Congratulations on being hired as a instructor!

We are committed to helping you learn how make the best possible lessons. We have created the following video and quiz to help you.

Welcome Video for Instructors

Rob Dunfey, owner of, shows you how the process works and gives you tips and tricks for your lesson.

Training Table of Contents

1. Safety FIRST! Go over parts of a board. Check out their set-up
2. Order of Teaching
3. Safe Learning Environments
4. Ramps
5. Being Descriptive
6. Intermediate and Advanced Instruction

Order of Teaching

  • Safety FIRST! Go over parts of a board Check out their set-up
  • Find out if they are goofy or regular stance
  • Teach them proper foot placement
  • Teach them how to balance and where to put their weight while pushing
  • Frontside and backside turns stationary
  • Turns while moving
  • Tic Tacs ( flatground then over cracks then up curbs)
  • Tic Tacs while walking forward(crab walk)
  • Have them feel the transition of a small ramp
  • Pumping on transition
  • Turning on Transition
  • Fakie 180 turns
  • Teach them to Ollie in grass first