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Discover Skateboarding in a Two Week-Long School

Skateboarding is a safe sport if you will gradually learn all the basics with the help of a reputable, skilled and experienced tutor. GoSkate.com has some of the best skateboarding tutors who offer efficient and safe lessons for aspirants of all ages. We have been in the industry for years, therefore you are guaranteed that we are very much highly regarded as the best business to contact if you want to learn how to ride your skateboard. We have been featured in several local and international TV shows and magazines such as CNN, FOX News, and a whole lot more.

How to Start:


  • Equipment: We recommend a board and a full set of safety gear. This includes: a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Rental equipment is available.
  • Location: We can do lessons in your driveway, in your garage, or at the Chicago skate park.


Skate Parks in Chicago, IL for Fun and Exciting Skateboarding Lessons

If you are seeking for impressive skate parks in the USA, check out Chicago’s! They have wonderful locations where skateboarding obstacles are well-designed and –constructed so as to cater to the enthusiasts’ needs. Here are some of the top parks where GoSkate.com conducts skateboarding lessons in Chicago, IL.

  • Wilson Skate Park – a lighted outdoor skate park equipped with a lot of obstacles such as bowls, pyramid, fun boxes, stairs, ramps and rails. The skateboarders here are very much professional and fun to look at; therefore, it is a perfect place for exciting skateboarding lessons in Chicago.
  • Burnham Skate Park – if you are looking for a really smooth surface so you can do those tricks well, this skate park is perfect. They are also renowned due to their spines, ramps, bowls, curbs and stairs, making them one of the preferred parks by local and tourist skateboarders.

Other skate parks in Chicago:

  • Piotrowski Skate Park
  • Grant Skate Park
    • Logan Boulevard Skate Park

Apart from these popular skate parks, GoSkate.com also conducts skateboarding lessons in driveways at no extra cost especially for novice students who still need to learn the basics before being exposed on ramps and verts. An efficient skateboarding lesson is more effective if it will be executed slowly so as to prevent probable accidents. We value our students’ safety!

What will you learn?


  • Safety Techniques
  • Proper Stance
  • How to Ride and Push
  • How to Turn
  • How to Remain Steady Going Down Sloped Streets and Hills
  • How to Ride Ramps
  • How to do Tricks


Who we Serve:


  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner through Competition-Style Advanced.

Chicago Skateboard Camp

-Ages 5-15
-Open Enrollment
-Beginner and Intermediate Camps
-Overnight and Day Camps


Chicago IL Skateboard Lessons

Chicago Illinois skateboard lessons

Inclining yourself or your kids to sports is surely an efficient method so as to keep safe from negative vices and activities. GoSkate.com understands how beneficial skateboarding is in different aspects such as social relationship, self-confidence and sense of responsibility. By joining our skateboarding lessons in Chicago, you will be guaranteed of a new diversion in life.

When you join our skateboarding lessons, you are surefire that only skilled and renowned skateboarders will teach you. We conduct one-on-one lessons so as to ensure that our full attention will be given.

GoSkate.com has been offering skateboarding lessons in Chicago since 2009. We offer our services to all 50 states in the US. Speak with us for our reasonably-priced lessons.

Skateboarding Fact

Ollie is the first modern skateboarding trick that was initially done and made popular by Alan Ollie Gelfand.




Meet Allan & Regine — Your Personal Helpers for Skateboard Lessons

Skateboarding is our life. We want to make it your passion as well. Join us in a skateboard lesson so we can teach you the benefits of the lifestyle!

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