How to Skateboard After School


Learning how to skateboard takes time but most parents only have a couple crucial hours of daylight each day to spend with their kids – especially on school days. There’s also a ton of questions parents have when figuring out the safest, most fun, and most productive ways to skate – like how to skateboard after school?

Here are some of the most common questions parents ask our skate instructors when it comes to learning how to skateboard after school.

  • Where should I take my kid skating after school? 
  • Are skateboards school friendly?
  • What time is best to skate after school?
  • Can I find other kids who are skating after school?
  • What if my kid is in highschool?
  • Should my kid skate alone after school?

GOSKATE is here to answer these questions as the number one supplier of skate lessons in the world. Keep reading and we’ll get you rolling in the right direction… literally.

Where should I take my Kid Skating After School?

This might seem like an obvious answer to some parents but we promise that would change if they knew the reality of a skatepark ecosystem. Imagine you’re a high school kid or a grown adult just getting off of work – where are you going? You’re headed as fast as you can to the skatepark. That means from 3pm-5pm-7pm (and even dusk and beyond) the skatepark will be packed with experienced skaters posing a hazard to your young child. 

Remember parents, a skatepark is not a daycare where you can drop your kids off and walk away. Many grown adults and older kids are at the skatepark every day and treat it like a gym and training ground. You certainly still can take your kid to a skatepark but we advise you make sure the hours are beginner friendly and not super crowded.

We also urge you to consider hiring a GOSKATE instructor to make sure they’re as safe as possible.In addition to learning proper skatepark etiquette, it helps them become members of the local skatepark community.

Otherwise, we encourage you to take your child to a local park with a lot of flat cement surfaces to master the foundations of skateboarding. In some rare instances, some after school programs will allow skateboards after school, like bikes and scooters – which brings us to our next point. 

Are Skateboards School Friendly?

Unless you’re living in a skateboard-centric town like San Diego, which actually has skateboarding as a form of physical education, most school districts do not allow skateboards, let alone the act of riding a skateboard, on campus.

However, most highschools will allow skaters to chain up their skateboards like bikes in skate racks but due to the skateboard being much more fragile than a bike, this often leads to damaged skateboards.

Some teachers will allow you to keep their skateboards in the classroom and some schools will allow you to carry yours around. It’s best to check with your school’s code of conduct policy because just like in all aspects of skateboarding, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just don’t be surprised when the answer is no.

Things are changing however, as more and more adults and teachers recognize the profound benefits of skateboarding.

What Time is Best to Skate After School?

This is an important question, especially after learning what we know about skateparks. We would suggest if you are going to be skating at a skatepark after school, it’s best to do it before 5pm, when the older crowd get’s off work.

That being said, sometimes right after school the highschool kids make an exodus to the local skatepark to wait for their parents. If you’re weary of your child being around highschool kids who might not be making the best choices, you might want to wait 30 mins to an hour for their parents to pick them up before taking your kid to the skatepark.

We do know some schools get let out early on certain days of the week and that Friday’s are the most packed skatepark days. Generally, skating with your child while the sun is out is best for your kid’s safety. Some skateparks will have lights however but the crowds will generally be older in the evening.

Most skateboarders are perfectly amicable, law abiding people but as their parents you should be familiar with the local skatepark scene before making a habit of what time is best to skate after school. If you’re not skateboarding at a skatepark, it’s generally always safer to skate in the day time for any pedestrians or vehicle traffic (even in your own driveway).

Can I find other kids who are skating after school?


There are always going to be kids skating after school but the question is are they kids the same age as your kid? This can be a hard question to gauge since skateboarding is not like traditional sports, with a sign up day, and teams being delegated by age.

Indeed this has always been one of the driving forces behind GOSKATE, to connect young skaters and their parents with kids their age to book skate lessons together and make new close friends in the process. This is also why GOSKATE does our best to operate as a bulletin board through our articles, facebook page, and social media, where we invite parents to leave reviews, ask questions and leave comments.

But if you’re wondering if there are other kids skating in your neighborhood or local skatepark, we highly encourage you to share some of our material to gauge their interest. For the majority of young kids who start skating, skateboarding is introduced to them by someone they love. Just because your child is learning how to skateboard doesn’t mean they have to learn alone.

Even with all this being said, if you go to the skatepark consistently enough, you’ll surely run into other young skaters and their parents. If you do decide to book a lesson with a GOSKATE instructor, many times as one skater leaves another shows up for their lesson. Parents, kids, and instructors can come together and perhaps set up a skate date for their kids.

What if my kid is in highschool?

If your kid is in highschool, there’s a good chance they are already skateboarding after school or maybe you want to help them find a new productive outdoor activity to make some new friends. There are plenty of reasons why a high school kid might need help learning how to skateboard after school.

While in the past, a high school kid might not want a skate instructor to show them the ropes. But in today’s slate age where skateboarding is in the Olympics and a force of fashion, design, and art in pop culture – high school kids are looking for mentors in all different aspects of life.

As a high school student, there’s a good chance your child can bring their skateboard to school with them. This gives them a viable transportation to and from school and with skateparks usually being located near a highschool, a great incubator for community and friendship. Just like traditional sports or performance art, skaters will often look back on their highschool years as their best skate years.

Should my kid skate alone after school?


If your child is a responsible high school student, you might let your child skate after school. Otherwise we never advise that your child should skate alone at any time, especially at a skatepark after school.

As we touched on earlier, a skate park is not a daycare. There are real challenges and rewards to being at a skatepark. There’s a ton of positive influences and creative, physical and mental outlets for people who enjoy skateparks but just like any part of town, leaving your kid alone is never a full proof idea.

If you are unable to physically commit to taking your kid to the skatepark after school and sitting there and watching their every move intently, we advise you to book a one-on-one lesson with one of our GOSKATE instructors. This is the safest, most fun, most productive way your child can skate after school and never be alone.

To learn more about how to book a GOSKATE skate instructor near you, we invite you to check out our homepage and give us a call or click today. No matter your child’s skate goals, we have decades of skate heritage to make sure they’re experiencing a fun, safe, and inclusive day after school at the skatepark.

Zane Foley

Zane Foley has been writing professionally since 2014, since obtaining his BA in Philosophy from the California State University, Fullerton. Zane is an avid skateboarder and Los Angeles native. Follow him on Instagram for links to his other published works. @zaneyorkfly