Picking The Right Equipment

The right or wrong board can greatly impact the the learning process. An insufficient board may not roll well, be too heavy, or awkwardly shaped. A low quality board can be found at low cost and may be fine for the unserious but not one who wants to pursue skateboarding.

Here are several factors to consider when purchasing a skateboard:

  • Wheel Size- Small or Large? What are you going to be using the skateboard for? Large wheels will help you roll over cracks for transportation. Small wheels will be less wieght and assist in tricks. Larger wheels are preferred for bowl and ramp skateboarders. Smaller wheels are preferred by technical skateboarders.

  • Board Size Should be According to Your Size -7.5, 7.75, 8.0? These are measurements of the width of the board. 7.5 is for either someone smaller, or someone who wants a lighter board for tricks. 8.0 is a wider board for someone who may have bigger feet or may want the board for transportation or ramp riding.
  • Beginners should have a board which rolls well. Bearings -Abec 3, 5, or 7? Bearings determine how fast the board will roll. One of the most important parts of the board. Poor quality bearings will rust, break, or pop out. When bearings rust, the board will not roll. Abec 3's will not roll well, and are not recommended, because for five or ten more dollars, abec 5's are available. Abec 5's will roll faster and generally give the most value. Abec 7's are like abec 5's but a bit more expensive. Quality is hard to see in a bearing, but it is important to test the bearings by spinning the wheels with your hand and seeing how long it stays spinning.

  • Trucks - Loose or Tight? Trucks are the metal that connects the wheels to the board. There is one big bolt on the center of each truck which determines the easy of turning. It is important not to have the board too loose in order to balance. It is also important not to have the board too tight in order to turn the board.

    In the first lesson, we will evaluate your equipment and make suggestions that will help you learn quicker.

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