Top Hottest Skater Girls

Tina Keene (TIE)

Keeani Lei(TIE)

You may have seen her busting moves at the Glendale, California Skatepark bowl. Keeani is a model, actress, and skateboarder.

Keeani’s name comes from a character in the surfing movie North Shore. The name means wave in Hawaiian. “Lei” means flower necklace.

But these are not the only videos to feast your eyes on. You can even ride Keeani on her $50 custom deck (which features her pic) available from Pornstar Skateboards.

Anne-Sophie Julien

Ms Julien is a French Canadian temptress in her early twenties. When she’s not posing for the camera she is the charismatic and stylish host of TV show X-Skatera and a professional skater for Volcom and Globe. The fashionista claims she is better atsnowboardingthan skateboarding, but she’s said to excel in both ramp and street skating, and we’re sure you’ll all agree she’d make as good if not better a glamour model. Ooh la la!

Heather Christensen

A Playboy model and a skateboarder? This fiery 31-year-old red head loves skateboarding. She was seen by a scout from Playboy, and began to model, which “sort of interrupted” her longer term plans. When her 34-C bust isn’t giving cameramen a hard time, it can be found wobbling about in skateparks through the US. What’s more, she actually did one shoot on a board with those little beauties exposed to the breeze. Heather has been skating for the past 12 years and even lived with pro skater Anthony Furlong. Word is she also teaches somearchery lessons. Playboy once airbrushed out the scars she received after breaking her arm on a metal ramp at a Skatopia in Ohio. Rad.

She has been skating since 1998 when introduced by a boyfriend. She continued to skate after the broke up.

Jen O’Brien

Brains, beauty and talent – Jen is the complete package. She’s been skateboarding for the past 19 years and was the first extreme sports person on the cover of High Times. This innovator was also the first female to skate at the X-Games and the first winner of Transworld’s best female vert award. She campaigns for women’s representation in skateboarding and is co-founder of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, an organization promoting environmental awareness for extreme sports companies. What a woman.

Eliana Sosco (TIE)

This street skating Latina beauty earns the top spot with her smooth skating style and badass demeanor. At 24, the Brazilian femme fatale is part of the next generation. With those alluring eyes and full lips, Eliana offers the spice that beauty queens can only dream of, not to mention an enticing attitude and raw talent.

Letecia Bufoni (TIE)

Skateboarding’s female president needs no introduction. Letecia has “wowed” skateboard enthusiasts with her looks and her tricks. She recently posed for some sexy photos with Men’s Health Magazine.

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