31 Celebrities Who Skateboard

It’s no secret skateboarding’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past 3-5 years, which means more people are enjoying the sport of skateboarding – and that certainly includes celebrities.

In this article we’ll be covering both celebrities who skate and even some skateboarders who’ve become celebrities in their own right.

As your trusted source for everything skateboarding, GOSKATE brings you all the celebrity skateboarders you need to know about.

Whether they are 13-year old superstars making Olympic Skateboarding History, or celebrities stunting their skateboarding skills, we got all celebrity skateboarders here in one place for you to check out.

Celebrities Who Skate

Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne might be the most worthy celebrity on this list when it comes to his commitment to skateboarding.

After achieving critical acclaim for his music,

Lil’ Wayne found a new passion in skateboarding back in 2015.

Lil’ Wayne showcases skateboarders in the background on a half-pipe during his concerts and has even earned a spot as playable character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 video game.

Evan Mock


Evan Mock is the new star on Gossip Girl and has been a runway model for some of the fashion world’s biggest brands.

He currently rides for Welcome Skateboards between his career moves.

Dennis Schröder


Dennis Schröder is the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, but most people have no idea Dennis pursued professional skateboarding growing up.

He still skates to this day, doing kickflips and skating at Venice beach skatepark.

Lupe Fiasco


Lupe Fiasco is a world class musician but before his days of rocking the mic, Lupe was a skateboarder like many kids today.

His famous song, Kick Push, is a reference to the pedalling act of skating.

The song also goes into Lupe’s learning how to skate and things he experienced as a street skateboarder.

Pharell Williams


What many people might not know about Pharell WIlliams, is his deep respect for skateboarding and skate culture.

Pharell even produced Mikey Alfred’s latest film, North Hollywood, the first movie about becoming a pro skateboarder.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill found movie gold when he directed the Mid 90’s film, a film which he said ‘was the biography he wished he lived as a kid’.

As someone who discovered skating later in life, Jonah has spoken openly about his support of skaters and has even collabed with skate brands and skate videographers.

Rich the Kid


Rich the Kid is a name many of us older folks might not know.

But Rich the Kid is on every young person’s radar.

After giving a quick skateboard demo, Rich employed the impact skating has had on his life, and while even with huge success as an artist, he always finds time to skate.

Justin Bieber


This pop star really needs no introduction, nonetheless Justin Bieber is a proven skateboarder.

Just one quick google search will show you countless images and videos of Justin skateboarding, a love he fostered since he was a young boy.

Kanye West


Kanye West is certainly known for many things, but over the past few years photographs have surfaced of the superstar skateboarding in Calabasas California.

Already working with such brands like adidas, could we see a Kanye inspired skate shoe?

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus has always been able to capture our imaginations. But what sparks the flame for this superstar? Apparently skateboarding!

Here the pop star can be seen skateboarding and a tweet from July 2012 proves Miley has a deep love for skateboarding.



With so many talents, we should have guessed Stevo is a skateboarder.

But what we couldn’t have guessed is actually how good the actor comedian really is.

Steveo has even appeared on the 9 Club skate Podcast with Chris Roberts, a right of passage for any pro skater.

Johnny Knoxville


Johnny Knoxville has taken his fair share of slams on and off the skateboard.

But Johnny, much like the entire Jackass cast, grew up skating with his friends.

Heath Ledger

Before Heath Ledger’s tragic passing, the actor starred in Lords of DogTown, a film documenting the birth of skateboarding through California’s DogTown skateboarders.

Years later, Heath would continue learning how to skate, with this famous photo of him popping an ollie over Batman on the set of Dark Night.

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright – Matthew Mconaughey can literally do anything. Skateboarding being no exception.

Being a self proclaimed good-times enthusiast, it’s no wonder such photos of the actor skating with a smile exists.

Jaden Smith


Jaden Smith has always had his finger on the pulse of youth culture.

While there are plenty of photos of Jaden rocking Thrasher Magazine gear, there are even more of him actually skateboarding.

Dean Geyer


Dean Geyer catches everyone’s eye, but especially when he’s skateboarding in Santa Monica.

Once again we see another A-list actor riding a skateboard, proving how skateboarding is truly a healthy activity capable of being enjoyed by anyone.

Tyler The Creator


Tyler The Creator has captured the hearts and imagination of an entire youth generation, as one of today’s most innovative recording artists.

However, like many of the young kids today who will be watching the Olympics, Tyler grew up watching the X-Games and always skated since he was a little kid.

Jaoquin Phoenix


While the origin of his love with skateboarding is unknown, Joaquin Phoenix has been spotted skateboarding throughout New York City.

One can only guess the actor found skateboarding like the rest of us at a young age and continues to foster a love for it off camera.

Travis Barker


It should be no surprise the drummer of Blink 182 loves skateboarding.

With the band’s biggest hits featuring anti establishment culture and even skaters in their music videos, Blink 182 and Travis Barker are synonymous with skateboarding.

Jodie Foster


The Hollywood actress and Oscar winner landed (pun intended) some of her first roles as a skater girl after appearing in magazines riding a skateboard as young as 15.

A quick google search will prove to anyone this actor is the real deal.

Emile Hirsch


Emile Hirsch had the honor of playing one of skateboarding’s most illustrious figures in Jay Adams in the Lord of DogTown Movie.

While each actor received skateboarding lessons, Emile is said to have a natural ability and continues to skate till this day.

Ben Harper


Ben Harper as a musician has been listened to on every corner of the globe but what many of his fans might not know is he actually created a skateboarding company – Roller Horror.

He has also made several guitar-skateboards and can be seen on stage with his skateboard nearby during performances.

David Lee Roth


Arguably the most iconic celebrity on this list, David Lee Roth has one of the most iconic skateboarding photographs.

Hippie Jumping over a tennis net, David Lee Roth exudes the energy we’ve come to associate with his music.

His skating is no different.

Bam Margera


Bam might be the most obvious celebrity to include on a skateboard celebrity list.

But most people would be surprised to learn Bam Margera has sold more skateboards than any skater in history.

Yes, the Jackass star has outsold Tony Hawk 10 times over.

Sunny Suljic


Sunny Suljic landed the starring role in the hit movie Mid 90s, directed by Jonah Hill and produced by Mikey Alfred (two celebrities on this list).

Since then, this young ripper is one of the up and coming celebrity skateboarders.

Farrah Fawcett


Farrah Fawcett landed one of the most printed photographs in skateboarding history with her famous 70s photo pictured here.

Next to being most celebrated as one of Charlie’s Angels, this photo endures as skateboarding’s 70s California aesthetic.

Avril Lavigne


Okay, we know what you’re thinking – Avril Lavigne gave the world, “He was a Skater Boy.”

News flash, it was actually she was a skater girl. Makes sense to us!

Zac Efron


Serious question, what can’t Zac Efron do?

The movie star was spotted on set back in 2014 carrying a skateboard.

It is largely believed Zac skates in his free time between movies to this day.

Jason Lee


Jason Lee as a professional skateboarder had a starring role in Videos Days by Blind Skateboards.

Even as a young skate rat, Jason was always acting in front of the camera.

Rob Dyrdek


Rob Dyrdek, has three of his own T.V. Shows: Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, and now, Ridiculousness; but Rob had been entertaining skateboarding for years before any of his shows hit the air.

Mikey Alfred


Mikey Alfred is the founder of The First Teen Movie Studio, and helped create, write, produce and direct several films capturing skateboarding culture.

Mid 90’s, produced with director Jonah Hill, put Mikey on the map.

His newest project, North Hollywood, is the first movie about becoming a pro skateboarder.

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