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Prince Levan (ლევან ბატონიშვილი, Levan Batonishvili), also known by his Persian name Shah-Quli Khan (born ca. 1660 – died July 13, 1709, Isfahan, Iran) was a Georgian prince (batonishvili) and the fourth son of the king of Kartli Shahnawaz (Vakhtang V).
In 1675, he was confirmed as a janisin (regent) of Kartli during the absence of his reigning brother, George XI (Gurgin Khan), at the Persian military service in Afghanistan. Summoned to Isfahan in 1677, he had to accept Islam and take the name Shah-Quli Khan. Thereafter he was appointed as naib of Kerman, Iran, and, as a commander of Georgian auxiliary forces, he secured the eastern provinces of the Persian empire from the rebellious Baluchi tribesmen from 1698 to 1701. For a short time in 1703, he was again a janisin for his absent brother in Kartli. As a reward for his military service the shah Husayn made Levan, in 1703, a divanbeg (chief justice) of Persia, and his son, Khusrau Khan, darugha (i.e., prefect) of Isfahan.
During his…

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