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Robert Vassar is a skate guru in Rockledge who teaches skate lessons for Go Skate.

Some More Information About Robert Vassar

Robert Vassar has improved in skateboarding a lot since the days of a 14 years. Robert Vassar is continually progressing in the sport of skateboarding.

Since Robert Vassar lives in Rockledge, FL, he is able to teach at any park within 20 minutes of town by car. Some of those skateboard parks are Eastwood Skatepark Rockledge Skatepark . For more information on skate parks in Rockledge, please view our great skateboard park directory here: Rockledge Skate Parks.

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In Rockledge, What Are Some of the Skateboard Tricks You Could Teach

Eastwood Skatepark Rockledge Skatepark

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More Info on Rockledge Skateboarding Lessons With Robert Vassar

In choosing a path to study FL skateboarding, there are two routes. You may possibly both join a camp, or group lesson, or pick out a private instructor. The private instruction with Robert Vassar is much more high-priced on paper, but it is group lessons that ends up becoming much more risky in the lengthy-operate.

Here’s How

In Rockledge group skateboard instruction with Robert Vassar, you will be element of a group of 5-15 other skateboarders under the supervision of one or two instructors. The vast majority of this style of instruction will involve verbal instructing and a show from the front of the classroom. Following introducing the process, it is then the skateboarders flip to adhere to and replicate the talent offered. All fifteen skateboarders then get started attempting.

Scientific studies have shown lack of supervision in novice skateboarding is one of the most important resources of injuries. All in all, the attention of these two instructors can not aim on the process of much more than one skater at a time. Absence of attention is the most important prohibiter in group lessons. Here’s the predicament, skateboarding is much more like a mathematical equation than like biology lab. There are specific particular foot placements, strain requirements, and agility competencies. Sure, you can experiment all you want with the suitable stability, but at the finish of the day, it arrives down to a certain answer. There is a ton much more experimenting in group lessons which can lead the threat of injuries.

Personal lessons are not only safer but will take a lot less time.

There’s no query that FL group lessons do the job. With busy FL schedules these days, and lack of free time, we all perception a need to be much more effective. From practical knowledge, I have seen more than fifty novices study to trip off of curbs in their very first private lesson. This is extraordinary! The speed of understanding when you have another person viewing you the total time is accelerated drastically.

So would you instead take eight lessons or 4 private lessons? The decision is up to you.

Go Skate Retail outlet has a complete selection of products which each skateboarder and skateboarding enthusiast has come to be expecting from a retailer specializing in the requirements of the sport. Go Skate carries a large selection of comprehensive boards, decks, trucks, wheels, longboards, and clothing Video clips are accessible, too, and Go Skate even gives skateboarding lessons with Robert Vassar. Call 800-403-2405 to reserve or click here.


Day One -
  • Learn The Parts of a Skateboard
  • Discover Your Stance and Foot Placement
  • Begin Pushing the Skateboard
  • Turning Frontside and Backside

    Day Two -

  • Discover Tic Tacs and Basic Tricks
  • Learn How to go Over Cracks and Drops
  • Solidify Turning while Moving
  • Confidently go Down Hills Steadily

    Day Three-

  • Conquer the Ramps, Ride them to Fakie
  • Learn Turns on the Ramps
  • Practice How to Ollie
  • Go off of Jumps
  • Safety Technique Review and Skatepark Etiquette

    Customized lessons and assessments are also available