When you get used to doing ollie, next thing you may want to learn is Kickflip.The moment of catching board in the air is going to be one of the best moment in skateboarding.It is tough to get it for one or few days but you can take some steps and gradually get used to doing.Here is a guide to learn kickflips.

What is kickflip?

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Kickflip(Used to be known as “Magicflip”) is a trick spins skateboard with front foot toe while doing ollie. Kickflip is basis of many following flip tricks. This trick was created by Rodney Mullen who also created ollie and many other tricks.

How to flip your board?

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It is all about your front foot movement. In ollie, you drag your nose with your front foot toe. In kickflip, you flick side of your nose(left if you are regular, right if you are goody) after dragging.

Howto Kickflip?

“It all comes from ollie”

First of all, you need to be able to doing ollie before trying kickflip because it is just an another version of ollie. If you are not used to ollie over about 1 feet (30cm), you better to go back and get used doing ollie first. Our post about
may help you.

Stance for kickflip

Stance is similar to ollie except for your front foot. Your front foot is on little more heelside and make little more angle so you can kick off easier. The stance can make you unsteady but try to keep your balance and keep your board parallel to the ground.

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Body Direction

Direction of body is another thing you should keep in your mind before popping tail. Your body direction is more vertical to forward than ollie in order to make a right motion. Look around nose and make sure you are ready to see your board flipping.

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Body Anticipation

Same as ollie, jump straight up before kicking tail. Do not loose your balance. The steadier your upper body get, the steadier kickflip you will get. Your body except for your shoulders and arms should not move after this motion.

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Kicking Tail

Popping Tail is an essential for kickflip and all other ollie-based tricks. Kick tail with your back foot strong enough to make cracking sound. This motion is close to ollie but your mind is going toward flipping board.

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Dragging nose and Kick off

Your front foot is dragging nose after kicking tail. This time, you use little more toe side for dragging. When your toe reaches edge of nose, use snapping and kick off to diagonally forward. The height of kickfip is on how high you can bring up your nose before kicking off.

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Keeping balance and Seeing Board Flipping

Keep looking your board flipping without loosing balance. Skaters good at doing kickflip do not make unnecessary movements for spin. They just use their front foot. Just keep your balance and look your board flipping.

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Catching Board in the Air

This is the best moment in kickflip. Steady body form will make steady front foot movement. All you need to do is just wait your flipping and catch it in the air. You are not going to get smooth kickflip if you lose your body balance. So the body anticipation is very important part of kickflip.

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Make sure both of your feet is on hardwares and land with four wheels. You can naturally do this when you catch your board in the air.

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Absorbing Landing Shock

Use your knees to absorb landing shock. This is important when you take it to stairs or gaps.

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kick flip,skateboard,skateboarding,スケボー,スケートボード,HOWTO,


Q : I can flip my board but one of my feet is not on my board. How can I land with both feet?

This is not only for kickflip but we have been asked this question in many flat-ground tricks. First thing There are many reason for this such as unsteady body balance or direction of kicking off. Each people have different reason so we cannot tell the exact reason and solution for this question unless we see their motion but one common advice is to get used to flip board first. Let’s look little more detail.

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