Roanoke VA Skatepark

Located beneath the Wasena Bridge in Wasena Park, the Roanoke Skate Park is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to dusk. When skating at the skate park please observe the following basic rules:

  • This is an unsupervised skate park. Skateboarding is a hazardous recreational activity. Use of this facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones or other serious injury. Any use of this facility is at your own risk.
  • Children under the age of 12 should not be left unsupervised.
  • Skateboarders must wear knee, elbow and wrist pads, shoes and helmets at all times while skating.
  • Only one person is allowed to skate a ramp at one time.
  • Bicycles are prohibited.
  • Rough play, abusive behavior and obscene graphics on equipment or clothing will not be tolerated.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking on the skating surface is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited.
  • This is your skate park. Please help keep it clean and safe.-



  • -Via City  of Roanoke



Roanoke Skatepark Address:
12th St SW & Winona Ave SW Roanoke, VA 24015
The Park is free and public. Located in Wasena Park. Contact us for lessons there and to see what the current times are 800 403 2405 (lesson inquiries only) View videos Below

Roanoke VA Skate Park Hours

Dusk until Dawn

Go Skate Camp
Did you know was the provider for a skate camp for over 50 kids for the West Windsor Rec. Department? Call 800 403 2405 to schedule your own lesson.

A concrete park of decent size.. good for beginners and experts alike..
Go Skate does not oversee this park. Skate at your own personal liability. Wear proper head, elbow, elbow, and wrist protection at all times. Go Skate will not be liable for injury at these parks. For more questions above detailed guidelines at this park, call the town recreation department staff.

Learn Skateboarding:
Go Skate offers skateboard lessons at Roanoke VA Skatepark. If you are getting hurt a lot then you may want to consider taking a lesson with Go Skate, The Nation’s Elite Skateboard Lesson Service. Roanoke VA Skate Lessons or call 800 403 2405

Directions to Lynchburg Skate Park:

submit directions here



12th St SW & Winona Ave SW Roanoke, VA 24015

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