The 19 Best Skateparks in Canada


When we think of Canada, our first thoughts might not be about how amazing the skateparks are but the fact of the matter is, Canada has some of the biggest and best skateparks in the world.

Truthfully, they are also pretty low key compared to their United States neighbors. Often tucked away beneath a beautiful mountainside or tree rich neighborhood, Canadian skateparks are a sight to behold.

With that being said, Canada has a thriving skate scene with a host of pro skaters carrying the torch for the next generation. As the number-one online directory for skateparks, GOSKATE is honored to share with you the 19 Best Skateparks in Canada from Vancouver to Saskatchewan.

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North Delta Skatepark is located about 30-minutes Southeast of Vancouver, and is the home skatepark of arguably the best skateboarder to come out of Canada, Ryan Decenzo. What is so rad about this skatepark is it proves that sometimes the less conventional skateparks produce the most unique skaters. The park has a variety of ledges, super mellow quarter pipes, little down rails, and flat bars; but the park lacks the sprawling square footage we find in contemporary skateparks of today. Instead of being a crowded unproductive place, the skatepark is actually an incubator for talent. This is why we always encourage people to send GOSKATE their skatepark coordinates so we can add each and every amazing skatepark to our list.

Banff Skatepark has more than an unforgettable name. This skatepark has an absolutely stunning backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in the world. If there’s a poster child for beautiful skatepark locations, not just in Canada but the entire world, Banff skatepark might be it. Located on Sundance Road in Banff Alberta, the Canadian Rocky Mountains loom over an incredible skatepark designed by New Line Skateparks. This skatepark features a long snake-run bowl full of hips and pockets to go fast and fly high. Complete with extensions, quarter pipes, vertical walls, bump to gaps, bump to ledges, A frames, manual pads, boxes, and all types of banks, the Banff skatepark truly has every obstacle you would want to skate. Truly a concrete playground, Banff has a street course and plenty of transitions to make your skate trip to Canada an unforgettable one. Highly, highly, recommended by our GOSKATE instructors and students alike!

Banff Skatepark Web Site

Another skatepark near Vancouver, Squamish skatepark is located in a beautiful scenic forest nestled between the mountains. While of course, skaters like to focus on the obstacles that are present at a skatepark when deciding if they want to skate there, but location is also just as important. While sometimes in the US or other parts of the world, skatepark are tucked away out of site in less desirable areas, under freeways or tucked behind skid row, there is something to be said about a skatepark like Squamish, where you almost feel like you’re skating inside a national park. In addition, the skatepark has a three-sectioned bowl and a famous vert wall. Squamish park also has a large street section with steep banks and quarter pipes for great flow and transitions between the more gnarly and more mellow sections. This skatepark has the unique distinction of being both Pro and beginner friendly.

Another skatepark that looks like something out of a skateboarder’s dream, the Vancouver Downtown Skate Plaza in B.C. is one of the raddest Canadian skateparks. Another New Line Skateparks project, the local skateboard community collaborated with designers to create an amazing local skatepark that’s stood the test of time and produced some amazing pro skaters like Micky Papa and even Chris Haslem. Underneath the scenic bridge is a street style plaza rich with manual pads, flat ledges, handrails, banks, quarter pipes and with little to no metal coping, creating an amazing street skating like atmosphere. This skatepark is truly a haven and incubator for local skate talent and highly, highly, recommended by our GOSKATE instructors for skaters of all skill levels. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention this skatepark is 26,000 square feet and although built in 2004, it’s still one of the best, most celebrated Canadian skateparks ever constructed.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking… This must be a typo, but actually, Canada is home to some of the richest cities named from their Native North American originators. Tsawwassen skatepark is a great skatepark to take your skating to the next level. This skatepark is famous for being the home skatepark of Rick McCrank, the most legendary Canadian skatepark of all time. This park is also famous for its big bump to ledge and its plethora of rails, ledges, stairs, hips and Euro-gap to manual pad. This skatepark is about a 30-,minute drive to south of Vancouver, near the British Columbia Ferries. This skatepark is completely outdoor and seems to have great cement to endure the sometimes harsh weather of Canada.

Continuing with the outstanding skatepark building by New Line Skateparks, Silvercreek skatepark in Ontario Canada is an awesome outdoor skatepark with some of the more unique design elements found in newer skateparks. Built in a long rectangle, the skatepark is designed to have you skate from end to end through a maze of banks, bank to ledges, bump to ledges, manny pads and flatbars. A healthy mix of street elements are peppered throughout but what makes this skatepark so great is its superb flow. While this skatepark is technically beginner friendly, it’s advised to skate there with an instructor if with some skill, as the park is built for continuous lines. Bikers and scooter kids beware as collisions are prominent for those who are not well trained skaters. That being said, it’s an amazing skatepark to advance your skills. Be prepared and have fun!

Winnipeg’s infamous Plaza at the Forks in Manitoba is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s favorite skateparks.Let’s get into some of the reasons why: imagine a 44,000 square foot, $2.5 million world-class skatepark built in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Yeah, that’s exactly what the Plaza at the Forks is, built in collaboration with a landscape architectural firm for precision, detail, technical engineering and supreme aesthetics. The park features obstacles inspired by famous skate spots, consisting of a wide variety of banks, rails, ledges, stairs, manual pads, and custom built skateable art pieces. A one-of-a-kind bowl features modern coping lines as well as a wide range of 5-feet transitions t0 a 17-foot cradle and a 13-foot vert pocket. Our GOSKATE instructors love Plaza at the Forks, and highly suggest anyone visiting the area to check out this amazing Canadian skatepark.

Kamloops Rotary skatepark is a great skatepark in the inner area of British Columbia, especially since like most places Canada’s skateparks are usually in larger cities. That being said, this inner skatepark is one of the four largest skateparks in Canada, and is set to be the biggest Canadian skatepark once all of its phases are complete. Right now, the skatepark has a large street style plaza, with endless lines of manual pads, ledges, stairs, rails of all kinds, bump to bars, bump to ledges, good size handrails, and a fun flow section that leads you to a huge vert section full of high flying transfers and transitions. This skatepark has a unique blend of classic features and contemporary design, with a large layout in a less populated area making it a great place for skaters of all types of skill levels.

Genesis Centre Skatepark in Calgary, Alberta Canada, continues the rich legacy of beautiful outdoor Canadian skateparks. Located in northeast Calgary and newly opened in 2019, this outdoor skatepark is spread out nicely, with scenic grass and trees and viewing areas for skaters and their friends. This skatepark is also built with a unique layout, combining street course elements like hubbas and rails, with plaza style ledges outlined by long stretches of flat ground. With a spread out transition section, with lots of banks and pump-able hips, this skatepark is particularly beginner friendly during the correct hours. Action sports has garnered more attention by city planners over the years, and the Genesis Centre Skatepark is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of skateparks in our local communities. Consider hiring a GOSKATE instructor in the Calgary area to have an incredible beginner lesson at this wonderful Canadian Skatepark.

UBC? We’re guessing that’s University of British Columbia, but either way, this nearly 9,000 square foot skatepark is an amazing place to skate. Completed in 2014, the skatepark offers a fun mix of transition and street elements, with plenty of banks, pockets, quarter pipes and unique bump to ledges. There’s also an open ended bowl with hips and vert extensions. A Rad three block ledge is made to look like a stack of books, alongside two hubbas, two flatbars, and several other obstacles designed for flow. This skatepark also has a designated parking lot and lots of tree cover and green in the surrounding area. You can tell as soon as you pull up, the skater’s well-being was taken into account beyond what they can do on a skateboard. While this skatepark is often inhabited by college skaters, it is also beginner and young skater friendly.

Continuing the legacy of Canadian skateparks looking like something out of a picture book, the Southwood Skatepark in Calgary, Alberta is a beautiful outdoor skatepark featuring a well sprawled mix of street and transition obstacles. Located in a quiet neighborhood park in southwest Calgary, the radial pocket hips of various depths keep you at a great flow to rip the walls before pumping back into the street course. The street course has a number of flat ledges, banks, manual pads, flatbars, and pyramids for skaters of all skill levels to enjoy. While it might not be the biggest skatepark, the Southwood Skatepark does feature lights and is open from 5:am to 11:pm. That’s a whole lot of time to shred. This skatepark suits all types of skateboarders at all types of levels.

Lake Wilcox skatepark in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is an impressive skatepark at 17,000 square feet. Opening in 2019, the new skatepark has some of the largest bowls in teh area, ranging from four-to-six to eight feet deep. There’s also a nine-foot halfpipe section with a fourteen foot vert capsule. What! And if that’s not enough to get your skate juices flowing, there’s an equally impressive street section stretching over two-hundred feet. Handrails, hubbas, stair sets, flat ledges and bars, A-frames, euro gaps, bank to kickers, and quarter pipes all line the way of this extremely well designed skatepark. Combining these contemporary street designs with classic (but new in their own right) transition and vertical designs, the Lake Wilcox skatepark in Richmond Hill Ontario, is a testament to how far Canadian skateparks have come. Highly, highly, recommended by our GOSKATE instructors! Oh yeah, did we mention the park has lights?

It’s always great to include a gritty skatepark on the skatepark map. While Van Horne Skatepark in Montreal Quebec, is a beautiful and well designed skatepark, there’s just something incredibly authentic about its location and vibe. Covered in graffiti and under a bridge, this skatepark feels like it’s in New York City. Maybe it being in the heart of Downtown Montreal and the overpass have something to do with that but it’s also the street style obstacles of rails, hubbas, ledges and banks. Right next to the street section is a backyard style bowl fit with pool coping, topping off an impressive transition section of massive flow bowls, snake runs, hips and extensions. This skatepark has a thriving ecosystem of skaters and is known as a cultural hub of Canadian skaters. It’s definitely worth checking out when you’re in Montreal.

The Underpass Skatepark in Toronto feels like something out of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. With the sprawling underpass overhead, skaters enjoy an isolated environment and thriving skate scene. On top of that, the skatepark features a healthy mix of street and transition features. Skaters can enjoy the cover on hot days or even days of light rain and the picturesque underpass has also made for great video and photography opportunities for skate travelers looking to make some memorable content. Equipped with ledges, banks, flat bars, stair sets, transitions of varying sizes, the underpass skatepark in Toronto is definitely worth checking out when in Toronto. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

We know we keep talking about how beautiful these Canadian Skateparks are, but it has to be mentioned when parks like Saint Leonard Skatepark in Montreal, Quebec are in the fold. Surrounded by sprawling pine trees, this spacey skatepark provides local skaters with a new skate park with classic design. A lengthy double set, A frames with flat rails and a square design made for effortless and length flows, the Saint Leonard Skatepark might be the best hidden gem skatepark in the country of Canada. The street section flows downhill into a lower transition area filled with banks, ramps, a volcano bowl, and pump dumps to get you right back to the street features. Being so spaced out and featuring lights for more experienced skaters to skate into the night, we recommend booking a GOSKATE instructor for an early morning beginner lesson. This skatepark is truly a facet of the community as well, and is known for producing amazing local skaters.

Whistler is synonymous with snow sports so it shouldn’t be so farfetched to believe they have a pretty awesome skatepark. But what you’re not prepared for is just how awesome this skatepark really is. The Whistler skatepark in British Columbia underwent an expansion in 2016 and now covers an area of 50,000 square feet. Yes, you read that right. It is certainly one, if not, the biggest skatepark in all of Canada. With what seems like an infinite amount of skate obstacles, the Whistler skatepark really has everything you would want to skate: from old school style snake runs, infinite combinations of banks and quarter pipes, to designated street areas more suitable to beginners. Don’t get it twisted, there are also some gnarly skate features here for pros and more experienced skaters: spines, pyramids, flat ledges, shoot out rails, volcanos, and vert walls to name a few. It is also worth mentioning, in order to endure the snowy season, Whistler skatepark in British Columbia is built with some amazing cement. And luckily for you, going when there is no snow means you’re traveling in the off season for tourists. This massive skatepark has plenty of room for beginners and experts alike.

We’re stoked to share another Toronto area skatepark on our Best Skateparks in Canada list. This awesome skatepark has been a staple in the Canadian skate scene for years, famous for its great cement and open spaces for beginner skaters. A mellow bowl with great coping is a centerpiece of this skatepark, alongside its ledges, banks, graffiti covered flatground and gritty construction. Some skateparks might not be built with the biggest budget but that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing. This park is gritty, which produces great street skaters who go on and have great street careers. East York skatepark is an awesome skatepark to check out to sharpen your skills before hitting the streets of Toronto.

We can’t think of a better Canadian skatepark to end this list than Hastings Skatepark in British Columbia. Perhaps we saved the best for last? But either way, this amazing skatepark has been a staple in the Canadian skates-scene since 2001, as one of the most popular transition skateparks in the world. Made famous for the sheer amount of skate contests held at Hastings skatepark, the iconic bowls, pockets, spines, corner hips, quarter pipes, vert walls, tombstones, you name it, Hastings has it. You probably watched a Vans Park Series a time or two held at Hastings skatepark and thought it was a park out in California. The epic bowl is open 24/7 and has a large viewing area for anyone who wants to witness the stoke. Fair warning, while there is a small street section and open area for beginners, the bowl section is intended for experienced skaters comfortable with dropping in and skating larger transition. Either way, even if you don’t feel comfortable skating this legendary bowl, you should check it out to witness incredible skaters doing what they love to do.

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