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The wonderful world of Youtubes Professional Skateboarders!

The influence of skateboarding youtubers is undeniable. There is this strange unspoken thing where as influential as skateboard vloggers are they are essentially not spoken or acknowledged in the “core” skateboard market or magazines. The “youtube” skateboarding professional has become a reality and oddly enough become its own category in our industry. What does it…

5 Surprising Facts About Pros You Know

by Ruben Najera If Skateboarding is everything then what comes second? We all come to a point in our skateboarding when we get hurt, sidelined or just plain need a small break. Its normal. It may not be for very long, but have you ever wondered what some of our industries most recognizable pros do…

Top 6 Gnarliest Hill Bombs!

by Ruben Najera Nuge bombing the fifth steepest street in AmericaBomb hills not countries! Thats a phrase I remember hearing or seeing somewhere at some point in time on some skate related product and I always thought it was awesome. By now many of you should have seen Don the “Nuge” Nguyen recent hill bombed…

Top 5 Hollywood Movies About Skateboarding

Skateboarding has such a big cultural influence, and there are so many skateboarding competitions out there. A skateboarder is a very unique and interesting person living an adrenaline filled life. Unlike some other sports though, this one has not received many movie attributions over the years. There are not so many skateboarding-themed movies out there…


Skateboarding is forever. There is no denying the impact that a piece of wood with wheels on it leaves us. And this doesn’t just go for us that skateboard each and everyday, but for those as well who “used” to skate. Even those who once skated have a changed visual perspective of the world around…


As seen on the cover of the January 2016 Thrasher magazine, the largest set of stairs ever ollied in history is in the books. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has conquered the Lyon 25 stair in France. And yes, we mean the one that Ali Boulala attempted in the Flip video. I have a vivid memory of…

Top 4 Skateboarding Songs

Music and Skateboarding go hand in hand. With the latest sad and shocking news of David Bowies passing I came to a realization that my memories of his music would give me flashbacks of the legendary skate video parts of past. He did more for skateboarding than he ever probably knew. For many skaters a…

Drunk mother tries to drop in at a skatepark (while wearing flip flops)


It’s the suspense that kills us.

She’s not wearing a helmet, she’s wearing sandals and she may have had a few drinks.

Usually mothers are trying to tell their kids to wear helmets and not skate…
But this lady honestly believes she can skate.

”˜Don’t do it mum,’  comes from the crowd (though we’re not sure if that actually is from her child).

But she does”¦ after a little speech.

”˜I’m gonna let y’all know that I will bust my ass”¦ and I have flip flops on,’ she says.

”˜Don’t put this sh*t on YouTube either.’


You will probably watch the video more than once.

We did.

Did you like? Let us know in the comments below!



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GoSkate.com to Offer Free Skateboard Lessons

Skateboarder-wannabes will be happy to hear about the first-annual Free Skate Lesson Week. During this week, students can take free skateboard lessons nationwide at nearly all public skateparks from January 2-9th, 2016. Check out the video below: Where: Nationwide When: Jan. 2-9, 2016 What: Free 1 hour Skateboard Lessons Who: For All-levels by Certified Go…