Certification Training, Page 7.

Intermediate and Advanced Instruction

Intermediate and advanced tricks should be taught witht different expectation than beginner tricks. They are often more complicated to instruct and to learn. The time it takes to learn one of these tricks is often longer so don’t rush it.


Focus on two steps of the ollie.
-Step one. Pop the tail. The tail needs to hit the ground. The louder the sound of the pop, the higher the board will go.
-Step two. Slide the front foot forward. Loosen the ankle and drag it towards the center of the nose with power and control.

Next, focus on timing. Many beginner skaters will try to do both step 1 and 2 at nearly the same time. Explain to them the importance of delay.

If a student is having trouble, have them only work on touching the tail of the board to the ground. Do this 25 times. Once comfortable, add step 2.

More info- Video explaining step 1 and 2

Kickflip / Heelflip

Before someone can begin to learn how to kickflip or heelflip, they first need to know how to ollie 4-6″. Once they have mastered the power and control of the board, they have gotten the feel of a landing on the board after a high jump. It will not be possible to teach them a kickflip if they are only used to jumping 2-3″ inches off of the ground.

More info- Video explaining the kickflip

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