Skateboarding Games for iOS, Android and Consoles

Skateboarding Games

Games can be played pretty much anywhere in this day and age, on the go or at home, gaming entertainment is everywhere. But what are the best games to play on each platform? We delve deep into the gaming world to bring you the intel on what games work best on which platform, what the games will offer you, how to get the most out of the games we are talking about. Reviews, videos, prices, we have you covered!

How to get started with skateboarding games on your phone or tablet

To get started and playing skateboarding games on your phone or tablet, you will need to follow these easy steps and off you go!

Simply start by heading over to the App Store or Google Play Store, and download the skateboarding game of your choice. You can search for the game by name or browse the “games” category to find specific games.

– Once the game is downloaded, open it by tapping on the app icon on your home screen.

– Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account if the game requires this. Make sure to be careful putting in any payment details and be very certain before doing so.

– Navigate through the game menus to select the level or mode that you want to play.

– Use the controls provided in the game to control your skateboarder, perform tricks, level up, whatever the game lets you do! Depending on the game, you may need to use your fingers to swipe or tap on the screen to perform tricks, or you may be able to use the device’s motion sensors to control the skateboard.

– Practice and experiment with different tricks to master the game and earn points or rewards.

– Depending on the game, you may be able to compete against other players online or share your progress and achievements on social media.

– Remember that just before you can perform tricks in the game, does not necessarily mean you can perform them yourself in the real world, so just be careful!

Remember to take breaks from gaming, and give your eyes and hands a rest if you are playing for an extended period of time, but most importantly of all, make sure you enjoy your skateboarding games!

Mobile and tablet skateboarding games

The majority of people on the planet own a mobile phone or tablet of some description. Here are a couple of top games that are available across iOS and Android to fulfil all of your skateboarding needs on the go!

1. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

Pretty much the most popular skateboarding game of all time is Tony Hawk, this is now on iOS and Android, not just the normal PlayStation or games consoles.

The game by Maple Media Holdings, LLC that was published by Tony Hawk himself, has over 6300 ratings on the App Store, giving an overall rating of 4.5. In the game, you play as a customizable skater and explore various levels inspired by real-world skate spots. The game offers a wide range of tricks, flips, grabs, and grinds that you can perform using intuitive touch controls. You can swipe and tap on the screen to execute moves and combinations.

As with the real world, this game gives the option to be able to skate in the street, park, and vert. Players can use different boards to complete different tricks and swapping boards to maximize their score. The game offers 35+ skateboard options, to be able to skate in a dynamic style.

There are different game modes for players to go through, either tournaments, or career mode. Career mode will allow players to push themselves to complete fun and challenging objectives across five different regions, whilst gaining experience and entering career tournaments to beat other pros. You will even be able to skate with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk!

Tournament mode brings a whole interactive dynamic to the game. Playing against other gamers around the world and qualifying to climb the leader board, with huge prizes on offer!

The game boasts high-quality graphics, smooth animations, and realistic physics, aiming to provide an immersive skateboarding experience on your iPhone. It combines elements of arcade-style gameplay with authentic skateboarding tricks and mechanics, appealing to both casual players and hardcore skateboarding enthusiasts.

2. Skateboard Party 3

Skateboard Party 3 screenshot

In number 2 we have Skateboard Party 3, the game developed by Ratrod Studio Inc, with 13.3k ratings at 4.5 stars, this is a great game to download right now!

The game itself offers a fun and immersive skateboarding experience with a variety of features and gameplay modes. Much like Tony Hawk’s game, you play as a customizable skater and have access to a range of skateboards and gear to personalize your character. The game features multiple skate parks and locations inspired by real-world spots, allowing you to explore different environments and skate to your heart’s content.

One of the more notable features of Skateboard Party 3 is its multiplayer mode. You are able to connect with your friends, or other players online around the world and skate together in real-time! How cool! This does add a competitive element, as you can challenge other players with scores and tricks, or simply enjoy skating in a social setting.

The game offers carious gameplay modes to keep you engaged. Firstly, career mode. This mode allows you to progress through different levels, complete objectives, and unlock new skate parks and items as you advance through the levels. There is also Free Skate mode. This allows you to practice your skills, develop your tricks, and there are not constraints or time limits.

Skateboard Party 3 provides an extensive list of tricks and manoeuvres to master. You can perform flips, grinds, slides, manuals, and more by utilizing the intuitive touch controls. The game incorporates realistic physics to enhance the authenticity of your skateboarding experience.

Additionally, Skateboard Party 3 includes a selection of challenges and achievements to complete, providing extra objectives and rewards for your progression. You can track your stats, earn in-game currency, and use it to unlock additional content or customize your skater.

3. Turbo Stars

Turbo Stars screenshot for iOS

This epic skateboarding racing game will bring a very competitive edge to your skateboarding gaming lifestyle. This game has over 235.9k ratings on the iOS App Store with a rating of 4.7 stars, it is definitely a game to download now!

The game offers a wide variety of different and exciting tracks to defeat opponents and friends in one of the most competitive skateboarding games. Think Mario Kart mixed with skateboarding and you’re almost there!

Each player controls their character whilst riding on various skateboards (along with bikes and scooters to mix it up). The tracks that are raced on have different challenges like obstacles to avoid and competing against other players or AI opponents.

To play, simply swipe left or right on the screen to steer your vehicle and avoid the obstacles on the course. The character can also perform stunts and tricks by swiping upwards, adding a layer of skill and strategy to the races. The tracks are filled with ramps, jumps, and loops that allow you to perform impressive aerial manoeuvres.

While progressing through the game, players earn in-game currency to unlock and upgrade owned skateboards, customize the character and their traits, and enhance racing abilities to be better than the opponents.

Much like the other games we have discussed, there are different game modes available. Solo races, time trials, and multiplayer competitions, so players can play against friends or other gamers around the world.

This game is perfect for gamers who enjoy a quick thrill, have a competitive streak, and want to win races. Races take a matter of minutes to complete, so can be done on the go. The game also includes leader boards and achievements to provide additional goals and incentives for improvement.

iOS Specific skateboarding game

The iOS system runs on Apple products can bring different games and apps to the Android app store. We have found an iOS specific skateboarding app, here’s what it has to offer for iPhone and iPad users.

Skate City

Skate City game on iOS

This iOS game for iPhones and iPads was developed by Agens and Snowman, with a rating of 4.8 stars and 2.8k reviews, it’s sure to be a great game!

Skating through different iconic cities, with their own distinct visual styles and atmosphere, players perform tricks and complete challenges in these various skate spots within each city. The game features real-world locations such as LA, Oslo, and Barcelona, with detailed graphics and ambient soundtracks that capture the essence of these urban environments.

Players have a range of tricks at their disposal, including flips, grinds, slides, manuals, and more. By using intuitive touch controls, players can execute these tricks and string together combinations to earn points to increase their score.

Skate City offers different game modes to suit the players preferences and playstyle. The Career mode allows the progression through a series of challenges and objectives, unlocking new levels and cities to advance through. There is also an Endless mode, this is essentially free play to explore the cities, practice skills and discover hidden spots and lines.

The controls in Skate City are simple and responsive. Players can use swipe gestures and touch controls to perform tricks and control the skateboard’s movement. The game aims to strike a balance between accessibility and depth, making it enjoyable for both casual players and experienced skateboarding enthusiasts.

There is also a replay system that means players can capture and share their best skateboarding moments with friends and on social media! Recording and editing the runs to create stylish and cinematic skate videos, what more could an avid skateboarder want!

With its visually stunning environments, smooth animations, and chilled-out vibes, Skate City provides an engaging and artistic skateboarding experience on any iPhone or iPad. It is a game that captures the spirit of urban skateboarding and offers a blend of relaxation and skillful play.

Skateboarding games for Xbox and PlayStation

While playing games on the go is great, sometimes you want to be at home relaxing and chilling. Here are a few games that are great on Xbox and PlayStation for those bigger screen skateboarding times.

Skate 3

Skate 3 Artwork

Although Skate 3 is an older game, release in 2010, it is one of the all-time greats! The game offers a realistic skateboarding experience, featuring an open-world environment called Port Carverton. Within the game, players explore the city, complete challenges, and compete in various events. The gameplay focuses on performing tricks, building your skate team, and progressing through the career mode. It also includes a robust online multiplayer mode where you can join friends in cooperative or competitive skate sessions.

Career mode allows players to embark on a journey to build their skateboarding career, follow the story, and complete missions, challenges and events to progress through the game. Free skate is for those who want a more relaxed experience, where players can explore the open-world environment while practicing skateboarding skills without any specific objectives or time limits. Multiplayer mode is an online feature where players can skate with friends and other players, simply connect to the internet, and create skate sessions to skate together.

One of the key features to Skate 3 is its emphasis on community and social interaction. The game has a cooperative mode where players can team up with friends to complete challenges, create their own skate videos, and build their own skate brands.

Completing challenges in career mode will earn reputation points, meaning players can unlock new areas, gear, and equipment, as well as improve their skateboarding skills. The game also allows for customization of the player’s character and the ability to create custom skate parks.

Due to being on a games console rather than a mobile/tablet, players use the controller’s buttons and analogue sticks to control the skater. While players cannot play Skate 3 on the latest generation of consoles, it can still be played on Xbox One consoles via backward compatibility.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate 1&2

That’s right, another Tony Hawk game! There was no way we could have an article about skateboarding games without bringing up Tony Hawk at least a couple of times! Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate 1&2 is a remastered collection of the iconic skateboarding games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate 2.

The remastered version brings back the classic gameplay, levels, and skaters from the original titles, but with updated graphics, improved controls, and additional features. It aims to capture the nostalgia of the original games whilst also providing a modern and polished experience.

Within the game, players take on the role of legendary skateboarders from the past and present, including Tony Hawk himself, and a roster of professional skaters. The objective is to perform tricks and complete objectives within various levels, such as skate parks, city streets, and famous real-world locations.

The game features a variety of game modes, including the classic Career mode, where players complete objectives and challenges to unlock new levels and skaters. There is also a Free Skate mode, where skaters can freely explore the levels and practice the tricks that have been learnt, without any time restraints or pressures to complete challenges. There is also multiplayer online modes where friends or other players and compete to do various challenges worldwide.

Enhanced game controls and physics have been introduced for the game, which gives gamers a smooth and responsive skating experience. Players can perform a wide variety of tricks, grabs, grinds, and manuals using the game’s intuitive control scheme. The combo system allows players to link tricks together to create high-scoring combinations.

Players can also create their own skater and even their own skate park. These creations can be shared online, allowing the community to enjoy and play in other players’ custom parks for the best interaction and be involved within the game more.

With its combination of nostalgia, updated visuals, tight controls, and a strong emphasis on multiplayer and community features, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2 has been highly acclaimed by both fans and critics, reinvigorating the skateboarding genre and offering a fantastic skateboarding experience for players of all skill levels.

How to tell if a skateboarding game is good or not

It is difficult to just say ‘how to tell if a game is good’, because it usually comes down to personal preference, and what a gamer values in a game. That being said, there are some key factors that can help draw the conclusion of a good game or not;

– The controls. A good skateboarding game will have responsive and intuitive controls that allow players to perform tricks and maneuvers with precision. The controls should feel natural and provide a sense of control over the played character.

-Physics and realism. Realistic physics can greatly enhance the gameplay experience in a skateboarding game. The way the character interacts with the environment, performs tricks, and maintains balance should feel believable and immersive.

-Level design. Well-designed levels are crucial for a skateboarding game. They should offer a variety of challenges, interesting obstacles, and diverse environments that encourage exploration and creativity. The level design should also provide opportunities for different styles of play, whether it’s street skating, vert ramps, or park skating.

-Trick variety and animation. To reach a good level for a skateboarding game rating, it should offer a wide range of tricks and maneuvers to perform. The animations should be smooth and visually appealing, capturing the essence of skateboarding. Having the ability to customize and create tricks can also be a big plus.

-Progression and goals. A compelling skateboarding game should have meaningful progression and goals. Whether it is completing specific objectives, unlocking new levels or characters, or improving your skills and stats, a sense of accomplishment and growth can make the game more engaging and rewarding.

-Soundtrack and atmosphere. Music plays an important role in skateboarding culture, and a good skateboarding game often features a diverse and fitting soundtrack. The overall atmosphere and presentation, including graphics, sound design, and visual style, should also contribute to an immersive and enjoyable experience.

-Multiplayer and social features. Being able to play with others, friends, or general online players, brings the social factor and more friendly and immersive gameplay. Multiplayer modes can add longevity and enjoyment to the experience. Cooperative or competitive gameplay, online leader boards, and the ability to share and compete with friends can enhance the game’s replay value.

Basically, it is important to consider these factors, while keeping an open mind to the players personal preferences and values of what makes a good game. Reading reviews, watching gameplay videos, and listening to feedback from other players can also help gauge the overall quality and enjoyment of a particular skateboarding game.

How can skateboarding games help with real skateboarding

How does real skateboarding compare to skateboarding games?

While skateboarding games are just games, they can offer some benefits directly into real life skateboarding.

To begin with, the familiarity with tricks and the mechanics of skateboarding. Skateboarding games often include a wide range of tricks and maneuvers, allowing players to learn about different tricks and how they are performed. By playing these games, skateboarders can become familiar with the names, inputs, and mechanics of various tricks, which can help understand and visualize them in real life.

Secondly, the muscle memory and coordination of tricks and skating. Playing video games requires hand-eye coordination and precise timing to perform tricks. Although the physical movements in the game differ from real skateboarding, the repetitive actions can help develop muscle memory and coordination, which can indirectly translate to better control and coordination on a skateboard.

Next up, spacial awareness and line selection. Skateboarding games typically feature detailed virtual environments with various obstacles and ramps. By playing these games, players and skaters can develop a sense of spacial awareness and learn to assess and navigate different lines and skate spots. This can enhance the ability to spot potential lines and find creative lines in real-life skateparks or street spots.

The creativity and visualization for skateboarders can increase from playing the games. Within games, it is often common to customize skateboards, skateparks, outfits, music and even design skateparks, obstacles and tricks. This can encourage creativity and allow the experimentation of different setups and lines. The ability to visualize and plan tricks in a virtual environment can help develop the creativity of a skater and translate in to real skateboarding.

Lastly, the motivation and inspiration to improve at skateboarding. Watching the virtual characters perform impressive tricks and progress through challenges can spark a desire and drive in the gamer to progress in their own skateboarding journey.

Although skateboarding games are fun and enjoyable, it is important to note that they are not a substitute for real skateboarding and exercise. The physical and mental aspects of skateboarding, such as balance, coordination, and overcoming fear after a fall, can only be developed through actual practice on a skateboard. However, playing skateboarding games can supplement your real-life skateboarding experience and provide additional enjoyment, knowledge, and inspiration.

How much do skateboarding video games cost

Video games for Xbox and PlayStation can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on their age, platform, any special additions. If the game is a lot older, then it could be found in a thrift shop for just a few dollars. Secondhand games, of course, will cost less than the brand new game. Make sure to shop around to get the best price that you can for the game that you want. But if they are secondhand, make sure to check the quality of the disc to ensure it will still work and won’t ruin your gaming experience.

Video games that need the internet for multi-player will require an online platform subscription as well. These can either be monthly or annual subscriptions, so be aware of what is needed before committing.

Mobile and tablet games can either be free, or as low as $0.99, but can go up to $9.99 or potentially more depending on the game’s quality, complexity, and popularity. There can also be in-app purchases, where games are initially free to download, but offer in-app purchases for additional content, power-ups, virtual currencies, or subscriptions. The prices of in-app purchases can vary greatly depending on the game and the item or feature being purchased.

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