Roberts Skate Park – Omaha (NE) Nebraska

(One block north of Cass)

The City of Omaha’s first Skate Park was opened October 25th, 1999 at Robert Park with the novice and pro skater in mind. Special thinks to the local skateboarders and in-line skaters who were actively involved with the design of this facility. Their ideas and suggestions were incorporated in the design and construction of this great skate park.

Roberts Skate Park is a 14,000 square foot facility constructed of concrete. The park includes various skill levels. Urban elements include ramps, stairs, quarter pipes, a grinding block and fun box. The flat area transitions into a snake run that empties into a 4 ft and a 7 ft bowl.

Kids at the Skate ParkTwo silhouettes of skate boarders, fashioned from galvanized steel, watch over the park entrance. These are dedicated in honor to the late Mathew Kress and Tommy Craft who campaigned for a place where skateboarders would be welcome. The plaque reads:

In Memory of Mathew Kress and Tommy Craft

Park Rules

Skate at your own risk.

  • open during daylight hours only
  • skateboards and skates only
  • no bicycles, scooters, etc.
  • snow, ice, wet surfaces, litter and debris will effect skating conditions
  • use caution!
  • appropriate protective gear recommended
  • no skating against traffic

-Via city of Omaha


Go skate HIGHLY recommends using Roberts Skate Park for your private lesson.
Roberts Skate Park Skate Park Address:

730 N. 78th Street omaha NE 68127
Roberts Skate Park Skate Park Hours:

Sun up to Sun down. We teach private skateboard lessons at Roberts Skate Park. Contact us at 800 403 2405 (only for lesson booking)
Go Skate doesn’t own or manage this skate park. Skate at your own risk. Wear proper head, elbow, elbow, and wrist protection at all times. Go Skate will not be liable for injury at these parks. For further questions about detailed guidelines at this skateboard park, email the Omaha recreation department staffing.

Learn Skateboarding at Roberts Skate Park:
Go Skate gives skateboard classes at Roberts Skate Park. If you are just getting started then you probably want to think about taking a tutorial with Go Skate, The Country’s Leading Skateboarding Lesson Provider. Look at our certified teachers, Omaha, NE Skateboard Lessons

Directions to Omaha Skate Park:

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730 N. 78th Street omaha NE 68127

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