Awesome Skateboard Deck Collaborations in Skateboarding

We all love to mix things in one way or another. It keeps things fresh, interesting and exciting! Wether it be non skate related brands we like or other things such as,comic books, movies, television, you name it! The following are four of the coolest current skateboard deck collaborations going on right now in the industry. All are officially licensed and utilize some of the biggest properties in the world. Now although skateboard are meant to be shredded on and technically destroyed sometimes you see a skateboard graphic so cool that you can’t help but want to buy it just to hang it. You may want to give one of these a cherished hang up or shrine space in your home much like a piece of art. That or maybe it features one of your favorite characters of pop culture properties of all time! Either way behold this top 4 list in no particular order.

The first board on this list is also the only one that is of a different shape than the rest. And it is also perhaps one of the more surprising and unique collaborations to date. San Fransisco artist Benny Gold is not only a well respected artist but runs a world renown store as well. He collaborated with Miller Lite to do a limited edition series of cruiser shaped pool boards all featuring an elegant background pattern immersed around a shiny gold color hue. The graphic is simple it won’t get cut off from the trucks and its one of those boards that you just want to shred on the moment you see it. To check out Benny Golds official website CLICK HERE

Perhaps the greatest graphic novel ever written of all time got its very own skateboard deck alongside one of the greatest most legendary skateboarders of all time! This Dark Knight Returns Daewon Song pro model deck is definitely a wall hanger for sure especially if you can get it signed by Daewon himself or perhaps Frank Miller the man behind Batmans epic story of the Dark Knight series. Almost skateboards has a bunch of amazing DC COMICS licensed decks that you can choose from and believe me they have a wide variety both heroes and villains! This Batman Dark Knight Returns deck in particular features a wood burned / engraved DC comics logo which is a super nice quality touch to the board alongside the bottom half graphic and grain upper. It really gives this board a fine quality to it makes it feel like a true collectible. You can find this and more Almost X DC Comics decks by CLICKING HERE

3. SIX STARZ SKATEBOARDS X PANDA KHAN (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Perhaps the most radically,tubular, and awesome deck on the list is one of a character that was created from the same world that brought us the words radically,tubular, and awesome to begin with. Panda Khan is a fellow ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and anyone who remembers having some of the TMNT toys from the 80’s and early 90’s will definitely remember his action figure! The Six Starz skateboard above features him in a versus battle across his ancient worlds cityscape. Cool color scheme great board shape, nostalgia, and a full revitalization of this character make it a must to have! And to top it off Dave Garcia the creator of Panda Khan and early TMNT cartoonist is a huge fan of skateboarding and skateboarders in general he absolutely loves our culture and is a giant fan of it all. Also Six Starz Skateboards donates a portion of the profit from this boards sales towards various charities to give back and provide food for various food banks for the homeless and less fortunate in the United States! You can get the board by CLICKING HERE

Santa Cruz Skateboards and Star Wars make a beautiful pairing. The collaboration between the two has been happening for quite some time now and most memorable would be the boards that they had which came out packed inside of giant blister cards just like action figures! Super cool concept and not to mention that they also have become quite the collector item and go for quite some money now if you happened to get one back when the first came out! Today the saga continues with their new line featuring the latest Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”. As seen above you have the Rey Deck or as I call it the “Rey Speeder” board. Its very cool and also features a wonderful image of Rey walking off into the desert sunset with BB8. It honors two classic scenes that we are familiar with in the movie that take place on the planet of Jakku. The whole line is amazing and your sure to find a specific Star Wars related board to your liking via their website they got all the bases covered! CLICK HERE