How to Unblock Skateboarding Games at School

Your school has blocked access to games on computers, but you want to play these games anyways.  There are a few options to outsmart the school’s software and get these games working!


Here are some of the ways to play skateboarding games at school:

  1.  Use a Proxy Server.

    A proxy server will allow you to encrypt the URLs of the games you are visiting and allow you to visit sites that are currently blocked.   As long as your school hasn’t blocked proxies, you should be able to access nearly any blocked website or game when you use a proxy.  Here are some proxies which you should try: 


2. Try an Unblocked Game.

Only an iota of skateboarding games can be accessed on school computers.  Some of the URLs have been changed or the games have been made to “trick” game blocking software.


Here are some free online games to try:

Sewer Skater:

Skateboard City:

Skateboard City 2:

Energy Skate Park:


Keep in mind:  game blocking software varies from school to school.  Some or all of these games may work for you.  If you get bored of the above, go ahead and try more games below:

Other Skateboarding Games: