Huntington Skatepark


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Skate Park Description:

Good Park 6 Ft. Mini Tons Of Banks Ledges Rails Roll In Spine Pyramid Quarter Pipes Euro Gap Very Much It Has Everythig You Could Ask For * How Crowded? 6
* Are Pads Required To Skate?: Full Pads
* Does It Cost Money To Skate?: Yes
* Link: Www.Skatehuntington.Com
* Park Contact:See Web

Skate Park Address:

Broadway and Cuban Road Ri-village

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3 comments for “Huntington Skatepark

  1. Matthew Foster

    I really like this park! It is where I found out how to kickflip. It is a nice place to skate flatground.

  2. Travis Stewart

    Pads aren’t required to skate here! This is about the only skate spot in town to skate without getting kicked out!

  3. Nathan

    This is one of the greatest parks in the country!

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