Is Camp Woodward Worth The Cost?

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Should I send my child to Camp Woodward?

If you’re lucky enough to have a child who skateboards, you’ve probably heard: “Mom, Dad, can I please, please, please go to Camp Woodward?”

Even if your child isn’t training for The Skateboarding Olympics, Camp Woodward has always been an alluring experience for every young skateboarder.

But what most parents don’t know is that each Woodward skate camp has pros and cons that go beyond cost or how much my child will be skating.

As your number one trusted source for everything skateboarding, GOSKATE has you covered!

In this article you’ll be learning everything there is to know about Camp Woodward, including but not limited to:

  • What is Camp Woodward?
  • How Much Is The Cost of Camp Woodward?
  • How Credible are the Instructors?
  • Are the Woodward Skateparks World Class?
  • What Are the Different Camp Woodward Locations?

We will provide each subject with a GOSKATE rating of 1-10.

What is Camp Woodward?

The origins of Camp Woodward are somewhat ambiguous. The owner originally founded the summer camp in 1970 for young gymnastic athletes.

With the growing popularity of skateboarding, Camp Woodward expanded and has cemented itself as a premier Summer Skate Camp.

Camp Woodward offers a host of sports:

  • Gymnastics,
  • Cheer,
  • Skateboarding,
  • BMX,
  • Mountain Biking,
  • Scooter,
  • Parkour,
  • Dance,
  • Inline skating,
  • Snowboarding & Skiing (Winter)
  • Classes for sports photography and video production.

With their ‘world-class’ facilities, the programs focus on progression of each athlete, welcoming all skill levels to be trained by culturally attractive staff and coaches.

The camp also promotes its ‘Woodward Way’, a table of rules to promote kindness, sustainability, mindfulness, and physical and mental health.

Additionally, Camp Woodward is NOT ONLY extreme sports and gymnastics. Woodward has a multitude of outdoor and indoor activities; including a ropes course, paddle boarding, pool time, go-karts, fishing, and arts and crafts.

For more information, their website offers a Parent’s Guide with FAQ.

Camp Woodward Locations

Different Camp Woodward Locations - Rating 9/10

The Woodward Camp locations are action sports hubs, meaning today action sports are the mainframe of their business.

All Woodward locations are thoughtfully placed in beautiful remote locations.

Arguably, these locations are Camp Woodward’s most redeeming quality.

Here are the different Camp Woodward Locations:

  • Woodward Bend, Oregon
  • Woodward Copper, Colorado
  • Woodward Eldora, Colorado
  • Woodward Killington, Vermont
  • Woodward Bachelor, Oregon
  • Woodward Park City, Utah
  • Woodward PA, Pennsylvania
  • Woodward Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Woodward Snowbird, Utah
  • Woodward Tahoe, California
  • Woodward West, California

While the locations may not be as spread out to promote accessibility, the locations themselves are beautiful and thus, received a high rating of 9/10.

Are the Woodward Skateparks World Class? - Rating 8/10

Woodward’s courses and skateparks are usually what initially attracts kids most.

With innovative environments mimicking obstacle courses, these parks are literally some of the World’s best training grounds.

Woodward staff focus on design and constant skatepark improvement. Over decades, indoor and outdoor parks have progressed.Ultimately, each Woodward skatepark is certainly World Class.

That being said, not all Woodward Locations are created equal. Some parks vary in attention and funding by the Camp Woodward HQ.

It is also prudent to mention, these parks are not designed with skateboarding solely in mind. This is where problems arise.

Parks are also made for BMX bikers and rollerbladers. Because of this, skateparks can include unfathomably big ramps!

Think of it this way:

  • If 1 out of 3 facilities are built for non-skateboarding activities, it means a large chunk of facilities are unusable.
  • More importantly, the bulk of the courses favor intermediate and advanced skaters over beginners.

Explore each Woodward skatepark as each location is designed differently. Pick the best location for your child.

If not, the wrong location choice could hurt your child’s progression and intimidate them from further training.

How Credible Are the Instructors? - Rating 7/10

Camp Woodward was founded more than 50 years ago but DID NOT receive it’s American Camp Association Accreditation until 2018.

Essentially, this accreditation approves them for a SAFE, credible facility.

Woodward’s staff-to-camper ratios change for different age groups.

Also, unfortunately, training for staff minimizes 1:1 camper-staff interactions. First-aid staff are available, and there is proper leadership training for staff.

Much like our instructors here at GOSKATE, the majority of their faculty is current skateboarders. But we cannot speak directly of how much training they receive.

It is more complex, considering some of their staff are trained for multiple sports.

Are the Camp Woodward Sessions Worth the Price? - Rating 5/10

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Are the Camp Woodward sessions worth the price?

Camp Woodward rates have jumped up to about $1,300 a week (without airfare and travel expenses). It certainly is a question of how much are you willing to spend for your child to skateboard?

With the majority of Woodward Camps located in Colorado, Utah and California, depending on your location, airfare is a necessary expense.

Additionally, when at the camp, your child will be encouraged to shop at the Woodward Store, where your child is given a credit card (via parent’s permission) to purchase Woodward merchandise.

Ultimately, the question if Camp Woodward Sessions are worth the price, is really up to you and where your child is in terms of skill.


Locations – 9 out of 10

Skatepark Facilities – 8 out of 10

Credible Instructors- 7 out of 10

Worth the price? – 5 out of 10

Overall Score: 7 out of 10

Overall, Camp Woodward scores good marks. The locations and the parks are the benefit. The lack of a quality skateboard education and a high camp price drags the score lower.

At GOSKATE, we can offer you a similar Camp Woodward experience, at only a fraction of the price.

Reviews from Clients

Kevin Mignogno

Week 4 Skate Camp – I decided to accompany my son to skate camp and work as a cabin parent mostly to see what I was paying for. Glad I did as the experience from my point of view was mostly bad.

The Bad – Food and lodging are horrendous. Black mold all over the cabin ac units and cabin showers. Moldy food is being served to campers. The food was so bad most campers just stopped eating in the cafeteria altogether. Instead opting to buy food at the store. I recommend sending plenty of snacks to your kids. The morning skate lessons were essentially guided free skating with counselors offering very little help if any.

The Good – The parks are amazing. My son did have a blast but kids don’t care about the listed negatives above. With the money, you pay I would expect high-quality food and better lodging for campers.

Lizzy Parker

My daughter attended camp here for her first away camp and first cheer camp experience and loved it!! She was awarded camper of the week got to interact with famous cheer athletes and got to use state-of-the-art equipment she would have never had a chance to encounter. For all these reasons I am soo grateful and pleased with this establishment. The reason i gave a 4 star and not a 5 is as follows: my camper hurt her knee there and as an RN I was less than thrilled with the fact that the trainers didn’t seem to treat it effectively I had to call the camp and my child and inform them of what to do. They gave out opportunities for 50% discounts and my daughter received one but they are only for that current summer at the end of the summer. When you have to travel and pick up your child it is crazy to think that for 50%(which is still over $600) you could turn right around in a few weeks and do it all over again. It would be nice to be able to use it the next summer. Also, my daughter didn’t really care for the cafe food and she really never got to eat lunch because it was always during her mandatory training time (she basically spent her spending money on the chicken tenders which she said was amazing). Lastly, she was not too thrilled that some of the famous cheerleaders were less than friendly although the campers were encouraged to mingle and interact with them. Other than that it was a great experience for her and she can’t wait to return!!!

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