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Korean Longboard Dancing Girl Breaks the Internet

By McKenna Marsden

There’s more than one kind of skateboarding. Longboard dancing, which involves doing actual dance steps on a moving longboard, is taking off with some girls in Korea-and while it may be lower impact than trick-heavy skateboarding, there’s no denying there’s some serious skill and finesse going on here.

Hyo Joo Ko (you can check her Instagram here) is a master of it and has gone viral doing her longboard moves along the Han River in Seoul. Hyo Joo has been building up an Instagram following for a while now, but made the internet big-time with over 25,000,000 views on Facebook after Korean hip-hop star Kero set one of her dances to his music.

Style and presentation are a part of any kind of skateboarding, and Hyo Joo and other Korean longboard dancing girls are all about it, with a focus on cool choreography, timing, and performance rather than tricks or speed.

What do you think about longboard dancing and other creative ways to skateboard? And what about other skateboarding trends from around the world?