25 Skateboarders Who Became Famous

Rob Dyrdek isn’t the only skateboarder to reach fame outside of skateboarding.

People with skateboard skills are already talented. It’s no wonder these skateboarders went on to become famous for other things.

Skateboarders are some of the most incredible people on the planet!

Let’s take a look at 25 examples of skateboarders who achieved great things outside of skating.

Take your pick! You’ll be a fan of all these skaters by the end of our list just like us.

Spike Jones


Spike never became a professional skater. He got his start as a skateboarding videographer. He is the pioneer of the fisheye lens.

After producing some of the best skate videos of all time, Spike Jones created music videos for bands like Weezer, Sonic Youth, Daft Punk.

More impressively, in 2013, his film Her, won him the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay!

Evan Mock


Evan Mock is a skate-surf guru who became a model and actor.

Evan left from skateboarding to a full-time showbiz career.

As the new star on Gossip Girl, Evan Mock may have quickly catapulted to the most famous skateboarder of all time, second to only Jason Lee. (see below)

Rachelle Vinberg


Rachelle Vinberg is the star of HBO’s new series, Betty.

This show captures a female skate crew in the essence of modern-day skateboarding.

While she has since become known on the screen, Rachelle first blew up for her skateboard skills.

Dennis Schröder


Dennis Schröder is an German-born NBA Player who’s played for such teams as the Los Angeles Lakers, OKC Thunder and Atlanta Hawks.

What most people don’t know is Dennis was a skateboarder growing up.

He still has a mean 180 backside kickflip to this day.

Nico Hiraga


Nico Hiraga is a skateboarder turned actor famous model.

Nico appeared in such films as Mid 90s and North Hollywood. He has modeled for such brands as Gucci, Prada and Guess.

Nyjah Huston


Nyjah Huston exploded on the skate scene after becoming the youngest gold medalist in X Games history, taking home the medal at age 16 in 2011.

Since then, Nyjah has gone on to be the winningest skateboarder in contest history. Nyjah wins trophy after trophy in every circuit imaginable.

Today, while training for the Olympics, Nyjah is endorsed by some of the biggest brands both inside and outside of skateboarding.

He has become a public figure appearing on broadcasts and shows throughout the World.

Tony Hawk


You might be thinking, we probably should have put Tony Hawk first on this list – and you’re probably right.

There is no skater more recognizable than Tony Hawk after the birdman put skateboarding on the national radar of every household in 1999.

During the Summer X-Games, Tony landed the infamous 900 we all remember him for.

Today, Tony is an ambassador for skating,

Tony continues to be a shining role model for the sport with endorsement deals with brands such as Subway, Bagel Bites, Pizza Roles, and of course, his famous video game franchise.

Sky Brown


This might be our most exciting feature on the list. Sky Brown is a 13-year old superstar, making her Olympic debut this year in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Sky is one of the fiercest competitors for her age. She is more than just a phenom, she’s a role model for young girls across the World.

While Sky is just getting started, we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in her career. Sky is a testament to what can happen when your child begins skate training at a young age.

The Youngest British Olympian ever has seen Worldwide publicity and sponsorships from many non-skateboarding companies.

Dylan Reider


What makes a skateboarder a celebrity? It begins with what they’ve accomplished on a skateboard but the question is answered by looking at how they did it.

Dylan Reider tragically passed away in 2016 after a battle with cancer, but he remains one of the most iconic and influential skateboarders of all time because of his style and fearless approach to cultural innovation.

He dated supermodels, partnered with high-end fashion brands, crafted a shoe line with no laces, and really just everything with his own vision.

He will always be celebrated and truly missed by skateboarders worldwide.

R.I.P. Dylan

Leticia Bufoni


Leticia is one of the few skateboarders worthy of single-name recognition.

Hailing from Brazil, Leticia has been one of the most documented female skaters since she began winning Street League and X games medals.

Leticia has also championed what women can do off the board, famously and sometimes controversially modeling in lingerie.

Now she prepares for her Olympic debut as one of the skaters most likely to win gold.

Atiba Jefferson


Atiba Jefferson, celebrity photographer, began his career as a skateboard photographer.

He has shot famous athletes and artists across major professions.

While he is still a staff photographer at the infamous Thrasher Magazine, Atiba has shot the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kobe Bryant, and Selena Gomez.

Atibais frequently seen on celebrities’ Instagrams attending parties and celebrity events.

Ryan Sheckler


Ryan Sheckler was the original prodigy skateboarder but his claim to fame skyrocketed after his reality television show Life of Ryan in 2007.

Ever since appearing on TV, Ryan is still one of the most famous skateboarders to this day, training for The Olympics and riding for Red Bull skate.

Paul Rodriguez


Son of the comedian Paul Rodriguez Sr. Paul Rodriguez Jr., or P-Rod as the skate world knows him, has always been in the skate limelight.

However, Paul has ventured out as one of the few skaters with a premier agent, landing him spots in commercials and television shows over the years.

So far, Paul has produced and acted in The Curse of la Llorona (2019), Street Dreams (2009) and Vicious Circle (2009).

Paul Rodriguez continues to be a household name for many who have never stepped foot on a board.

Tony Alva


If you know anything about skateboarding, you know the name Tony Alva.

While Tony isn’t the only famous Tony is skateboarding, the backyard pool ripper is the Godfather of DogTown and an enduring symbol of 70s skate culture in Southern California.

If you love the 70s So-Cal era, you know Tony Alva.

Mike Vallely


Mike Vallely is the most interesting man in skateboarding and it’s not just for what he’s done on the board. He is also an actor.

Mike has appeared in several blockbuster films both as himself and a stunt double.

Some films of which include, xXx (2002), The Hangover (2009) and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009).

Shaun White

Shaun White is one of those people who can do it all.

He’s won X-Games Gold Medals both as a skateboarder and a snowboarder, but most people recognize him from his iconic hair.

Shaun might be the skater with the most brand endorsements, appearing on commercials from Mountain Dew to deodorant.

Jay Adams

There’s only a handful of skaters who could ever come close to the style Jay Adams had.

His name became mainstream after the Lord Of DogTown Movie. Jay is the famous skater portrayed by Emile Hirsch.

Skateboarding has long cherished thanks to his iconic skate photos.

Steve Berra

While Steve Berra endures as one of the most polarizing skateboarders, the marketing guru and founder of The Berrics, maintains an unyielding popularity both inside and outside of skateboarding.

Berra has directed several films and has dated several Hollywood movie stars.


Maybe we should have listed the entire Jackass cast, but Steve-o is a full-fledged skateboarder turned actor and comedian.

Steve-o is the star of Jackass.

He is also the star of Jackass, The Movie.

Even decades after first stepping on a skateboard, Steve-o always finds time to skate amidst his global comedy tour.

Johnny Knoxville

While Johnny Knoxville is synonymous with Bam, Stevo and a few others on this list, most people don’t know the action stunts man turned legit hollywood movie star, was actually a skate rat in his younger years.

Then again, we saw him perform skate stunts in Jackass.

Jason Lee


Before he was a famous Hollywood actor with his own television show, Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder.

Jason rode for the legendary Blind Skateboards.

He appeared in one of the most iconic skateboarding films ever made, Video Days,

Jason was always known for his on-camera personality, prophetically showing signs of Jason’s future acting career.

While Jason Lee the skater was most known for his ginormous kickflips, we most know him today for his comedy show, My Name is Earl.

Winning him –

Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male – 1999.

Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Cast Performance – 2001.

Rob Dyrdek


Rob Dyrdek, much like Jason Lee, may have eclipsed his accomplishments off a skateboard than on one. Either way, Rob was a force in skating with professional standing on some of skating’s most iconic companies.

Rob is Pro for D.C. Shoes, Alien Workshop, and starred in three of his own T.V. Shows: Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, and now, Ridiculousness.

Rob has certainly made a name for himself in both skating and entertainment.

Most notably, Rob helped create Street League Skateboarding, the number one skateboarding competition circuit on the planet which has earned skaters upwards of $200,000.

Rob also gives back to skateboarding through his non-profit the Dyrdek/ Street League Foundation. This organization funds the development of new public skateparks.

Mikey Alfred


While Mikey Alfred might not be a name you know off the top of your head, your teenage son or daughter certainly does.

As the founder of The First Teen Movie Studio, Mikey Alfred has helped create, write, produce and direct two movies celebrated for their authentic capturing of skateboarding culture.

Mid 90’s, produced alongside director Jonah Hill, was a huge success with A24 films. His next project, North Hollywood, is heralded as the first movie about becoming a pro skateboarder.

On top of his film projects, Mikey created a clothing brand Illegal Civilization, which showcases the creative prowess of young people today.

Bam Margera


Bam might be the most obvious skater to include on a now famous list.

Bam Margera has sold more skateboards than any skater in history.

Yes, the Jackass star has outsold Tony Hawk 10 times over and this is largely due to his success on television.

Sunny Suljic


Sunny Suljic landed the starring role in the hit movie Mid 90s, directed by Jonah Hill and produced by Mikey Alfred (two celebrities on this list).

Since then, this young ripper is one of the up and coming celebrity skateboarders.

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