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Skateboarding has always been a young person’s sport and activity but it’s rather remarkable how amazingly skilled the best of the young have become. As the leading provider of skate lessons, it’s not the biggest surprise to us since we’ve helped young skaters progress at an incredibly fast rate.

But still, nowadays skateboarders can turn on the television and see skaters as young as 11-years old competing in the X Games and The Olympics. Remarkably, a skater not even old enough to drive can take home a gold medal. In fact, the women’s Olympics’ Gold Medal and X Games street Gold Medal were both won by a woman not even 15 years young.

Another amazing thing about the top young skaters in the world is the international representation. While in the not too distant past, young professional skaters like Tony Hawk seemed to always come from sunny California, countries like Japan, Australia and Brazil are producing some of the best young skaters. The thing is, it can be next to impossible to anticipate where the next top young skater is coming from.

But we’re proud to say as the leading provider of skate instructors in the world, we’ve always had our finger on the skate pulse. We actually highlighted X Games women’s skateboard park gold medalist Sky Brown years before she ever made it on a national television broadcast and we continue to search for the future top talent to be competing in the Olympics and X Games.

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Sky Brown, United Kingdom - X Games and Olympic Medalist

If you know skateboarding, you know Sky Brown. This skate phenom was first featured on GOSKATE over 7 years ago, and we’re proud to say she’s been one of our favorites since. While just this year, Sky Brown took home an X Games Gold Medal, she’s been on top of the podium since her first step in an X Games skatepark. Sky has also appeared in the Olympics and in many ways is considered the gold standard of future pro skaters who make up the top young talent in the world. Sky is also an amazing surfer and mentor to her younger brother Ocean Sky, and is truly a representation of the professional skateboarder of the future. She also reminds us of the powerful women-led future of skateboarding.

Kieran Woolley, Australia - X Games Gold Medalist

You can’t talk about the world’s greatest young talent and not mention Kieran Woolley. While the majority of these skaters are street skaters, Keiran can do it all – from park to vert this young champ is also considered a skateboard prodigy capable of pushing the sport to new heights. Hailing from the land down under in Australia, Kieran already has an X Games GOld Medal under his belt, and looks to represent Australia in the 2024 Olympic Games. Some have even dubbed Kieran Woolley the fastest rising star in skateboarding. And when you watch his contest runs and see the speed in which Kieran is skating, you quickly realize they mean the statement literally.

Rayssa Leal, Youngest SLS World Tour Winner, Brazil

Rayssa Leal first went viral when she heel flipped a three stair in a ballerina tutu, now she’s on top of the skateboarding world as the future of skateboarding arrives in the form of Rayssa Leal. Leal became the youngest Olympic Medalist out of Brazil, and became the youngest ever to win Women’s Final on the Street League Skateboarding World Tour in Los Angeles, at only age 11. You can find her skating contests but you’ll soon be seeing her in video games, skating with her NikeSB teammates and hoisting plenty of podium trophies. We would say Rayssa is the future of skateboarding but she’s fully arrived and the time for melting faces is now!

Timmy Constant, GOSKATE Team Member from United Kingdom

We’re proud to have Timmy Constant on our top young skaters in the world list, as Timmy has been an awesome member for the GOSKATE family. We first highlighted Timmy when he was 8 years old, landing his first kickflip and posting some awesome clips on his Instagram. Hailing from London, United Kingdom, Timmy exudes the passion and confidence we believe represents our GOSKATE students best. With his natural ability to learn new tricks and have a smile while doing it, it’s only a matter of time when this youngest starts teaching us a thing or two (as he already has!). Keep up the progress Timmy! We’ll be rooting for you on the Olympic Podium.

Momiji Nishiya, First Women’s Street Olympic Gold Medalist , Japan

There might not be a better sentence to describe Nishiya Momiji’s greatness than this one: “Thirteen-year-old Momiji Nishiya wins Gold Medal in skateboarding’s Olympic debut.” Yeah, that’s right – Momiji will forever go down as the first women’s Olympic Gold Medalist in skate history, and she did so at only age 13. Not to mention Momiji became the youngest Olympic Medalist out of Japan because of it. Known for her incredible ability to cancel all fear and skate down big rails, this champion out of Japan shows zero signs of slowing down. We can’t wait to continue watching Momiji’s rise in skateboarding.

Filipe Mota, Prodigy & Legend in the Making from Brazil

Every so often a skater comes around and you just know they have what it takes. Filipe Mota has already put the skate world on notice with his ability to flip into rails.. And we’re talking big rails. He’s a long way from his home in Brazil, but this young skater puts credit to the word Prodigy. He’s sponsored by NikeSb, Monster Energy, Primitive skateboarding and Spitfire wheels – all of which are top companies in skateboarding backing Mota to make it big in the X Games and the Olympics. It’s only a matter of time before Filipe Mota is a household name just like Tony Hawk.

Funa Nakayama, X Games and Olympic Podium winner from Japan

If you have been paying attention to competition skateboarding even just a little bit, you should be familiar with Japan’s universal take over of the sport. Funa Nakayama is one of the leaders in this rise of Japan – who like her countrymen Momiji, stood upon the Olympic Podium in 2021 with a Bronze Medal. Somehow, Funa can front crook and frontside feeble large handrails with ease. She also has an incredible style which makes her a standout among judges and fans alike. Seemingly always smiling, Funa Nakayama has become many young skater’s, favorite skater.

Gonzalo Morales, Child Prodigy from Peru

The younger you start skating, generally the better skaters you’re going to be. That is precisely why we encourage you to book skate classes at a young age with our GOSKATE instructors, so your child or loved one can be the next Gonzalo Morales. Gonzalo started skating at the age of 3 – quickly becoming an internet sensation as the young grom with a skateboard as tall as him. While we first featured Gonzalo when he was only 6 years old, we’ve seen over the years how his passion for skateboarding has only grown. And his mother, who was his first filmer and posted his viral clips – has been there every step of the way.

Chloe Covell, Phenom from Australia

There are several skaters on this list where you just can’t wrap your head around how good they really are. Chloe Covell is one of the skaters, as she has quickly become one of the best and most talented young skaters at the age of 12. Hailing from Australia, Chloe has the unique ability to skate switch – switch front board sliding down handrails and switch kicklipping down 10 stairs. Chloe and Rayssa are NikeSb teammates and look to take over the skate world together podium after podium. While you might not have heard the name Chloe Covell before today, you surely won’t ever forget it. We know we won’t.

Keegan Palmer, USA/Australia, Vert & Park Savant

When you win an Olympic Gold Medal before the age of 18, you’re going to be on this list. Keegan Palmer did exactly that in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 for Australia. In competition, Keegan shines with an incredibly smooth style. It’s often said it’s hard to not think Keegans tricks must be easy for him, since he has had an impeccably easy style since he was 7 years old. He’s a park and vert skater and got his shine with the Vans Park series at the age 16. He describes his skating as a combo of surf style and top secret tips he’s learned while having fun as a skater. His favorite trick to do is a kickflip indy to fakie. Wow!

Zarah Ann Gladys, Prodigy from India/Dubai & GOSKATE Team Rider

Nearly every young person who falls in love with skateboarding, dreams of being a professional skateboarder one day. However, young skaters like Zarah Hann Gladys work hard every day to make that dream a reality. Starting when she was four, she has already taken part in local and international competitions, including UAE skate jams. Zarah claims she trains every chance she gets, from skating the skatepark every day after school and learning new tricks on YouTube. Skating in a dress, full pads, a sweet looking helmet, Zarah zips and zooms at the skatepark with ease. She says, when she gets a trick she wants to learn, she won’t leave until she rolls away. What a true inspiration! Keep up the shredding Zarah!

Lawsen Miller, Future Olympic Hopeful

One thing you will notice on this list is how many of these young skaters had fathers, mothers, brothers or other close family members who were skaters themselves and helped these youngsters become the best skateboarders they can be. Lawsen Miller, son of skateboarder BRady Miller, is sponsored by Hosoi skateboards, Matix Clothing, BULT helmets and Immortal Laces. From Leakwood, Kansas, Miller went viral after clips of the young ripper was boardsliding big handrails at just 9 years old. We’re proud to say we showcased Lawsen years ago and have enjoyed watching him evolve into the skater he is today. Now a’days, Miller continues to skate with aspirations to make it to the Olympic stage.

Ocean Brown, Prodigy from United Kingdom

Even if you don’t remember seeing them, you’ve seen Ocean Brown. Since we first showcased Ocean Brown at only 3 years old, Ocean has since appeared on television commercials and some of the top contests around the world. Known for his famous saying “I’ve been skating since I could walk.” – Ocean’s statement couldn’t be more truthful. You might have guessed it, Ocean is the younger brother of skate superstar Sky Brown. With names like Sky and Ocean, these two are truly taking over the skate world. While Ocean just wants to be like his big sister, we know both of these rippers are continuing to become their own, amazing skateboarders. We’ve enjoyed the ride this far, and look forward to what’s next.

Kahlei Stone-Kelly, Viral Skater from Australia

It’s incredible to think we first highlighted Kahlei at the young age of 2 years old. Now he’s hitting double digits and has been skating for a whopping 8 years. While he was truly one of the youngest skaters in the world, dropping in on quarter pipes while still learning the ABCs, the toddler prodigy has since evolved into something much more than a viral skateboarder. Skating since he was only 6 months old, Kahlei comes from a family of skate enthusiasts, including his mother and father who are both skaters themselves. Watch the video above and you will see a fearless and dedicated young skateboarder who has the potential to be on top of the skate world. Does your child show similar fearlessness and passion? We’d love to see it if so.

Do you have a child or loved one who is the next new wave of top young talent?
Do you think your child has what it takes to be a professional skateboarder?
Do you think your child has what it takes to become an Olympic Skateboarder?

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