Riverside Railyard Skatepark


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Skate Park Description:

Awesome Just Made Park Finished In 2004. Giant Vert In The Big Bowl. Oververt Pocket. Nice Beginner’S Area Away From The Rest Of The Good Stuff. Long Rail, With Double Kink. Great Durring The Day When Kids Are At School, But Somewhat Crowded Aft.Er School’S Out. The Skate Park Is Packed With Dips, Curves, Spines, Enjoyable Boxes, Rails, Curbs, Gaps, And Over A 100 Transitions. The Skate Park Can Accommodate Every Skill Level From Beginner To Extreme Professional In The The Bowls And Full Pipe. * How Crowded? 9
* Are Pads Required To Skate?: No
* Does It Cost Money To Skate?: No

Skate Park Address:

River Dr Great Falls

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