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Being Descriptive

Being descriptive and exact- use as many describing words as possible. 

Focus on what they should do with each major body part

"Bend your knees"

It will keep them closer to the ground. Falls will not hurt as much. Bent knees are easier to absorb bumps, cracks, or changes in ground levels.

"Keep your feet apart"

Don’t let their feet get too close together. They need a solid foundation stance to keep them balanced.

"Keep your arms out"

This will help with their balance. It will also help them break a fall.
-Have the student always be looking where they are going.
-Always practice to fakie before practicing turns.

"Look where you are going not straight down"

This is especially important when riding ramps. You should hold onto their shoulders or hands to prevent them from falling. You always want to stay within falling distance of your student.

"Look over your shoulder"

This is important advice when teaching a student to turn the board. When learning how to turn frontside (the blindsided way) it is the most crucial piece of advice for both flatground and ramp turning instruction.

Do NOT let them jump ahead of their ability.

If they have never gone down a ramp before, have them start on the smallest one. This should be three feet or less in height.

Stay within falling distance of the student at all times.