Making the Most of Your Skateboard Lessons

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Equipment Evaluation

Your time with the instructor will be be very valuable because you will gain insight you can continue to use to progress. It will also be valuable because perhaps your equipment is your problem. For optimal performance, certain equipment that fits your goals is necessary. Coming to the first lesson with good equipment is a great start.

Come To The Lesson With Goals In Mind

Think about what you want to learn and tell the instructor. If your goal is to become sponsored, tell the instructor at the beginning of the lesson.

Where You Skate

Consider the environment with what direction you plan to go. If you want to learn ramps, instruction should be in a quiet skate park. If you are a brand new beginner, you are better off in a flat, smooth, and open area.

Advance at a Safe Pace

Don't push learning too quickly! If you are jumping to intermediate tricks before learning the basics, you may have problems down the road with returning to these basics.

Be Comfortable

Take away the distractions and put the focus on learning. You can't raise a beginner skateboarder as quickly in the skate park as you can in the basketball court. It sounds funny, but it's true. You don't want other skaters cutting you off and making you feel uncomfortable. Learning is easiest when you are relaxed.

In a recession, skateboarding is a great activity to learn because you can practice for free.


Go Skate provide skateboarding lessons for all ages and all levels. We are the only nationwide provider of skate lessons through our local networks and sponsored skateboarders. Our school provides 1-on-1 private skate lessons as well as group skate camps. Skate lessons last an hour and we will teach you proper balance, how to oillie, how to turn, how to push, and much more. At advanced levels, we can teach rail and flip tricks.

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Article: Making The Most of Your Skateboard Lessons
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