It has been 12 years since Rodney Mullen has dropped a video part. This is probably the most anticipated video part of our generation. By that I mean a video part from someone that is actually desired enough to the point where people have never ceased to ask for it. Rodney is without question one of the most legendary skateboarders on planet earth and to finally have a new video part from him is a blessing. Does it live up to the hype? Thats up to you to decide but before we get to showing you his video part lets have ourselves a little Rodney Mullen video part marathon. Here are 5 of his greatest video parts.


One word about this video part DARKSLIDES! He takes them to another level here its insane. Theres also an absolutely jaw dropping kickflip to casper to 360 flip out on a super waxed up curb. Not going to lie. I’m seriously going to wax the heck out of a curb later today and try and learn this at least with a shuvit out!


The mix of the song and Rodneys precision trickery go together beautifully in harmony. It honestly feels like this song was written purposely so that at this point in time it was destined to be conjoined with Rodney Mullens skateboard footage and broadcast for the entire world to see. Behold.

3. “ROUND 1” part

The video part that started the battle between two skateboard gods. Round 1 of Rodney Mullen versus Daewon Song. These two compliment each others skateboarding so well they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I know the whole thing was to “pick” a winner by the end but I swear I was so amazed by both their skateboarding that I just voted tie each and every time! You are going to wantskateboard lessons. Enjoy both their parts below.

2. “ROUND 3” part

I know I didn’t go in order here but the truth is as amazing as this part was it still didn’t match up to my number one pick. Nonetheless this video part is absolutely amazing. I used to love how the DVD would mix the order of wether you saw Daewon or Rodneys part first or last and not to mention it had a ton of easter eggs secrets to the DVD. The last bit with the Massive Attack is amazing!

1. “ROUND 2” part

I may be playing favorites to this part due to the fact that it was the first video I owned but man Rodney’s part still gives me chills. The epic piano throughout his part and mind blowing tricks will have you slow mowing tricks that are already slow motioned for you! No joke. Absolutely ground breaking video part and edited and shot beautifully.

And lastly here is Rodney Mullen’s newest video part. Its not 12 years in the making but its been over a decade since we had a part period from him so its a blessing to see him ride his skateboard again. I do miss the street footage and perhaps that is in store for us to view in the future. For all we know, Rodney is out in the streets right now filming some skate clip gold! Keep in mind Rodney is about to be 50 years old!