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Newnata is an unincorporated community in Stone County, Arkansas, United States. It is in the Ozark Mountains region of the northern part of the state and is near the town of Mountain View.
Newnata’s zip code is 72680, although it previously used the zip code 72657, which was the zip code formerly served by the small post office at Newnata (which is no longer in operation). Before being named Newnata (New Birth)by the U.S. Postal Service it was called “Crystal Hill”. The Crystal Hill Cemetery is still in use.
The town has no mayor, no city hall, and used to be a larger hub of activity in the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Consisting of Farms, the town has no economy other than a rural Ozark economy based on subsistence farming, cattle, and other livestock. The area is rife with wildlife. People in the area consist of descendants of original settlers and other folks “from off” as the people of Stone County refer to anyone not descended from early settlers. There is no hub…

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