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The wonderful world of Youtubes Professional Skateboarders!

The influence of skateboarding youtubers is undeniable. There is this strange unspoken thing where as influential as skateboard vloggers are they are essentially not spoken or acknowledged in the “core” skateboard market or magazines. The “youtube” skateboarding professional has become a reality and oddly enough become its own category in our industry. What does it truly mean to be a professional skateboarder? Most professional skateboarders have trouble enough selling through their product period with sponsors so if a famous youtuber with millions or hundreds of thousands of followers has products selling out left and right to the point that their sales surpass entire “core” branded teams does this not make them a valid pro skateboarders? Of course it does! I have alot of respect for the hard work that todays skateboarding youtubers put into their channels. There is alot of hard work involved and I totally feel they deserve to have a spot in our industry. Nowadays everyone is good at skateboarding. The difference is the hard work and that extra effort that someone puts into pushing their careers or their skateboarding in general.  Its quite impressive when you step back and analyze how many followers the top skateboarding youtubers have versus some of the largest skate brands in the industry. It goes to show the influence an power a single skater can have next to a mega brand. Here are just a few of the top Skateboarding Youtubers and their reach.

  1. Braille skateboarding (Aaron Kyro)
    3.1 Million subscribers

2. Andy Schrock
1.7 Million subscribers

3. Chris Chann
932k subscribers
This video isnt a video part but its a gnarly grind across the Los Angeles River super gnarly!

5 Surprising Facts About Pros You Know

by Ruben Najera

If Skateboarding is everything then what comes second?

We all come to a point in our skateboarding when we get hurt, sidelined or just plain need a small break. Its normal.


It may not be for very long, but have you ever wondered what some of our industries most recognizable pros do as a side hobby other than skateboard? Here are 5 professional skateboarders with some side ventures or hobbies you may or may not have known about.

5 Surprising Side Hobbies of Top Pros

Don’t worry. They’re not cheating. 🙂

5. Chris Cole is a Pretty Gnarly BMX Rider

Yes you read that correctly above BMX. Chris Cole is actually a pretty gnarly BMX rider and is close with the Cult Crew he can full on do 360’s and everything. This is a surprise and not a surprise at the same time, because he is a skilled and technical skater so you would think that almost anything else he would master. I wouldn’t be surprised if you handed him a scooter and he would seriously do some groundbreaking tricks on it. He can probably pick up anything that easily no joke. I am just glad he holds skateboarding near and dear to his heart as his #1 though.

I would never want to loose Chris Cole the Skateboarder he’s one of the greats! Always been a fan since day one.

4.Eric Koston is a Competitive Golfer

Your pretty on point if you ever thought Eric Koston’s pro Nike SB shoes looked like golf shoes. This was actually intentional since he’s a huge fan and participant of golf. In the video below, you can catch some of his skills on the green turf.

Now although golf is less adrenaline of a sport than skateboarding, it’s not to say its not “difficult”. Sometimes it looks downright just as frustrating to try and get the ball anywhere remotely near the hole to be honest.

I can see where the challenge is within golf and while it may not be most skateboarders alternate to skateboarding. We can all agree miniature golf is pretty fun, right?

3. Steve Caballero Kills it in Motocross

Steve actually has numerous side hobbies next to skateboarding. Everything from collecting action figures to drawing and painting amazing works of art. Steve is a man of many talents and is just as classic as his Vans Half Cabs. For a legend and man that has been in our skateboard industry for decades now many would be surprised to know that he is also a big time motorcycle enthusiast.

Steve loves to race motocross and actually founded “Skatercross” with another legendary skateboarder Salman Agah. They invite numerous other skateboard pros who share the same common interest to race in an all skate/motorcross race for gold! Its pretty awesome!

2. Ed Templeton is an Award-Winning Artist

This is probably the least surprising one on this list, because we all know Ed is an incredible artist. We just had to mention him. He has a unique, instantly recognizable style to his paintings and drawings. He is also known for his photography, but I was always more drawn to his art. I always felt it would fall perfectly into place of like an adult swim cartoon.

If you have seen any of the past Toy Machine videos, you are aware of his animations of his characters. How cool would it be to see a cartoon of the sect character or turtle boy? Come on Ed lets see it happen the worlds first skateboard cartoon show. It would be amazing and you got the skills and awesome ideas dude!

1. Ray Barbee is a Talented Guitarist

Still one of the best Heelflips in the game, in my opinion, and boy can Ray play a mean guitar! Seriously, I first heard one of his songs in a 411video magazine. I believe Kenny Anderson was skateboarding to it. I was so impressed when I found out it was Ray Barbee. In fact, I was more than impressed I was inspired and started to try and make music of my own.

Like why the heck not make your own music for your skateboard videos?

Ray is a man of many talents, if you didn’t know before, now you know check his guitar shredding below and prepare to be blown away.

Top 6 Gnarliest Hill Bombs!

by Ruben Najera


Nuge bombing the fifth steepest street in America

Bomb hills not countries! Thats a phrase I remember hearing or seeing somewhere at some point in time on some skate related product and I always thought it was awesome. By now many of you should have seen Don the “Nuge” Nguyen recent hill bombed the fifth steepest street hills in America. The hill is in Los Angeles. If you have not I will provide the link below. For those unaware “Nuge” is also the first person to ollie the El Toro 20 stair so he’s no stranger to setting gnarly standards.

How to Bomb a Hill
Bombing a hill is no joke and it can be straight up devastating or even life threatening if things were to go wrong. Whether it be getting speed wobbles on the way down and slamming or worse getting hit by a car at an intersection because you can’t even see them coming nor are they looking out for you. It is a dangerous balance of disaster to juggle with and all while going so fast that worrying about staying on the board is the primary objective and everything else that’s to come in front of you becomes secondary whilst the few milliseconds of adrenaline and focus.

Top 6 Gnarliest Hill Bombs
Below are not the top six hill bombs of all time but more like 5 notable hill bombs that come right to mind for me.
What is your definitive favorite greatest hill bomb of all time to watch? Who holds that title in your eyes? Also bombing hills is super dangerous and in no way are we trying to amp you up to ride down anything like these dudes. You can straight up just live vicariously through watching these speed demons fly by your screen at 40 miles per hour. They are professionals and have had their fair share of years of experience skateboarding in general before they even attempted any of this. Also on a side note I won’t be counting longboard hill bombs these are pure gnarly true skateboard hill bombs! Essentially boards that are not meant to go down something that fast!

6. Anonymous, Massive Cement Hill
Okay this first hill bomb left me wondering where the heck this spot is? Its a trip to be honest with you I mean this is a massive cement hill I’m not even sure what it is completely but it must have been an absolute pain pouring that much asphalt or cement into the ground to create it. This dude nearly disappears on screen the size of an ant and truly shows the sheer mass of this hill. I won’t spoil the end but some of you might be able to guess it. Either way props to him for sticking with it. And if anyone knows where this is in the world let us know!

5. Thrasher, Need for Speed, Richard Bowen (1:35)
This next video is a full montage via Thrasher. They had an actual hill bomb contest and these were individuals that submitted there quite a few in the video but my personal favorite is Richard Bowen at 1:35 of the video because of the near catastrophic fall you think he’s about to have its so gnarly how he recovers at the last millisecond!

4. Next is Jon Allie in the New Blood video!
Now in the video this might not look as gnarly as you’d expect but B Street in Downtown San Diego is gnarly believe me! And bombing it switch is no walk in the park its absolutely mind boggling. This hill has so many potholes and giant cracks throughout its downhill descent that you could be deterred from trying it just walking up it seeing what your going to have to deal with on the way down.

3. Frank Gerwer is a San Fransisco skateboarding legend!
He has always been one of my favorites to watch skate and this hill bomb is epic! I absolutely love his reaction at the end of his hill bomb because the first time I watched it I swear I said the exact same words in synchronization with him as he said them it gave me goosebumps “holy shit”

2. Emmanuel Guzman
Wow is all I can say on this next video! Emmanuel Guzman is a beast he tackled this hill like a champ you can see the sheer and viscous speed that he battles through blazing by the camera its absolutely mind blowing. Its the kind of speed that you would need a windshield to deter insects dying on impact upon your flesh its THAT fast. I could only imagine. Prepare to watch it a couple of times.

1. Here is the “NUGE” hill bomb.



Skateboarding is forever. There is no denying the impact that a piece of wood with wheels on it leaves us. And this doesn’t just go for us that skateboard each and everyday, but for those as well who “used”� to skate. Even those who once skated have a changed visual perspective of the world around them. It doesn’t just leave you. You are forever engraved by skate perception in which stairs, rails, and curbs in front of buildings become skate obstacles in your mind. You can’t help but to envision yourself or a skateboarder shredding the obstacle. For those of us that never quit and adopt skateboarding as our lifestyle the world around us is our playground. Or a blank canvas if you will. One in which we can paint any color in as many variations as we want. Forget that competitions exist in the world of skateboarding. Bring it back to the basics , to the originality, and to the no rule do it yourself attitude that it started as. These are our roots! To do what we want however we want whenever we want. The truth is for some its an escape from their daily jobs or routine and for some lucky few its a job. But in the end whatever the scenario we all do it because we love to skateboard. It is our passion and what we want to have as our everything wether that is realistically possible or not. A true love / hate relationship and an addiction / ailment of sorts. It is all of these things bound up into one ball of energy. It keeps us young at heart there is no denying that. Skateboarding is the real fountain of youth.
From the fresh new toddler grom to the seasoned veteran bowl shredder to your local hometown street skateboarding hero we all share the same common bond. It doesn’t matter what you like to skate specifically because uniqueness is everything. The fact that we can all skate so differently and with varying styles is an absolutely beautiful thing. And nothing is more important that having fun. Is it wrong for me to be having more fun and skateboarding better than I ever have in my entire life now that I am well into my 30’s? Of course not! Skateboarding is meant for anyone that needs it. Anyone that wants it. It will always accept you and don’t need anyone else to do it. So pick up your board and get out there. Shred the streets or go to your local skatepark whatever you choose remember to take a moment to stand back and appreciate your time on your board. Not everyone in life finds something as great as we have. Many go lifetimes without finding something they love or are passionate about. We are true artists, all in our own world with individual ideas and visions of how we utilize the same object but just in our own unique way.Your skateboard is a paintbrush.


As seen on the cover of the January 2016 Thrasher magazine, the largest set of stairs ever ollied in history is in the books. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has conquered the Lyon 25 stair in France. And yes, we mean the one that Ali Boulala attempted in the Flip video.

I have a vivid memory of watching that for the first time and even though Ali didn’t land it.  The bail was epic enough to make it feel somewhat like a land if that makes any sense based on how huge it was.

In the recent interview of Thrasher with Homoki he states that it is without a doubt the biggest thing he’s ever ollied and this is saying a lot coming from Jaws.

Ali Boulala was also present the multiple times that Homoki attempted it, and stated that Homoki wore pads on his elbows and knees plus thick insoles.


In truth wouldn’t we all have geared up when jumping down from a skyscraper of stairs like this?


Our bodies can only take so much and we DO have limits. The true point of this article is to bring up the question of what is next? Seriously though think about where skateboarding is going we all knew it was inevitable.


We as skateboarders all have this drive to progress, but at a certain point, where do we go?

When we first witnessed Ali’s attempts at the 25 stair many years ago it just seemed like that was the limit. It seemed like the human body couldn’t go beyond that much impact. Jaws just destroyed that thought or “myth.”


I have always been a fan of Jaws skateboarding if you ever met him in person you would see how stoked and passionate he is about his skating. He deserves all the great things happening for him right now and I know he’s not done yet.



If the Leap Of Faith drop in San Diego was still around Jaws would get it first try probably!


Jaws also did a kickflip melon down El Toro 20 stair in Lake Forest, California. There are many rumors of other tricks having gone down that 20 stairs and at the level that skateboarding is right now I know we will see a day when someone 360 flips a 20 stair. The question is who? And the question of when may come sooner than you think.

I leave you with an Aaron “Jaws” Homoki ollie compilation video!


We could do a video of biggest ollies ever done by different skateboarders but let’s be honest Jaws is the supreme ruler at this point and even his “smaller” ollies are bigger than what we used to think was the biggest ollie of all time a few years ago.



Top 4 Skateboarding Songs

Music and Skateboarding go hand in hand. With the latest sad and shocking news of David Bowies passing I came to a realization that my memories of his music would give me flashbacks of the legendary skate video parts of past. He did more for skateboarding than he ever probably knew. For many skaters a video part is an introduction not only to skateboarders new footage but to an artist or musician as well. Bowie had so many songs in skateboarding videos and we as a skate community extend our thank you to him above for the great tunes. There is a long list of musicians that have brought our favorite skateboarders video parts to life but here are a few impactful recurring bands that have been awesome enough to lend their tunes to our pastime.

This band is a perfect example of skateboarding introducing you to music. There was a period of time when Built to Spill lent their shoe gaze beautifully guitar driven tracks to skateboarding videos left and right. It went so perfect with video parts and instantly added an emotional feel to the part almost giving it another life. Stand outs to watch would be two Transworld classic video parts.



I swear the first time I heard “Every You and Every me” in Mark Appleyards part in the Flip video it was embedded in my head. Even days after the part was over I kept humming it. It went so perfect with his video part. This was also one of the first times I saw the same song from a band get used twice. Their song “Bitter End” was used in both Mark Guttermans part in the 88 footwear video “Destroy Everything Now” and in Daryl Angels part in the Think skateboards video “iThink”.

Mark Appleyard – Flip Sorry

Daryl Angel – iThink

The guys at Pinkback have always been awesome enough to share their music as the soundtrack of some awesome skateboard shredding! From montages to full video parts Finback has always added an authentic feel to any video part it was bestowed upon. In fact everyone I know of that has heard of Pinback references them to a skateboarding video. Which goes to show that if your an artist you should take note and lend your music to skateboarding because you will be guaranteed a ton of new fanbase that is just waiting to share your music to their friends and one of the most youthful and impactful markets in the world. After all look at how many corporate companies try to emulate what we as skateboarders to authentically. We bleed authentic and real!



J. Mascis not only provides music for skateboarding videos but he personally actually skates and has even had guest board models with different brands. He goes pretty far back into skateboarding history itself. His riffs cry out of the screen and bring you into the action. They make me want to take a guitar lesson Sometimes I envision him purposely making songs knowing they will be used in a skateboarding video. Here are a few classics.



There are so many more bands out there and musicians that have lent their music to skateboarding almost to many to list honestly. What are some of your favorites? What bands did you specifically get into because of skateboarding? I leave it to you to make your own lists. Cheers my skateboarding brothers and sisters!

SELLING OUT IN SKATEBOARDING & 5 New Indie Brands to Check Out!

Skateboarding Sell-Outs – “Shadow of the Corporate” & 5 New Indie Brands to Check Out!

by Ruben Najera

Skateboarding is more accepted than ever in this day and age and it as a business in itself is more lucrative than ever! The term “Selling Out”� has always been looked down upon but in todays world those two words don’t hold up much as they used to. The same kid at your local park bad mouthing a certain professional skateboarder for taking up an energy drink sponsor probably doesn’t realize the Nike SB’s on his feet are even more corporate than what he’s complaining about.

The truth is these giant brands stepped into skateboarding whether you like them or not and the truth is they are changing the lives and careers of skateboardings elite. Skateboarders now have agents and even though they still don’t make as much money as your household name NBA star they are still making more cash than ever. This is all in thanks to the corporate sponsors that have stepped into our world.

23-matt-berger-diamondlifeafterparty-winner-SLS-nj-semis-finals-1195All this has shaken up the industry more than ever before…

1. Geoff Rowley leaving FLIP
2. Guy Mariano leaving Lakai
3. Koston leaving Girl skateboards

For many of us this is old news by now but its still an example of what 2015 held for us. On one hand it’s great for those getting paid for skateboarding because lets be honest what we put our bodies through while riding our piece of wood with wheels without question deserves some sort of financial gain compared to what most people get paid to do for a living. Athletes make millions for kicking a ball with their feet? For hitting a ball with a bat?

I mean seriously what skateboarders do on their boards is a form of magic! For those that disagree and don’t welcome the corporate conglomerates into our community of wood pushers their is a cool trend of “Do it yourself”� brands popping up left and right which you can support! In my opinion, I welcome both the corporate and the core brands just as long as they are helping skateboarders make a living and improve the lives of the riders they are supporting as well as giving back to the community in general.

“If a brand has no “skate team,”� and is in it only for sales then they DONT belong in skateboarding.”

You should not support them because they could care less about you. The support from the brands needs to be obvious and evident.


“In fact, there is this misleading assumption that skateboard companies make a ton of money.”

We live in a different world today tin this day and age. Take notice next time you watch Street League the entire contest is mainly sponsored by Nike and Monster energy. Your never going to see a deck company as the main event sponsor. There just isn’t any deck brand out there that can financially pull it off to headline the contest. In fact, there is this misleading assumption that skateboard companies make a ton of money. The truth is its probably your favorite pros least paying sponsor. A brand that has to give loads of free boards to all their riders and try to sell boards to shops in a store lined up with 20 other skate brands plus the shops very own shop logo board?

Its a tough battle for skateboard brands to stay afloat in todays world and thus we see the rise of the independent skateboard companies that are sprouting up all around you. Many of your favorite veteran skateboarders have started or are starting up their own brand. Something that they can fully have a stake in and run for years to come under their control. They don’t have to rely on a paycheck when they can pay themselves and they don’t have to worry about getting cut from the team as well as being able to take care of their own teams.

It is all very much in the “Do it yourself”� spirit and from the talented and creative minds of fellow skateboarders. Which leads me to this quick in no particular order list of 5 newer brands started up by skateboarders for skateboarders which you can support and feel good knowing your backing a true core brand.

5 newer non-corporate brands started up by skateboarders

drop1. High School Dropout Skateboards
Owned and operated by professional skateboarder legend Ronnie Creager this brand is simply a breathe of fresh air. Cool graphics and everything in the name of fun plus Ronnie is one of the nicest Pro skaters you will ever meet. Ronnie is like a fine wine he gets better with age I swear he never ceases to amaze me and his brand is the same it gets better and better. Also support his other brand Etcetera insoles and your feet will thank you later! Promise. Ronnie is the best!

sixstarz2. Six Starz Skateboards
An amazing East Coast skateboard brand started by skateboarder Chad White. A true skateboard deck company for skateboarders by skateboarders. In my opinion the most positive brand I have ever come across they support so many skateboarders throughout the world. 10 percent of all sales of the brands product goes to charity and this is a continuous thing that they have going always and forever. That is so uplifting and positive! This in itself would make me support this brand. So many people in the world give us skateboarders a bad rap but its brands like this that those judgmental people need to take notice of and see that we can do amazing things as skateboarders for the community and as individuals. Six Starz is a positive company with a positive message that deserves your support!

g8jDNxAa3. Yezzur Skateboards
Started and run by smooth style pro skateboarder Ramiro “Furby”� Salcedo.This brand is an example of “Do it yourself”� and deserves support. Mad respect to Furby for making things happen and taking action to get something going of his own. Check them out at

download4. Wraybros Skateboards
Jeremy Wray is a legend! I feel so disappointed when he comes up in a conversation and a kid doesn’t know who he is. It absolutely baffles me and lights a fire within of complete utter desperation to plug one of Jeremys many historical video parts into that kids brain. I really feel like the industry left Jeremy hanging. Did you know Jeremy Wray has never won Skater of the Year? Seriously how did he never win this? Your a winner to me Jeremy without question! He started his own board brand alongside his brother Jonas and they have Pat Channita on the team as well. Awesome!

5.Cleaver Skateboards
This ones for all my international skaters out there! I just had to add Cleaver Skateboards to this list. One of my favorite “go big”� skateboarders has always been Diego Bucchieri. This man attacked gaps and stair sets like a beast. After his leave from Toy Machine he actually went back to his home country and started his own deck brand called Cleaver Skateboards. His nickname was always “the butcher”� so his brand name being Cleaver is a cool homage to that. The logo is pretty awesome and Diego still gets down and is shredding harder than ever.

Did you like? Let us know in the comments below!



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10 Skateboarders Generation Z Missed Out On!

by Ruben Najera

Before Street League and the constant barrage of daily internet video parts, there existed a time not to far off were you actually had to pop a DVD or now ancient VHS tape into a device called a VCR to get your fix of skateboard visuals. The following individuals probably still shred on their skateboard but to today’s generation they are not household names although in my opinion they totally should be! Here are a few epic skateboarders in no particular order that I dearly miss in the spotlight and you can thank me later !

1. Corey Sheppard

Corey oozed style like no other. In fact he’s a true artist in real life so perhaps he interpreted his art style into his skating ability. This is the man that really inspired me to take varial and 360 flips to another level. His execution on them was as precise as a finishing touch on a Van Gogh.
Watch the video in the link below.
Corey Sheppard-What If part


2. Jub

Before Jaws there was a man they called Jub. A man who single handedly made us question if our legs had hidden shock absorbers in them. I don’t think I ever met a single human being that watched his Black Label part without being blown away by his mega story drops. I admit to stacking up picnic after picnic bench creating behemoths of pyramids just to try my hand at being a mini Jub. I’m positive the janitors hated me for it.
Behold. Click below.


3. Jayme Fortune

Mr. Technical is Jayme Fortune or is it the other way around? Jayme had lines for days and some of the best bench skating you ever came across. I always thought it would be cool to see a game of bench skate between Ronnie Creager and Jayme Fortune! Wherever you are Jayme please bless us with another part we miss you dude!


4. Colt Cannon

Colt Cannon was one of the first pro skaters I ever met and man was he a cool dude! Many know him for his khaki pant fetish which I remember not realizing till I watched his video parts clip by clip only to find he really did wear a pair of khakis with every trick. This man was solely responsible for making me skate in Dockers and learning 50-50 grinds. Colt Cannons the best!
Watch the precision trickery below.

Circa- “It’s Time” Part.


5. Sven Kilchenmann

Sven Kilchenmann is an absolute master on a skateboard. Like some sort of black belted ninja with magnets on his feet. Why this guy isn’t a household name today is beyond me but when I first witnessed the onslaught of space age trickery in his “battalion” part I was taken to another world.

Darkstar -“Battalion” Part.


6. Josh Kasper

The original go big skater in my eyes. Dude Ollied a massive gap off a huge drop over a DJ to a techno song! Seriously! I remember keeping a cutout of an Osiris ad of it on my binder that I took to school. Josh at the time also Ollied what was the largest set of stairs ever at the time. (Pre El Toro).

Osiris “The Storm” Part


7. Kanten Russell

Kanten gives back to the skate community so much! Many of the beautiful street plazas and skateparks around you that you skate are thanks to this man right here! If you didn’t know now you know! Kanten Russell rips on a skateboard and the beat in the following part will have you humming it long after the parts over to!

Osiris “The Storm” Part


8. Josh Evin

An amazing skateboarder that we lost way to soon. Josh Evin flew higher than anyone else out there. He skated fast and with determination head on at Mach 3 speeds. Sadly we lost him but you can pay respects by watching this part and remembering what a great and fantastic skateboarder he was!


9. Danny Gonzalez

Danny retired from skateboarding a few years ago which was sad because he was so innovative that I knew he had more in him left. Every video part of his will have you rewinding the footage guaranteed at one time or another. From 360 flip tail grabs to one footed nose manuals the fresh take on skateboarding was always there. Enjoy originality!

Globe “Opinion” Part


10. Pancho Moler

Now a famous actor but former pro skateboarder. I remember having arguments with friends about who was the better mini boarder Wee Man or Pancho? For me Pancho was my dude his raw street style was unhindered and unrestricted by his height. In fact it only made most tricks look 10 times better when he did them. Every flip trick he did basically looked like slow-motion. If you haven’t seen Panchos skate reel part watch it below. We can only hope for another Pancho part only time will tell.



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