10 Best Complete Skateboards [Online] for 2024

Your child’s interest in skateboarding is fantastic, and you’re taking the right steps to support their growth and confidence.

Skateboarding isn’t just fun; it’s also incredibly beneficial for kids of all ages. It helps them develop physically and boosts their self-esteem.

At GOSKATE, we’ve seen countless kids start with their first lesson and quickly fall in love with skateboarding. It’s an activity that makes them healthier and more confident individuals.

Now, as a parent, you might be wondering about the best skateboard for your child, especially in 2024 when we’re all looking to spend more time outdoors and save some money.

Here are just some of the main questions parents have for our instructors:

  • What are the Different Types of Skateboards?
  • Should I buy a Complete Skateboard or each Component Individually?
  • What’s the Difference Between a Beginner Skateboard and an Experienced Skateboard?
  • [Bonus] What do Skaters Recommend?

We’ll quickly answer these questions and then provide you with a robust listicle of our 10 Best Skateboards for Your Kid – sourced, proven and tested from our 3,000+ skateboarding instructors.

While many of the other articles on this subject are really just amazon affiliates in sheep’s clothing looking to reel you in, we’re actual skateboarders and actual skateboarding instructors who all remember when our parents brought home our first skateboard.

The right one… and the wrong one.

So let’s get into it.

What are the Different Types of Skateboards?

This is a great question. Many parent’s will be surprised to learn there are a plethora of skateboard types to choose from that are quite different. While we’ve compile a complete guide to understanding the different types of skateboards, they are basically two major groups:

Skateboards built for cruising –

And skateboards built for performing skateboard tricks.

Between these two groups there exists different sizes, different shapes and different goals for what the skateboarder can accomplish on the board and what obstacles they can skate.

That’s a big deal when it comes to choosing the right skateboard for your kid and sometimes they have no idea what they want.

(This article will help with that.)

Skateboards built for cruising:

  • Longboards
  • Penny Boards
  • Cruiser Skateboards
  • Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Skateboards built for Skate Tricks:

  • Normal ‘Short’ Skateboards
  • Mini Skateboards

While most skateboards will be made of 7-ply canadian maple wood, others will be made of plastic and omit grip tape altogether. So depending on if your child is a certain years old or wants to eventually skate at a skatepark, you’ll have to consider which board is really right for them.

Don’t worry, we’re going to feature each type of skateboard in our listicle to guarantee your child has a safe, sturdy and smooth ride.

But also, keep reading to find out exactly which boards are best suited for which skateboard goals your child might have.

Should I buy a Complete Skateboard or each Component Individually?

While there are some advantages to buying each component individually, we recommend you buy a complete skateboard for your child’s first skateboard. As you will read, completes generally come at a lower cost and many skate shops will have specially designated beginner completes to get your child rolling in the right direction.

But wait, what’s a complete?

A ‘complete skateboard’ means you buy all the components of a skateboard together without an assembly needed. Many parents might be surprised to learn all the different components of a skateboard and how each component has a plethora of brands and types to consider.

Here is just a quick list of the skate components included in a complete skateboard:

  • Canadian Maple Deck or Plastic Deck
  • Aluminum Trucks
  • Bushings
  • Abec Bearings
  • Skate Wheels or Longboard Wheels
  • Hardware
  • Grip Tape

Generally online or in a skate shop, many skateboards will be listed as complete skateboards ready for you to buy. While your child hones their skills and passion for skating, eventually they will want to customize their skate components based on their goals and what they enjoy skating.

Also certain components have a shorter “skate-life” than others.

A skateboard deck might only last a few weeks, whereas skate trucks can last several years depending on the skater.

Additionally, skate shops will often offer high quality complete skateboards specifically designed as beginner skateboards at a discounted rate. You should also check online for sales or clearances to save a few bucks.

However, as your child fosters their love for skateboarding, don’t be surprised if they fall in love with a pro skater or a particular brand and want to exclusively buy their product. It’s all a part of the fun!

What's the Difference Between a Beginner Skateboard and an Experienced Skateboard?

In many ways buying your child’s first skateboard is like buying your child’s first car. You want something that is proven to be safe, reliable and sturdy and eventually down the line when they grow into their own, they can opt for the all wheel drive off roader, Sunday cruiser or sports car.

Do you get what we’re trying to say?

Basically, your kid’s first skateboard will be the best skateboard for them if the skateboard abides by a few simple rules of thumb:

Such as, if your child wants to learn tricks and skate skateparks, then a longboard or cruiser won’t be for them. Additionally, if your child is 10 years old, versus let’s say 5 years old, then you wouldn’t want to get them a mini skateboard.

All in all, an experienced skateboard is one that has been customized to fit your child’s needs and generally is something they picked out after learning which skateboard sizes, which types of skate tricks they want to do, and on what obstacles.

Additionally, skateboards come in many colors with different customization options. So a good rule of thumb is after you pick out what type of skateboard is right for them, have them choose what they like the look of. Because whatever gets them excited about skateboarding (on top of keeping them safe) is always the best choice.

10 Best Skateboards for Your Kid

In this list you’ll find everything from $20 retail skateboards to full completes from companies with over 3 decades of skate heritage.

We’ve included product specifics, descriptions in reference to skater sourced knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Now let’s get to it.

skateboards GOSKATE Beginner Skateboard Package

At GOSKATE, we’ve sourced from over 3,000 instructors the information and experience they’ve garnered from teaching thousands of kids. With all that expertise, we’re excited to announce our GOSKATE Beginner Skateboard Package starting at just $129.

Now you can order a fully assembled, 100% custom skateboard for your child specifically sized for ages 6 – 15+ years old. We guarantee our GOSKATE Beginner Skateboards will help your child master the foundations of skateboarding and be well on their way to popping their first ollie.

Additionally, we want your children to be as safe as possible. That’s why our GOSKATE Beginner Skateboard Package has an additional option that comes with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards on-top of your ready to ride fully assembled complete skateboard. A $250+ value at just $184 with GOSKATE.

We customize the skateboard to your child’s height and size with free stickers and free shipping with every order. We have four sizes:

7″ for VERY SMALL, recommend for kids 5 and under

7.25” for SMALL, recommended for children from 5 to 7 years old.

7.5” for MEDIUM, recommended for children 7 to 15 years old.

7.75” for LARGE, recommended for children 15 years olf and older.

Find out more here or click this link to view our GOSKATE products throughout 2023.

Let’s just say, we have some pretty big plans… Oh and some big savings for you!

skateboards SkateXS Purple Panda Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids

This might be the only skateboard on this list that specifically markets itself for kids. Everything from the board graphics to the wheel colors and grip tape colors are specifically tailored to what a child might find appealing. So if you’re a parent turned off by the mature nature of some skateboard graphics, SkateXS is a great place to start.

With premium quality products comes premium prices. So don’t be surprised these customizable skateboards are over $100. That being said, with the choices they offer of colored wheels, grippe, graphics, and at the time of this article, a free SkateXS T-Shirt, the deal proves itself as a springboard to being skate park ready.

What might be most impressive, is the website has over 560 reviews for this product and boasts a 5/5 Star rating. Even though the webpage doesn’t list certain specifics about the product, that’s an incredible testament to the SkateXS purple Panda Beginner Complete Skateboard.

skateboards The Heart Supply Pro 31.5" Complete Skateboard - Jagger Eaton from Target [Online]

This complete skateboard is a testament to how far big retail boards have come. In the not so distant past, Walmart Boards were known for being the first skateboard many skaters were gifted. But they were always considered less than the “real skateboards” from actual skateboard companies.

What the Heart Supply Pro Board has done is revolutionary. They’ve partnered with an actual Pro Skater, Jagger Eaton, for a fresh complete skateboard ready to ride.

The shape is a concave maple wood deck with 7-ply maple blend construction complete with aluminum heart brand trucks and 53mm Heart brand urethane wheels. The length is 31.5″ with a wheelbase of 14″ and a max weight of 220 pounds. The board weighs 4.74 pounds and is suggested for kids 8 years and up.

What’s really cool about this complete is you can also scan the QR code to hear tips from the Heart Supply Team on how to land your first ollie. Pretty rad stuff!

skateboards PENNY BOARD Burnt Olive 22" Online Exclusive by Tillys

Penny Boards are some of skateboarding’s most infamous skateboards. In many ways, Penny Boards are a great introductory board for any aspiring skateboarder. But there are a few things you should know about your skate goals and safety before purchasing.

First off, a Penny Board is meant for transportation skating, not trick skating. Therefore, it is not skatepark friendly. It’s a great cruiser board to get your loved one from point A to point B and the small size of only 22 inches makes it a great intro size to skateboards. But the board also is made of plastic and does not have grip tape, so while these factors give the Penny Board unique qualities, it might leave certain people unsatisfied.

That being said, this particular Penny Board has great reviews and can be bought exclusively online by Tillys. The board also comes with premium Abec 7 bearings, aluminum powder-coated trucks and 59mm polyurethane wheels.

skateboards 1080 Starter Series Skateboard from Big 5 [Online]

The proof is in the name, this complete skateboard offered by Big 5 is clearly an introductory skateboard for gauging your child’s interest in skating. So while it might not be made of the most high quality parts, it’s an economic alternative to shelling out $200 at a skate shop for a custom complete your child might never touch again.

Hopefully they meet with a great skate mentor to help light the fire. But nonetheless some kids might not be attracted to skating right away. This 1080 Starter Series can put their toe in the water and still be made well enough to sit in the garage until they’re inspired to skate.

A 31″ by 8″ 9-ply maple, pro concave double kickball skateboard with 80ab grip tape with 53mm injected urethane wheels. Abec 3 bearings are nothing to write home about but at the time of this article, a complete skateboard for only $20 (on sale) is something all parents should consider for their child in 2023.

skateboards Darkstar DS40 Skateboard from Walmart [Online]

So many pro skaters have gotten their first skateboard from Walmart, it’s actually a well known skate term: “Walmart board.” And there’s a good reason for this.

In many of the more remote places in the US, there might not be a skate shop in the neighborhood. But generally, there certainly is a Walmart. So for many youngsters this is their first exposure to a skateboard.

And in 2023, Walmart skateboards have come a long way.

Darkstar is a REAL skateboard company with pro skaters and graphic artists, so these skate decks are guaranteed to be higher quality than most. The company itself was founded by Pro Skater Chet Thomas in 1997 and benefits from two decades of skate heritage.

These Darkstar skateboards are made from 31″ x 7.5″ 7 Ply mixed Maple double tail skateboards, come with 54mm injected polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC 5 bearings. Walmart also allows for you to choose between 6 graphics all at the same price of $35.43. So for $40 your child gets a complete skateboard ready to ride from a proven skate company with rad graphics to choose from.

skateboards Santa Cruz Screaming Hand 7.75 Soft Wheels Complete Skateboard from TACTICS Online Boardshop

Once again we find a skateboard brand with decades of skate heritage under their belt, offering a complete skateboard for you to purchase online. Santa Cruz, one of the most trusted brands in skateboarding, has their iconic screaming hand logo on a skateboard ready to ride from TACTICS online board shop.

The complete skateboard boasts the traditional seven layers of traditional ply from maple wood with Bullet 130mm Trucks and the classic Santa Cruz slime ball 52mm 83a Wheels. Perhaps the only disappointing feature of this skateboard is the ABEC 3 bearings, although durable, they are the lowest in their class. With Santa Cruz and TACTICS detailing the soft wheels, they encourage beginners or skaters still mastering the basics to enjoy a smoother ride with less chatter.

With the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand complete skateboard, the reviews are in. 4.7 out of 5 is quite a high rating and with free 2-day shipping from TACTICS, we see this as a great addition to our list.

Want to see if this skateboard size is right for you?

Check out our Free Skateboard Size Calculator!

skateboards Element RISE and SHINE Skateboard Complete from The House

Once again we see another complete skateboard from a trusted skateboard company, Element Skateboards. What’s really impressive about this skateboard is the price point. At the time of this article, this complete skateboard can be purchased for just $69.95, whereas an Element Skateboards deck (just the wooden deck) can retail for $50-$60 in a skate shop.

Another radical feature of the Element RISE and SHINE Skateboard Complete from The House is the option to skate a 7.75″ or a size 8″ deck. While there are several boards on this list which are 7.75″ or 8″, not many of them give you the option to choose, which is pretty nice when you’re unsure of which board to buy.

skateboards Mini Logo Birch Skateboard Assembly Pattern Completes

We wanted to include a mini skateboard on this list, as many of our younger students have benefitted from skating a mini skateboard. And what better brand than Mini Logo, a company dedicated for several decades now to provide the premier mini skateboards for kids and young adults. The drawback from a mini skateboard is your kid might have a growth spurt sooner than you think, so we recommend this board for kids under the age of 8.

However, the Mini Logo website allows for custom options with wheel size, truck size, concave, and even wheel hardness. They offer you a high quality skateboard with decades of technical experience to provide your child with a mini skateboard ready for the skatepark.

Just under $100, you pay for the premium quality of these Mini Logo skateboards.

skateboards Micro Sage Cruiser by Magneto Skateboards

While the majority of our students come to us because they want to one day learn how to do skateboarding tricks, there are many who also want to master riding a skateboard for transportation reasons. After all, skating with friends and family is a great way to introduce young people to the joys of riding around on four wheels. And that doesn’t mean you have to jump down stairs or do kickflips.

This mini cruiser skateboard from Magneto is a great locker sized skateboard at 22″ in length and 6″ in width. Made from a durable 7 ply maple deck and 3″ aluminum trucks, Magneto is known for their high quality and high performing skateboards. With the Abec 5 bearings as well, you’re in for a smooth and fast ride. Oh, the price point (at the time of this article) for only $40 isn’t bad either!

Want to learn more about Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is one of the most rewarding activities for young people and adults alike. But it can sometimes be hard to get off on the right foot. Even knowing your stance or which size skateboard is right for you can be a challenge. That’s precisely why we exist. To provide you the necessary tools and knowledge to GOSKATE!

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