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Lexus Hoverboard is a Massive Disappointment


The internet has been blown up with images of the new Lexus Hoverboard. Unfortunately, the Lexus hoverboard is a massive let down. The board that we’ve been hearing about for the past few weeks does, in fact, hover, and can actually do so while supporting the weight of a human, we still don’t have a real-life hoverboard.

Lexus actually built a track-infused skatepark specifically to be used as a set for its hovering enigma, which is more of a prop than an actual product.

Hoverpark PR Image_WatermarkLexus spent millions on this skate park with magnets in Barcelona

Lexus’ overnight Internet sensation requires a magnet-embedded track. They had to develop a skatepark just for it! It requires constant cooling via liquid nitrogen to even work. Lastly, Ross McGouran, a pro skateboarder in the commercial, practiced for six months before he could ride it.

Why is it disappointing? [WATCH]

Will we ever so a fully functional hoverboard? Probably. Will it be from Lexus? Most likely not.

Learn all about the hoverboard that wasn’t in the video provided by the Verge



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