons


Weston Lions Skatepark
(20) · Ratings
111 Hickory Tree Rd, York

Lawrence Heights Skatepark
(25) · Ratings
Toronto, ON,

Stanley Greene Skatepark
(55) · Ratings
North York, ON

GOSKATE Can Also Teach Your Child At Your Home (For No Extra Charge)

Sometimes learning at your home is the most convenient way.,

All you will need is a safe and smooth surface near your home.  This can be a cul-de-sac, driveway, or a nearby park.

A representative will discuss and maybe come to see your location to make sure it will be appropriate for lessons.



Do you want to learn skateboarding?

Find out all of the basics of skateboarding quickly in a one-week camp. We will teach you the basics of skateboarding like how to balance, push, turn, proper foot placement, and how to stop. Regardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from individualized instruction to meet your current skill level.



What will you learn?

  • Safety Techniques
  • Proper Stance
  • How to Ride and Push
  • How to Turn
  • Confidence!
  • How to Ride Ramps
  • How to do Tricks

    Who We Serve:

  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner through Competition-Style Advanced.

    How to Start:


  • Equipment: We recommend a board and a full set of safety gear. This includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Rental equipment is available.
  • Location: We can do lessons in your driveway, in your garage, or at the Redding skate park.

    York ON Skateboard Lessons


    Redding California skateboard lessons
    Skateboarding-Lessons of York was developed to help motivated youth demographic that wants to participate in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of skateboarding. We take great pride in helping people of all ages learn how to skateboard.

    Goskate.com is passionate in it’s desire to provide the means through it’s Skate School lessons to being a confident skateboarder, by providing the premiere school for all ages and abilities throughout Canada.


    Meet Rob — Your Personal Helper/Instructor for Skateboard Lessons

    Rob is a competitive, sponsored skateboarder. He has been teaching for nine years, has taught hundreds of lessons, and is ready to help YOU!




Give GOSKATE a chance to teach your son or daughter, and we guarantee to make a positive impact on their life through skateboarding.

Watch our students and their parents talk about their experience with GOSKATE.

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Our York ON students have been taught at these skateparks…

And we can come to teach in your driveway also in York ON


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