Best Skateparks in the United Kingdom


Skateboarding has truly grown into a global experience with skateparks in countries around the world. We know this first hand as the leading provider of skate lessons, skateboarding is continuing to grow, with new skaters and new skate competitions flourishing.

Of course, as skateboarding grows, so will skateparks.

Here at GOSKATE, we want to give skateparks their flowers by creating the most comprehensive directory of skateparks you can use to spread your shred.

After all, how do young skaters become the best skaters possible? They skate amazing skateparks with amazing mentors. That’s how we’ve seen skaters like Sky Brown come out of the United Kingdom and some of our favorite young talents come out blazing from India, Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan. They’ve all used skateparks as training facilities, booking lessons, skating the right skateboards, and learning new tricks at a consistent rate.

You can check out our latest top young talent article to learn exactly what we mean. In the meantime, we’re stoked to share with you this listicle of the best skateparks in the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re looking to hit a UK skatepark tour soon or want to see if your skatepark made the list, we’re hoping this list gets your skate juices flowing!

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Presented in no particular order

We asked our GOSKATE team rider Timmy Constant, a ripper from the United Kingdom who’s quickly making a name for himself as one of the Top Young Talents in skateboarding. We asked Timmy when he feels happiest on his skateboarding, and this is what he said: “When I go to a new skatepark or my favorite skateparks in London.”

Naturally, we had to ask his input for this list. If you were wondering, our GOSKATE team rider Timmy Constant’s favorite London skateparks are: “Acton, Bay Sixty6, and Southbank.” He also really likes to watch famous skaters. “Luckily in London many of the big teams come by. This weekend he will watch the Krooked team at Southbank and hopefully meet Gonz!”

Southbank London might be the most featured UK skatepark of all time. Known for its indoor outdoor vibes, creative graffiti, and host of local pro skaters, it’s just one of those skateparks every skater should skate in their lifetime. Also, the skatepark has been around since the 1970s, making it one of the last remaining time capsule skateparks. What do we mean by this? Literally, skateboarding at this skatepark is skating in history. This skatepark wasn’t always a skatepark, in fact, it started as a skate spot all those decades ago. While only a handful of the original obstacles remain, much of the park has been restored without losing its authenticity. Now protected under the UK Localism Act, Southbank in London (sometimes known as Undercroft) will be here for a long time.

Here at GOSKATE, we love a big, spacious outdoor skatepark. The Crystal Palace Skatepark is exactly that, with huge bowls (although mellow and pretty beginner friendly) and fun box style obstacles as the favorites among its locals. The Crystal Palace Skatepark is certainly a palace fit for skate royalty of all skill levels. Come out and enjoy a grassy outline instead of the cage-like feeling of certain skateparks. Free and friendly to all skill levels and close to the generally London area.

Some of the best skateparks we’ve ever seen are built with amazing scenery in its surrounding areas. The Level skatepark in Brighton is one of those skateparks amongst a greenery of shady and nationally significant elm trees. The skatepark also prides itself in being a family friendly environment, with a massive park as its neighbor, featuring a children’s play area, flower beds and a rose walk to a local cafe. The skatepark is also famous for its bowl-centric design and two sections – one shallow and lower for beginner friendly learning, and another for its traditional and progressively built street section. This is a must skate for all skaters of all types of skill levels.

We’ve already thrown the word iconic and legendary at you on this list but truthfully Stockwell Skatepark is deserving of these titles. This skatepark has been skated by all of skateboarding’s legends – including the local London heroes. Famous for its traditional style build of banks, rolling bumps, and snake runs, the graffiti covered sanctuary is one of those skateparks that just screams skateboarding. While its unconventional nature might make it challenging for new skaters to really shred, the cement hills and roll ins are inviting to those who are comfortable on their board. With a brick wall surrounding the outside of the park, it’s also a great place to come check out some great skateboarding at an iconic UK skatepark. Highly recommended by our GOSKATE staff.

While it might be debatable if House of Vans in London is the best skatepark in the United Kingdom, it certainly is one of the most notorious. Why is it so notorious? The skatepark was built through five unused tunnels underneath Waterloo Station. If you’ve been a fan of skateboarding for some time now, you’ve probably seen its most famous tunnels, and and five. These two tunnels are basically skateparks in themselves with concrete bowls, mini ramps and a street course. The House of Vans skatepark in London is truly a unique skateboarder experience and operates as a cultural hub for skaters in London.

This skatepark has been open since 2022 and is one of the largest indoor skateparks in the United Kingdom at a whopping 56,000 square feet. The skatepark is divided into three separate halls, each with their own unique skate design. A street section of course, but also a transition section with a mini ramp. Unit 23 Skatepark also claims to have designed the skatepark features both with beginner and experienced skaters in mind – making it a great place to skate for all skill levels. The only barrier is this skatepark is a pay-to-skate, but being open every day in the year except for Christmas, means a big skate for your buck.

There’s just something about street art and a skatepark that screams skateboarding. SO parents, don’t be turned away by street art at the Airdrie skatepark. This outdoor skatepark has rails, bowls, ramps, for a great beginner and advanced flow. Known for its great cement, great quarter pipes, ledges and surrounding grassy knoll, Airdrie skatepark hosts a strong skate community for the United Kingdom. This skatepark looks really fun and is definitely a skatepark you and your loved ones should check out when in the area. Or even pile in the minivan and make the trip. It will be well worth it.

Every once in a while there’s a skatepark where arguably its history is the coolest thing about it. Radlands is arguably that skatepark, with some awesome history prevailing through hard times in the skate industry. Even after being crowned (see what we did there) the first-ever indoor skatepark in Britain, Radlands skatepark closed its doors in 2004. However, the doors reopened in 2012 at the same location and converted into a fully outdoor skatepark. The skatepark features a giant diamond shaped design, with a street course and plaza style layout for a multitude of obstacles. There is also no cost to skate this amazing skatepark and is open till 9:30 pm on a daily basis.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking… A skatepark at a Zoo? Sounds wild. Well, the skatepark certainly features some high flyers and some great skaters who portray animal-like instincts. However, the Accrington Zoo Skatepark is a prefabricated jungle to say the least, peppered by metal steep quarter pipes and mini ramps, in an open, outdoor, courtyard style skatepark. This skatepark also has rails and stairs but sometimes is known to have a heavy BMX population. The skatepark is also known to have large flat open areas great for beginners to practice ollies and other flatground tricks.

BaySixty6 Skatepark is in the London area and is sometimes considered as the best skatepark in the area. Honestly, this skatepark is so big, it feels like two or three skateparks combined. It has three different sections all catering to the different styles of skateboarding. Since being recently sponsored and refurbished by NikeSb, BaySixty6 has become known for its amazing ramp quality, street style ledges, flat banks, quarter pipes, and large bowl. It is also celebrated for its plenty of square space for beginners to learn. There’s one thing to keep in mind: you have to be a member to be able to skate here. It’s free but you just have to register.

We could never exclude a skatepark with the iconic magnitude of White Grounds skatepark. It’s one of the most iconic UK Skateparks in the world, known for its plaza style and frequent skate tournaments. With its street course, skaters can enjoy skating on steep banks, complex manual pads, radical ledges and all inside a tunnel. You truly feel like you’re skating in a skatepark in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The skatepark is known to be a little crowded so beginners should go at the designated times. When in London, White Grounds Skatepark is a must skate.

We wanted to make sure we had a skatepark in Scotland on this list, but Livingston skatepark, otherwise known as “Livi ” skatepark made it easy. The skate park is famous for its unique obstacles, including a host of bowl centric transitions, a full pipe, pools and mini ramps galore, all made of some of the best concrete a skatepark could offer. The skate community is central to Livingston as well, with the Livi Pure Fun Skate Party – one of the longest running events in skate history. It’s one of those skateparks every skater should visit and if you’re lucky at the time of their event. Otherwise it’s free, it’s outdoors, and it’s one of the most fun skateparks in the United Kingdom.

Acton skatepark is one of those big outdoor skateparks you would expect to find in Southern California. But nestled just outside of London, Acton skatepark is a spacious skatepark with ramps of unique bindings, connecting flat steep banks to ledges for roll on grinds. There is also a table top ledge, pyramid banks, rails and a host of other street and transition style obstacles for all skill levels. What is really great about the Acton skatepark, is that it has lights for night skating. Beginner friendly skater skateparks many times do not have this feature. It’s also a nice skatepark for being just outside the city. Not every skater is comfortable in the more iconic skateparks in London – Acton is great for skaters wanting more space.

The Projekts MCR skatepark in Manchester is known as one of the best skateparks in the North West part of England and also as a great place for skaters looking for an easily accessible skatepark. The large concrete section is in the center of the city underneath the Mancunian Way Flyover, with just about everything you could want to skate in a skatepark. This skatepark is also a hybrid skatepark with both indoor and outdoor obstacles. Most of the indoor section is protected by a flyover roof, so you can skate here during the rain. There is also a cafe and a host of coaches who help you learn how to skate. Sound familiar? While this skatepark charges per hour, you can also skate every day all day with a monthly pass.

Harrow skatepark is another one of those UK skateparks built in the traditions of old. With large snake runs, roll ins, and transition banks of all types, Harrow skatepark is a spacious outdoor skatepark designed to keep you having fun for hours. We don’t know for sure but it seems the Harrow skatepark was probably built around the same time as the iconic Stockwell skatepark mentioned above – so if you’re looking for something with similar vibes but not nearly as crowded – Harrow skatepark is right for you. Another awesome feature of the Harrow skatepark is it has lights for night skating. Something seemingly more rare for skateparks not otherwise in the heart of a metropolis.

Walthamstow skatepark joins the host of amazing skate parks in the London area. Another spacious and big outdoor skatepark, Walthamstow skatepark has a street style layout, with its iconic blue quarter pipes outlining the park for great flow and consistency. Full of ledges, flat ground areas, mini ramps, and banks, a flourishing local skate scene makes this concrete skatepark a vital park of London’s skate community. While very skilled skateboarders are known to skate this skatepark, it is still generally considered beginner friendly – just make sure you go on the early side or during the beginner friendly hours.

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