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Skateboarding is forever. There is no denying the impact that a piece of wood with wheels on it leaves us. And this doesn’t just go for us that skateboard each and everyday, but for those as well who “used” to skate. Even those who once skated have a changed visual perspective of the world around them. It doesn’t just leave you. You are forever engraved by skate perception in which stairs, rails, and curbs in front of buildings become skate obstacles in your mind. You can’t help but to envision yourself or a skateboarder shredding the obstacle. For those of us that never quit and adopt skateboarding as our lifestyle the world around us is our playground. Or a blank canvas if you will. One in which we can paint any color in as many variations as we want. Forget that competitions exist in the world of skateboarding. Bring it back to the basics , to the originality, and to the no rule do it yourself attitude that it started as. These are our roots! To do what we want however we want whenever we want. The truth is for some its an escape from their daily jobs or routine and for some lucky few its a job. But in the end whatever the scenario we all do it because we love to skateboard. It is our passion and what we want to have as our everything wether that is realistically possible or not. A true love / hate relationship and an addiction / ailment of sorts. It is all of these things bound up into one ball of energy. It keeps us young at heart there is no denying that. Skateboarding is the real fountain of youth.
From the fresh new toddler grom to the seasoned veteran bowl shredder to your local hometown street skateboarding hero we all share the same common bond. It doesn’t matter what you like to skate specifically because uniqueness is everything. The fact that we can all skate so differently and with varying styles is an absolutely beautiful thing. And nothing is more important that having fun. Is it wrong for me to be having more fun and skateboarding better than I ever have in my entire life now that I am well into my 30’s? Of course not! Skateboarding is meant for anyone that needs it. Anyone that wants it. It will always accept you and don’t need anyone else to do it. So pick up your board and get out there. Shred the streets or go to your local skatepark whatever you choose remember to take a moment to stand back and appreciate your time on your board. Not everyone in life finds something as great as we have. Many go lifetimes without finding something they love or are passionate about. We are true artists, all in our own world with individual ideas and visions of how we utilize the same object but just in our own unique way.Your skateboard is a paintbrush.

Top 4 Skateboarding Songs

Music and Skateboarding go hand in hand. With the latest sad and shocking news of David Bowies passing I came to a realization that my memories of his music would give me flashbacks of the legendary skate video parts of past. He did more for skateboarding than he ever probably knew. For many skaters a video part is an introduction not only to skateboarders new footage but to an artist or musician as well. Bowie had so many songs in skateboarding videos and we as a skate community extend our thank you to him above for the great tunes. There is a long list of musicians that have brought our favorite skateboarders video parts to life but here are a few impactful recurring bands that have been awesome enough to lend their tunes to our pastime.

This band is a perfect example of skateboarding introducing you to music. There was a period of time when Built to Spill lent their shoe gaze beautifully guitar driven tracks to skateboarding videos left and right. It went so perfect with video parts and instantly added an emotional feel to the part almost giving it another life. Stand outs to watch would be two Transworld classic video parts.



I swear the first time I heard “Every You and Every me” in Mark Appleyards part in the Flip video it was embedded in my head. Even days after the part was over I kept humming it. It went so perfect with his video part. This was also one of the first times I saw the same song from a band get used twice. Their song “Bitter End” was used in both Mark Guttermans part in the 88 footwear video “Destroy Everything Now” and in Daryl Angels part in the Think skateboards video “iThink”.

Mark Appleyard – Flip Sorry

Daryl Angel – iThink

The guys at Pinkback have always been awesome enough to share their music as the soundtrack of some awesome skateboard shredding! From montages to full video parts Finback has always added an authentic feel to any video part it was bestowed upon. In fact everyone I know of that has heard of Pinback references them to a skateboarding video. Which goes to show that if your an artist you should take note and lend your music to skateboarding because you will be guaranteed a ton of new fanbase that is just waiting to share your music to their friends and one of the most youthful and impactful markets in the world. After all look at how many corporate companies try to emulate what we as skateboarders to authentically. We bleed authentic and real!



J. Mascis not only provides music for skateboarding videos but he personally actually skates and has even had guest board models with different brands. He goes pretty far back into skateboarding history itself. His riffs cry out of the screen and bring you into the action. They make me want to take a guitar lesson Sometimes I envision him purposely making songs knowing they will be used in a skateboarding video. Here are a few classics.



There are so many more bands out there and musicians that have lent their music to skateboarding almost to many to list honestly. What are some of your favorites? What bands did you specifically get into because of skateboarding? I leave it to you to make your own lists. Cheers my skateboarding brothers and sisters!