Certification Training, Page 4.

Teaching Environment

Minimize Risk

Use a smooth and flat area with beginner obstacles.

Approved locations

If a student wants to change the location of a lessons to their home driveway or a skate park you are unfamiliar with, make sure the location is safe.

What Makes a Good Location

1. Flat Ground No Slope Even a small slope can create a lot of balancing trouble for a beginner skater.
2. Smooth ground.
3. Quiet and Safe – Free of foot or car traffic.
4. Ramps or obstacles equivalent to the skater’s level.

Pro Instruction Tips

1. Give 100% of your attention to your student. Do NOT skate other than to show the student what to do. It is NOT okay to skate, even when your student is practicing something he has already landed.

2. Do NOT let them jump ahead of their ability.

3. If they have never gone down a ramp before, have them start on the smallest one. NOT the largest.

4. Stay within falling distance of the student at all times.